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  1. Oldiron, I ended up doing the opposite on my TD9 (Installed and older head with smaller injectors on a newer engine) and had to make the following changes: 1) smaller diameter injectors 2) Swap injector lines as the flare fitting is different 3) Swap the injector pump distribution block or at the very least the discharge fittings so that everything matches. PM me as I might be able to help with some of the parts Gene
  2. I have a couple of covers that I pulled off a TD-9 that I am scraping. You are welcome to them, just PM me your address. Gene
  3. Not a bad price as I probably had that much into material and rivets. PM me your E-mail address as I cannot download the files to this site.
  4. When I relined my brake I used the McMaster Carr 1/4" THK semi metallic material and had it cut on a water jet. Let me know if you need the material specifications and CAD drawing. You will also need brass rivets. Gene
  5. It appears from your photos that you have everything installed correctly. What about the pivot pin on the bottom of the fork? Those can be difficult to get lined up and installed properly if you are doing it solo. Yes, the throw-out bearing should bottom out in the collar. Attached is a photo after my installation. Gene
  6. Tom usually gets in early so you should be able to call in another hour
  7. Call Tom at Associated Tractor in Stockton CA - (209) 466-3003. I have purchased a bunch of parts from him on my restorations, very knowledgeable.
  8. Not sure if IH ever made their own bearings or if someone else was doing it for them. I am sure somebody on the forum knows the answer. I kept all of the old bearing that were still serviceable when I rebuilt my TD-9. You are welcome to them for the cost of shipping. The only downside is they are 3-1/2 hours away and I will not be back for 2-3 more weeks. Gene
  9. Matt, Just finished (6 month ago) doing both finals on a TD-9. Yes a slight interference fit .001 to .002 on the pinion and a zero clearance fit into carrier. I used a bearing heater to install bearing #6 onto the pinion (although I have a wide track so a little different) and a large rubber mallet to install the outer bearing. I also had the drive gears out at the time. If you are concerned about the fit I would use green locktite or something similar. Gene
  10. This is your best and cheapest option https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-International-T-9-TD-9-Crawler-Tractors-Parts-Catalog-Manual-TC-24D/323971763880?hash=item4b6e38cea8:g:PMQAAOSwtC1dwyaz Redwood
  11. Redwood


    That is not something that you see every day. Wish I was closer
  12. Weber,s tractor works is showing a compete set of TD-18 piston and sleeves for $2400.00. I have purchased parts from him before , easy to work with. Check out his web site. http://weberstractorworks.com/
  13. No torque values or pattern for the rocker assembly
  14. Vic, Attached is the torque pattern that I used on my 14A. Torque values are 180-200 as you stated. I am unsure if this bolt pattern is the same as the earlier engines, but as Mark said you always work from the center out.
  15. attached is a drawing of the tool that you need to dissemble the D block. Let me know if you need the CAD file
  16. Sorry for the confusion. That is what I get for not reading more carefully. You are correct the mag terminal should not be grounded with the wire disconnected. Something is wrong with your mag internally
  17. Switch in manifold grounds mag to stop it from firing. Disconnect wire to check mag/spark plugs
  18. Looked at them but never ordered, so I cannot comment on quality or fit
  19. Just received two of the shifter boots from Steiner Tractor. McMaster Carr should have the clutch handles
  20. I am in the process of restoring a TD-9 and have some left over steering clutch parts. PM me with the parts you are looking for?
  21. The grills on the crawlers have the screen tabs but grills for stationary engines do not.
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