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  1. Forum issues

    Ok thanks
  2. Forum issues

    BJ im still having an issue. When I try to get on the forum. My bookmark on my iPhone I think should have taken me to the page with the list of boards. Recently if I use my book mark the homepage for the forum ( the one with a pic of a tractor from the cover of the magazine) pops up for a second or two then the page goes blank. No amount of reloading the page makes it work. The only way I can get on the forum is to google a topic and go in to a post directly. I can then go to the post list on whichever board I was in. I know this is probably clear as mud. Matt
  3. MX90c operators manual question

    Thanks for the information CIHTECH
  4. Hot alternator

    I’d kinda think that the regulator is stuck on keeping the alternator powered on. If you put a screwdriver near the pulley does it stick there through magnetism?
  5. MX90c operators manual question

    One more time. Anyone have an idea?
  6. I’m looking for an operators manual for the MX90c the Christmas tree farm just bought. I’ve found some manuals on eBay but they say they are for PIN JJE1053089 and after. The tractor we have is JJE1050413. Is there a big difference in the tractors before and after JJE1053089? Matt
  7. Thanks for the conformation on the little fuel filter. I guess I was mainly questioning it because it’s so small compared to the other fuel filter on the other side of the engine. I’m used to seeing any pre filter being the same size or larger than the filter that follows it. Matt
  8. Thanks for the info George. I didn’t think about it coming from Canada. Thanks Wheatking and ky966 for the info on the fuel filter Matt
  9. Some of you may remember some of my old posts asking questions about the mx maxxum’s. Well after a long search, I found a MX90c at a local used tractor dealer. It’s in good shape and the price was right on the budget the tree farm owner had. I went and checked it out on one of my days off at Christmas time. The tractor was well taken care off. No major leaks that I could find. Drove nice and shifted good. The only issue it had was it started very rough and had a popping sound while running. Dealer said they wanted to get the injectors tested. I had them call me after the injectors were rebuilt. It started and ran great. The tree farm made the deal and the tractor was delivered yesterday. It must have been imported as the dash reads in kilometers and some of the warning stickers are in what I think is French. I found some things I have to ask a question on though as I don’t have manuals yet on the right side of the engine there is a small fuel pump above it someone put in a small in line filter (see pictures) is this normal or something that was added? I’ll also add a couple pic of the tractor for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for all the advice given during my search it was very helpful Matt
  10. Firewood

    That is not a bad idea if you have the room to maneuver. Matt
  11. impliment hitches

    My mower has the same hitch. I use a 3/4” grade 8 bolt some washers and a cat 2 to 3 spacer. I put one washer on the bottom below the pivot ball, then put the spacer in and another washer on top. Tighten the bolt and lock it with a double nut. This makes the mower turn on the pivot ball not on the draw bar. Plus if the ball does turn the lower washer is the sacrifice surface not the drawbar. Matt
  12. Best area to buy a used truck?

    Yeah then salt so much the salt is slicker than the ice....
  13. Some pennsylvania elk

    The Pa game has a lottery for Elk licenses. Don't remember how many of each they give out but they do give some out.
  14. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    I heard about this on the radio this morning (WHP580am). Word is Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia all put in bids for HQ2 Matt