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  1. I think that is behind the whole problem that I can not see . Another fall job .
  2. I always do oil changes on the level ground . There was no noticeable sludge when it was drained . It had gear oil with kerosene in it . ( Not my doing ) . It was drained , refilled w/10 gallons , sat for a few days and pulled a harrow disk . Just happen to recheck the oil level plug and hummm ?
  3. There are 2 drain plugs , one under the tranny and one to the side of the rear differential . I let everything run out , then I put in 10 gallons of recommended wt. oil . Its why is there too much at the side oil level plug now ? I dont think it will hurt to let the oil run out till its level at the side oil level check plug . Too much is not always good either .
  4. Hello all , Done a transmission oil change in the W-9 . Calls for 10 gallons in the owners manual . Yet now when the oil level plug on the side of the transmission case is opened oil pours out like its too full . Is 10 gallons too much ? Or why should gear oil come out if thats the amount the manual calls for ?
  5. It that an original color ? Yours has more air vents .😉
  6. Ok , I will bite on my own question , its a pressed fiber sun helmet from what I found out . This design started pre WW2 . The marines wore them and later army soldiers . military trader.com is where i found information . Never thought of it as a helmet but it is . Was not satisfied yet . Recently find out this style hat was marketed to civilians and boy scouts early on . In the Boys Life magazine , August 1936 , Vol XXVI , no. 8 issue there is an ad listing it as the Hawley Tropper sun and rain hat . This hat was such a hit the military adopted the sun helmet design in 1940 . It was then sold by Hawley products and the International Hat Company , no relation to International Harvester that I can see . And hundreds of thousands were made . What this could be is an early civilian or Boy Scout pre 1940 hat going by the label . Its missing the chin strap .
  7. It would be nice to see and buy . There good at selling more than one variation of other models .
  8. Hello everyone , My dad left behind this unusual looking hat . It has a label inside which looks like made in the USA , Munrry ,Munncey TROPPER ? , St . Charles , Illinois . Its hard to see the lettering . Its a hard fiber hat . It might have been spray painted since it has a green hue to it underneath . Rivet and flex bracket hold the hat band to the hat . I might have seen pictures of heavy equipment operators wearing this style hat , Operators in IH crawlers included . Maybe some one knows some thing more on this old hat . Thanks .
  9. Would any one know if the front and rear gangs use the same shaft on this disk ? The front axle has part # P14165 . Maybe some one has an old parts book ? The rear gangs do not use the front wear pad like the front set does . So I am wondering 🤔 ? Thanks . The project is repaired . The front shaft squared end just got caught in time and was built up on the wear pads . The other front gang shaft had a stencil part number on the shaft which was interesting .
  10. I could talk to the property owner if some one wanted it . Probably just good for body panels .
  11. Yes that seems to be the remedy . One seal kit going out the door .
  12. OLD 10-20

    Any one ?

    Any one feel the need to save this little scout ?
  13. Was using the 706 around the yard . Next start up and I got oil coming out under the steering wheel ????? Rotating it does not help . What happen ?
  14. thats the idea , just cover over the fertilizer mechanism . With flat panels . If you can get them .
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