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  1. See link below to some pistons and sleeves https://www.ebay.com/itm/IH-Dresser-DT-817-C-piston-sleeve-assy-s/292515367342?hash=item441b4649ae:g:hLEAAOSwUN9av5v~
  2. Try Olson's Gasket https://www.olsonsgaskets.com/products/#searchGaskets Redwood
  3. CL-Judge, I have several single plunger injection pumps off WD9 and TD9 tractors that I would be happy to part with. I do not know their condition. If you are interested PM me and we can work something out. Gene
  4. These parts were listed on E-bay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/International-T340-Crawler-Dozer-Loader-Parts-Transmission-Bull-Gear-Idlers/113689706610?hash=item1a786f4072:g:R4IAAOSw-hRcjorE Redwood
  5. I have the complete tank and valve assembly off of a TD-9 (I assume that they are the same) that I would be willing to part with. I do not know the condition of the unit. The unit is heavy so freight will not be cheap. PM me if you are interested. Gene
  6. George, Attached is the brake break down for the Carco E winch that I promised. After looking at the manual I believe the tab that you were asking about is to allow the cable to spool off the drum from the bottom or top depending on where item #20 is mounted. Let me know if you need more information. Gene
  7. George, Lucky for you. I bought one sight unseen out of Oregon but apparently someone thought it was a good idea to drain out the oil then leave it outside for a few years. every bearing was frozen/rusted, seals were shot and some of the gears were pitted. I ended up rebuilding the complete unit. Gene
  8. George, Below is a link to a carco manual for sale on Ebay if you are interested https://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-CARCO-MODEL-E-WINCH-FOR-INTERNATIONAL-TD-9-SERVICE-PARTS-MANUAL/123536226884?hash=item1cc3553a44:g:PEIAAOSwviFbvTKF:rk:10:pf:0
  9. I will download a parts breakdown later but I think you are correct.
  10. George, I have the breakdown as I completely rebuilt my winch last year but not where I can put my hands on it until after Christmas. As you know the threaded end in your photo is the anchor and adjustment for the brake band. the square block that you show was missing from my winch so I just fabricated a heavy duty flat washer to cover the square hole. Gene
  11. George, Several of the engines that I have taken apart had broken top compression rings, but I always attributed it to someone using either to start the engine never thought of excessive side play being the culprit. I purchased a new set of rings from Hastings and the only multi piece oil control ring (3 pieces) was the 4th ring (above the piston pin) I have never seen a two piece compression ring. Gene
  12. Trucker, Just finished rebuilding an engine for my TD-9 earlier this year and all of the pistons were aluminum. Looked exactly like the piston in your photo. It took three engines to make one good one. One piston was IH and the balance were aftermarket. I am unsure when IH switched from steel to aluminum. Redwood
  13. Kracked, I made a set of injector pump tools for the single plunger pumps (I believe they are the same for the twins) if you would like to borrow them. Just cover the shipping back and forth. Gene
  14. Try Tractorparts.com or FP Smith
  15. Vic, All of the starting valves that I have seen use a spring retainer and keepers to connect the valve stem to the spring similar to your intake and exhaust valves just smaller. I have never seen a cotter key used to retain the spring. The cap should just sit on top of the valve stem. As crawler nut said working it up and down should loosen it up. a photo may allow a quicker diagnosis.
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