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  1. cm228

    Bethel Maine

    That must be some one else. This place has a couple old IH’s a couple 71xx magnums and a few 51xx maxxiums. And one lonely white didn’t catch the number
  2. cm228

    Bethel Maine

    We took a drive up rt 26 to Grafton Notch state park this evening to look for moose or Bigfoot. Didn’t see either lol. However I did see some potato fields. Was a awesome drive with so outstanding views Matt
  3. cm228

    Bethel Maine

    Very nice where we are staying. Reminds me of the Great Smokey mountains with the way the clouds hang around the mountains. Though with out the immediate sweating heat and humidity of the smokies. Matt
  4. cm228

    Bethel Maine

    I didn’t see many fields but I was driving so I couldn’t look around to much
  5. cm228

    Bethel Maine

    Drove up to Bethel Maine today with the wife’s family. Was a nice ride on interstates 81-84-295-495-93 and then US routes 3&2. Some pretty country up here. Our cabin is outside of bethel a few miles. On intervale road on the way to the cabin I saw a farm with a magnum or two and several maximums all early models. Matt
  6. Thanks for putting this up here. Mine is affected. Matt
  7. Looks like a Mack chassis. I saw some chassis’s at the Mack factory last year. Looks like the same amount of axles. As someone mentioned, the front three steer, I don’t remember if any of the rest did. Matt
  8. Last weeks Lancaster Farmer paper had an article front page below the fold from the state ag sec urging to vote against the referendum because they think it would cause problems in the cases of animal diseases. I suspect they are against since he is part of the Wolf admin. I feel if it's that major a problem then the legislature would not have a problem granting an emergency order extension. Matt
  9. I finally stopped and got a picture of the tree planter this evening. It’s made locally in New Ringgold. The planter will work in sod or plowed ground with no problems. The disk ahead of the planter shoe cuts a slot in the sod so it feeds around the shoe evenly. The shoe cuts a trench about 10” deep the long tails at the back of the shoe hold the trench open to allow the roots to enter the trench. The tires at the back squeeze the top of the trench shut. I drive in range 1 speed 1 on the Mx90c, about .7mph. Tree spacing 5ish feet between trees is done by a 1-2-3 count or your best guess... lol The planter came with a wheel that would make a click once per rotation to make a more accurate spacing as you would drop the tree at the click but I don’t think they’ve ever been used. Matt
  10. Courtesy of the massive government spending on BOTH sides of the isle.
  11. The trees are already started. They are termed plugs +2. A seedling referred to as a plug. Seeds are planted in a bed left to grow one to two years. Then they are transplanted into a larger bed to grow another couple years. So the plugs + 2 is seedling plus 2 years. So the trees we planted are already approximately 3-4 years old before we plant them. They are about a 10 to 12 inches tall at planting. Most young trees are not tolerant of excessive water. So that may have been the problem you had. Matt
  12. I’ll have to get a better picture of the tree planter. It’ll be easier to describe with a picture. The planter is made to plant through sod which is how we do it most of the time. This is how they saved many of the trees we planted spring 2020. We gave each tree about 46-60 second of water gravity feed from the totes. Still lost some but had we not watered it would have been much much worse Matt
  13. If you are referring to my post on the Christmas tree planting it takes 6-7 years till the trees are at a salable height (over 5ft). Matt
  14. I was helping the Christmas tree farm I work for planting trees. Before planting I plowed, disked, harrowed, and cultipacked the fields. Then seeded hard fescue grass. This portion of the farm will be Choose and Cut so customers will be walking through the fields and we want them smooth as possible. The first pic is the new fields with my boys helping one of the owners straighten the trees after planting. The rest are from last year’s planting. Matt
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