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  1. The FFA convention was held in Kansas City from 1928-1998. (70 years!) Then in Louisville, KY from 1999-2005 Now it is in Indianapolis, IN from 2006 thru at least 2031.
  2. He is pretty!! Looks a lot like a miniature red fox???? Just think how many just like him he could have given you if he was still kicking. The woods could have been full of them.
  3. I think the word "rare" is over used.
  4. The solid wheel center on the cotton picker is on the opposite side of the header and opposite side of the basket when it dumps. Counter weight like the heavy side of an offset tractor, like cub or A farmall.
  5. I will chime in--the top picture of the cotton picker is a 504 diesel with a #501 low drum cotton picker ( you got on and off on the left side of a 501 and on and off on the right side of a 314). The stripper tractor is also definitely a 504 not a 544 and the stripper is a #22 introduced in 1964.
  6. Red Power Round Up 2018 has produced a 1/16th scale diecast 314 one row cotton picker that turned out great with incredible detail. Check out www.rpru2018.com for all the information about the show and how to order this limited edition cotton picker.
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