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  1. 706 diesel / mechanical heat gauge

    where or who did you have it repaired at ?
  2. 706 diesel / mechanical heat gauge

    The mechanical heat gauge on my 706 diesel conked out completely and replacing the whole right side cluster gauge not so cheap so I am going with an electrical heat gauge . I am guessing the threaded hole the sensor threads into the head is 1/2" diameter , if some one would know this ? So I need to hunt for a thermal sensor threaded plug yet .
  3. Model 100 sickel mower bushing ?

    Parts lady gave me the wrong pivot pin bushing where the wobble box 1 1/4 " pin hinges on . She gave me a 2 piece 487050R1 . One is too short both together will be too wide . Any one know the correct part # ? CNH's online parts only have info on one bushing . Correct would be 1 7/8" wide . ???? Just looked again , part # 458900R1 . Looks available so I don't know why I was given these set of bushings . Back to the parts counter .
  4. 266 small block v8 valve seats

    I have a 1965 1100A pickup truck that had an engine swap done before I bought it . Now the owner of the other engine that was in my truck to begin with would like to switch engines back again to original vehicles . I would not have any objection to doing so but wonder since I would be going back to a 266 v8 did cylinder heads on these engines have hardened valve seats ?
  5. Give and take word game

    Hum ,,,, Pay Day ?
  6. Learning alot, but want more info

    And in the early 1980's a lot of Us at FARMALL were watching the first Chrysler Bail-Out REAL close. There was a little talk about IH asking for help like Ioccoca did. I heard it didn't happen because IH only employed 35,000 company wide. Chrysler was about ten times that many then. I wouldnt care if chrysler was ten times larger . Wasnt IH the top agri buisness leader over John Deere ? I dont think international even bothered to ask our government for help .
  7. members HAVE to sighn in ?

    Rick do the members have to sighn in NOW? cant we just pop in as a guest to check on topics