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  1. thats the idea , just cover over the fertilizer mechanism . With flat panels . If you can get them .
  2. I am not familiar with the 620 . This 7200 has a built in ridge to where the fertilizer panel meets . The grain panels look to have a lip that sets on this ridge and slopes , angles over to cover the fertilizer disks and holes . Any how maybe its just the holes in the panels that make each panel separate and different .
  3. The owners manual shows a picture with the baffles & fertilizer panels removed , and of a grain panel in place , looks flat , not like the panels in use now with fertilizer attachment . The ratio of fertilizer to grain is not what I am after , just switching to hold grain . And would not these have a part number to see if there all the same ?
  4. Looking to convert the grain box to full grain usage and no fertilizer attachment being used . Have to change 3 panels inside to do so . Does any one know if each panel is different for some reason ? Length or holes drilled out for bolts ? Local parts people can find 2 of one panel ( 12 ) and one of another ( 13 ) . # 11 being not available . They give me the bad word obsolete . Just wondering if any one has a drill set up this way in use .
  5. well just draining it down to the pet **** level is cheaper to do , Guess I'll try that next time .
  6. My diesel fuel pump is over full with I think motor oil when i use it . Is there a seal that could be replaced with out a complete tear down ? THANKS for letting me know to use Chrome to get a post going .
  7. That sure looked back wards at first . But it did have a low wear spot from the needle rubbing / touching so I raised that back up . Thanks for reply .
  8. Can some one tell me if the tang the needle usually sets against is suppose to be that way or did I find an upside down installed float ? The needle was just resting against the 2 float bracket . The effect was a very full fuel bowl seeping gas out .
  9. Now that I have gotten a rebuild kit from Branson , The suction stem that was hard to get out and damaged , is replaced with a new one . BUT the new one just slips through the bottom body of carburetor where the old one was stuck . Is that going to make the carburetor run poorly ?? Any brass carb rebuilders notice this when you do a Ensign R rebuild ?
  10. Good working alternator should put out around 14 volts engine running and hooked to battery voltage . Simple check right off the battery after its running again with a volt meter .
  11. Thanks for the reply . I thought so too that this assembly should slip off that stem . I think its a 2 dissimilar metals not liking each other problem too . I can see the float is stuck as it will not budge or flip flop in the inside of the bowl . Just like the stem holding it together .
  12. Trying to see what is going on with this brass carb & float off a 10-20 . I removed the bottom acorn nut and the thing is still solid in one piece ? Should start to loosen up each section of the carb ? Info says that bottom nut holds just about the whole carb together ? Any one take one of these apart lately to know ? Same carb on a Regular from what I read .
  13. Got a quote for a rear main oil seal for a WD-6 . Wondering if it is the right oil seal part number ? 258811R91 - $ 188.10
  14. I don't need conversion . Just like to find the rear felt oil seals . Believe after searching I found a supplier . Thanks .
  15. I have not looked for these in a long while but any one know where there available for w4 , wd6, w9 , standard tractor models .
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