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  1. Not your fault at all. I probably shouldve ordered a larger size. I just hope the next one fits better. Hard to buy stuff online. C'ya!
  2. My first one was small and didnt cover my ears. I sent it back I'm not going to be very happy if a $50 hat doesn't cover my ears. I mean that's why I ordered a hat with earflaps.
  3. Cant you guys leave politics out of anything!
  4. Yea, but who is shaking the jar?
  5. I once told a friend he would be alot smarter if he didnt know everything. I dont think he ever figured out what I meant.
  6. Wish I knew the whole story. I did find a small booklet that shoes Smith history. I will try to read it tomorrow. From what I remember the whole family moved from Missouri to California then Great Grampa Guy brought the family to Oregon. I never met him that I remember and can only remember going to his farm once but was to young to understand.
  7. Congratulations! That's quite a accomplishment.
  8. I never thought of that. Seems I have another pic of his lily's many years later so he must've grown them awhile.
  9. Both were hard workers. My Great Grampa was a farmer/logger. I never knew him. My Grampa Williamson died from a heart attack at 57 when we were cleaning stalls. I was pretty young so didnt get to know him to well though I only remember him getting stearn with me once. WW2 Marine Vet.
  10. My horse and farming habit! One pic is my Grandpa Williamson and my Great Grandpa Smith with his team. The other pic is Great Grandpa Guy and Grandma Williamson (Smith) in his lily field.
  11. I think they owe sandhiller a commission!?
  12. Mine was too tight. I couldn't get it down very far and earflaps didnt cover my ears. Tried to order some sweat pants last night but they had odd sizes. Sent them a email but never got back.
  13. Just got my hat and it's to tight and not deep enough. I went by their guidance system but did not work. Guess I will send it back for a bigger one but even then the bill doesn't feel right against my forehead and it may not be deep enough still. That's the problem with ordering online.
  14. Oregon's shutting down for two weeks. I'm fine with it. Hospitals and morgues are filling up all over. All I need to go out for is groceries.
  15. A friend of mine grew a bunch for cbd and lost his arse. People he grew it for flaked.
  16. Only legal to grow here for personal use unless one has a license. It was fun growing and I may do it again someday just because I can..
  17. Hard enough to reach them dang toe nails let alone see them.
  18. I'm only 53. I took CBD gummies for a few months. First ones I got had a small amount of thc in it. I didnt like the feeling to much. Lol. The first year it was legal to grow I grew 4 plants for fun. Gave most of it away. Still have a little. After I harvested it I smoked half a joint then laid in my bed for 4 hours in paranoia! No thanks. I started some clones and grew some indoors that winter. It was all fun and games.
  19. Not sure how but I think I got that sliver. I usually cant get em with the tweezers even when I can see them.
  20. Clipped my toenails! Dang I wish I was more flexible. About ready to get the dremel tool out. Now if i could get that sliver out of the bottom of my foot.
  21. You can or you can just grow your own. I tried CBD but didnt seem to help.
  22. Theres a couple down the road that walk part of the road everyday. Its only a few miles but a very steep grade. Rain or shine they're out there. I see them if I happen to get up early enough. I'm sure they're mid 70s. I saw a guy walking past my moms the other day in the pouring rain. I said hi and asked him where he started. He said he made the loop which is 6 miles again with some pretty good hills. He said he only does it once a week the rest of the week he does a 4 mile loop. I'm sure he was in his 70s too. Of course these people may have had an easier working life than many. I dont think my joints would handle it.
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