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  1. Thanks to Bill and Todd for the great pictures. Sure do miss being there☹️ jerry
  2. I’ll be there on Friday jerry
  3. Stay away from US30. It is a mess!
  4. Hoping to make it Friday. For the day if all goes well at home. Since the beginning, I’ve only missed one. 2015 we were in Australia. jerry
  5. Planning on going. Was told that camping is only 30 amp and water. No sewer. Supposedly a dump station but those are a pita.
  6. I’ve lost some interest since most of those from the beginning have walked away or passed on. I made many lasting friendships from the early days. I still get on and read about once a week and will chime in if I think I can contribute. A lot of the newer guys are very knowledgeable and that leaves a gap for most of us old timers. last year really threw me for a loop. Staying home and shows cancelled made for a long year. Lucky no COVID here. Then I screwed up my shoulder and am just about back to 75% after total replacement. Plus retirement sucks when the body don’t work right. Getting the camper ready for some travels this year. Got a couple weekends planned with the kids and grandkids but the first big outing will be RPRU. Looking forward to getting together with the old gang. Hoping to have one of my muscle tractors at Rantoul, Lord willing!! jerry
  7. Good luck to you Dennis. Hope all goes well. I know several that are going your route and they are perfectly fine. Thinking of you. jerry
  8. Genesis and T8 new Holland. Even though the T 8 is built on the same line as the Magnums, NH has an 18 inch longer wheel base. jerry
  9. Use Lucas air tool oil. Works longer than wd 40. jerry
  10. Good to hear from you ,Bob. Amazing all the crap that goes wrong when you get older. jerry
  11. Mine, the tip is loose. How can that be fixed? jerry
  12. Another 1206 for @red_reaper. Might be already listed but has New owners and home. Owned by Joe & Maddy Smoker, Demotte, Indiana.
  13. The same one. over the last several years the paint didn't hold up to the buffing, so it is going to get freshened up. Should be good for another 40 years!! It's only got 4000 hours on the clock and I bought it new off the showroom floor. Still got the bill of sale and it is amazing what a tractor of that HP is selling for today. Since I've retired, It only gets to pull the bush hog about 20 hrs a year. jerry
  14. My 7130 goes to the paint shop on wednesday. Hope it turns out as nice as your 7230 jerry
  15. SMOKER 1

    CC Decals

    I’m redoing a 105 and looking for a place to get decals. jerry
  16. X2 Gonzo, so nice to have a place to go and not have to listen to that crap. jerry
  17. Buddy of mine is overhauling a Silver Diamond 220 engine in a 1952 L112. He Needs a set of rings. Where would he look for these? Specifically he can get the compression rings but has hit a roadblock on the oil ring. Any ideas would be appreciated. jerry
  18. Hey Tony! I showed the baler pics to a friend of mine the other day and his reaction, after catching his breath was, Has this guy gone totally nuts!!!??? jerry
  19. I don't have to blame the wife, I misplace things within minutes after having it in my hands on a regular basis. jerry
  20. Had 33 at one time but have whittled it down to 14 now and hope to cut that in Half. Age and arthritis have not been good to me, so I need to get rid of some. jerry
  21. CIH is NLA. We've tried Bates, Stiener, Farmall parts and all the other IH sights. Have not tried the previous mentioned
  22. Friend of mine is looking for an engine gasket set for a 600 diesel. We've tried everywhere we can think of with no luck. If anyone knows of a place, let me know. Thanks in advance - jerry
  23. Why is the throttle lever backwards. It should not go that far to the left. jerry
  24. We still have no snow here. Just 30 miles ne of us they got 10 inches today. jerry
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