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  1. Just thought I would post this to get some ideas ,,, had this old push lawnmower sitting under a wood pile for the longest time and I dug it out . It appears to have had red painted engine and wheels with a cream white deck and painted push handles . Engine is a briggs 6b-hs type 900064 serial 12423 . It had a stuck exhaust valve and other deteriorated parts on it which I have been lucky to find online from old stock parts on the internet . The wheels bearings had frozen up but with some PB blaster and some taps with a hammer they loosened up . Those were good wheels to have actual ball bearings used . And oil bath air cleaner . Did any I.H. dealers actually sell push lawnmowers back in the middle to late 1950's ? The deck is actually round so no grass should catch in the corners like on a newer lawn mower I use .
  2. I guess we'll find out one way or the other . Don't say if this was the earlier compact version or mid size later model . Hopefully not a 4 door idea or ford lost the whole concept of the SCOUT .
  3. Well hows this story I just saw on the web ? Does I.H. or Navastar still have legal dibs to the SCOUT name badge ? I can't envision the 2 names on one vehicle . Its almost sacrilegious to add fords name beside SCOUT . Probably wont sell for a vintage SCOUT price either .
  4. well if it would hit 160 steady I would leave it alone but more than half the time its under 160 . thanks for reply .
  5. Just asking what the operating temp should be for a 706 farmall with the 282 diesel ? Since I went to a temperature sensor bulb and electric gauge the engine runs about 160 degrees working , other wise its under 160 just running with no load or pull . 160 thermostat seems cold least to me .
  6. I drilled out a small / tiny hole in it . Was not copper . Hard material . Now the vacuum load engine gauge works .
  7. If some one knows this , the engine load vacuum gauge was not working any more on my 715 combine so I dug into it to find out there is a brass fitting at the manifold the small hose runs into . In that connector is a metal disk / plug ? Was this disk breathable once upon a time ? What they called sintered ? Completely blocked now and wont let any vacuum or air past . Will not move or float either . So the engine load vacuum gauge will not work . My idea is to drill a tiny hole in that disk so the engine vacuum can register again at the gauge . Whats the reason for that metal disk ? The gauge will register a vacuum . Checked it .
  8. to be more precise ( ? ) Jeep 258 cu.in . Now if I get the right one . There seems to be a long shaft and a short shaft pump . On the swather it looks like a short shaft pump is installed .
  9. going to give NAPA a try . Thanks . I am not sure what engine company made this engine . Local parts dealer said its a Jeep design engine , not Ford , Chrysler . If its AMC that would be new to me .
  10. Any one have to replace their water pump off a 4000 swather ? Just wondering where you got a replacement from or had it rebuilt ?
  11. I drained out the old oil from the differential on my w-4 through the big drain plug above the drawbar in back . There was a small 1/2 " drain plug mid section . Thinking that was for any of the belt pulley gears . Can I refill everything through the pipe filler plug under / below the fuel tank on the platform ? What is the oil capacity if some one knows . Thanks Found my own answer , an older post on R.P.M. ,,, with specs to a H farmall so that's what I went with . No other fill plugs so the gear lube all went in above the tranny .
  12. thanks for replies , found a good video on steiner tractor parts how to dis assemble and repair .
  13. OLD 10-20

    H-4 magneto

    Got the W-4 out of the shed today . Parked it by the garage and gave things a good looking over and when it came time to start it with the battery it would not fire . Finally dis connected the switch ground wire and that didn't help so pulled the plugs and checked for spark and nothing . Had a spare mag off the A and put that in and it ran again . Any one know who I could send a magneto to ? For service ?
  14. where or who did you have it repaired at ?
  15. The mechanical heat gauge on my 706 diesel conked out completely and replacing the whole right side cluster gauge not so cheap so I am going with an electrical heat gauge . I am guessing the threaded hole the sensor threads into the head is 1/2" diameter , if some one would know this ? So I need to hunt for a thermal sensor threaded plug yet .
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