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  1. Congrats, it steers and brakes :-) you just avoided the most dreaded task of all time. Now, get that peanutbutter looking goo out asap and lube the rollers and then go play some more.
  2. Guys, You folks have forgot more about dozers thatn I will ever know! Thanks for the comments! I will look at the book again. I did a little reading about adjusting the hand levers. Shows a four inch movement in the book at correct adjustment. Well there have abouyt a 24 inch movement now so there may be some problems lurking inside this machine? There was something about turning with the levers. And if you wanted a hard pivot you used the brake pedal. More to learn. Its one thing to learn on a machine as it was new compared to learning on a machine that is very worn! Is there spell check o
  3. Not sure on the TD6 but on the TD4/5 the steering levers first released the clutch then as they were pulled further back applied the brake. I was told the 6 is the same way but don't really know. Rick I thought the t5 was one of the first to have it all on one lever, then becoming the 340 and then the 500 all of which had it on one lever, except the 500E's. Then again i could be all wrong
  4. Not a TD6 expert by any means but i'm 99.9% sure there are no " hand steering brakes" the steer levers just release the clutch, the petals apply the turning brakes. So yes, turning would be sluggish using only the levers.
  5. Well, its only a problem if you, like mike are hard at work while others perform those activities. Otherwise, sounds like a darned good time.
  6. Yeah, though it totally makes sense as to why you would want to advertise here, they don't allow it. Sorry man
  7. I'm thinking there are a lot of guys on here that can relate. You can't always be a people person, eventually it devolves into you doing everything for others and nothing for yourself. Sucks, but it is what it is and once you figure that out its easier to be nice, but have your own stuff get done too.
  8. That grease tank will prove handy, or at the very least be a cool collectible
  9. Well like i said, it did steer so thats a big battle avoided. Adjustments may be needed to make it a bit better but it will never be "easy" its all muscle power on this old stuff. Diagnosing why the track came off is going to require some more pics, looks more than tight enough, perhaps too tight sitting there to run just fine. The left one looks more properly tensioned, they are supposed to have a measure of droop to them and not be like a guitar string. Oh, and as soon as you get thawed out go start it up and steer a bit if you can. Moisture+ sitting = you having to pull the clutch packs whe
  10. Welcome aboard, The old gal really doesn't look too bad from those pics. You say the steering doesn't work too well, care to elaborate? If it steers at all you are already off to a good start. Stuck steering clutches is likely complaint number 1 around here with machines that have sat. Those tracks look pretty tight all things considered, perhaps something is out of whack but they look to still have at least some life left. I'm sure others will come along shortly.
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