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  1. That's not easy since mine has the platform above the dipstick opening . But I will go look . The neck the oil gauge goes in is like 1 1/4" and the height above the cover is 5/8 " if that helps
  2. That's not easy since mine has the platform above the dipstick opening . But I will go look . Something like this ? or that ?
  3. thanks . Mission accomplished this morning with the help of a press . A quiet running bearing now .
  4. could have sat outside with no can over the exhaust . Make sure the engine turns over first .
  5. It sounds dry , rough and needs to be replaced . Any videos online how to R & R the bearing ? If its a pressed out and in then I have to have it done .
  6. Maybe some other company still wants the trademark name ?
  7. Got it . Any time I need repair its on the week end . Was wondering who to go to for repair , hydraulic repair shop or dealer . will see … Thanks After removal its no wonder oil is dripping out . Poor , improper gasket selection , oblong gasket bolt holes out to the edge of the cover ? Part of gasket wedged in where the o ring should seal up ? Old gasket / shim ? is .010" thickness . Tried finding some thing here in the shop and hand made it to fit but its .015" thickness . CNH dealer had the o ring but claims the gasket is obsolete . Should have stopped at the new Holland dealer and see what they could come up with .
  8. Thanks for the info . Its good to know . The shim would not make a good oil seal , although I'll look it over if its squeezing or out of shape . Is the shim any special material ?
  9. I have a bad oil leak under the hydrostatic pump on my 715 combine . Its coming from around the round cover bottom side . I found a parts illustration picture and it could be a simple O-ring , or what looks like a gasket but the # 30 part number says trunnion shim , which looks like its squeezing out . I don't know for sure . If I attempt to remove this cover am I going to have parts falling out or do I have to remove the pump and lay it on a surface on its side of facing up to service / fix this leak ?
  10. Just thought I would post this to get some ideas ,,, had this old push lawnmower sitting under a wood pile for the longest time and I dug it out . It appears to have had red painted engine and wheels with a cream white deck and painted push handles . Engine is a briggs 6b-hs type 900064 serial 12423 . It had a stuck exhaust valve and other deteriorated parts on it which I have been lucky to find online from old stock parts on the internet . The wheels bearings had frozen up but with some PB blaster and some taps with a hammer they loosened up . Those were good wheels to have actual ball bearings used . And oil bath air cleaner . Did any I.H. dealers actually sell push lawnmowers back in the middle to late 1950's ? The deck is actually round so no grass should catch in the corners like on a newer lawn mower I use .
  11. I guess we'll find out one way or the other . Don't say if this was the earlier compact version or mid size later model . Hopefully not a 4 door idea or ford lost the whole concept of the SCOUT .
  12. Well hows this story I just saw on the web ? Does I.H. or Navastar still have legal dibs to the SCOUT name badge ? I can't envision the 2 names on one vehicle . Its almost sacrilegious to add fords name beside SCOUT . Probably wont sell for a vintage SCOUT price either .
  13. well if it would hit 160 steady I would leave it alone but more than half the time its under 160 . thanks for reply .
  14. Just asking what the operating temp should be for a 706 farmall with the 282 diesel ? Since I went to a temperature sensor bulb and electric gauge the engine runs about 160 degrees working , other wise its under 160 just running with no load or pull . 160 thermostat seems cold least to me .
  15. I drilled out a small / tiny hole in it . Was not copper . Hard material . Now the vacuum load engine gauge works .
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