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  1. Great looking 706. I'm curious about these Cummins swaps though; What are you using for a governor or isn't one needed?
  2. When I worked at a dealership recently (I switched jobs 18 months ago) the paint we carried was manufactured by Valspar and labeled CaseIH. I painted my 706 using CaseIH 2150 Red, 935 White, REN3001 Hardener and Dupont 3812 Reducer. I didn't use the CaseIH primer because it tends to dry very slowly and I don't like the way it sands out; personal preference, I used a Dupont laquer primer/sealer. I've seen several tractors painted with CaseIH paint and when the hardener is used it holds up well and has a very nice shine. Just remember; good paint will not hide bad prep.
  3. I finished the repaint of my 1963 706 gas. It is a straight well cared for tractor that was mechanically complete and sound. It just needed fresh paint and a few other minor items. This pic was taken in front of the dealership where I work.
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