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  1. Was a IH Dealer for years . Can’t remember when he lost dealership but sold used for several years then turned into a Ford dealer Located across street from Sloan Implement in Assumption
  2. I have 9 red tractors 4386,5288,1486 1206,4-806’s ,H here is pics of planting crew
  3. I can remember you and Dennis riding on the 706 with Sylvester when you two were little
  4. 806 LP wheat land with 3point and pto
  5. Was in Washington IN today and sitting in front of Boyd &Sons new HQ was a Super M TA 560D 1466/24.5x32s 1456 and 1206 s/n15822 w/duals .Nice paint on all 5.Did notice the 1206 had wedge locks on rear wheels. Boyd $sons are big in tractor pulling with big block John Deeres
  6. I have 3 806's for your register.11800 & 28519 are n.f. diesel w/ 18.4x34,42118 is w/f diesel on 38' rears.All 3 are in carlyle IL

    1. 1967806


      Thanks for the numbers. Got them on the list.

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