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  1. IH man was that 1256 owned by Kenneth Beasley from Salem il I remember looking at one very similar several years ago . A neighbor of mine bought a farm In Salem and it was in shed, if I recall he sold it to somebody in Indiana. It was bought new to tractor pull with ,had less than 500 hours on it
  2. Spreading manure is high tech don’t you know
  3. Great to see a good turnout, along with ,it looks like beautiful weather. I noticed the 1206 has 6bolt front hubs like mine has.
  4. Have you ever seen a 3 point wore like that on any 4-86 series. My 4386 ain't quite wore that bad but the 3 point is like new
  5. Last time I seen him he was a opening act for Reba at the Foxtheater in St Louis back when friends in low places was just out.great show back then. But for his age Charlie Daniels puts on a great show!
  6. Where is it located in Kentucky,
  7. Best thing invented for a hangover, watch the first five laps ,fall asleep wake up with ten to go
  8. Apparently they were blinded in the snow blizzard, and got lost . Two harvestores in the background and a windmill also!
  9. Had a nest along one of my fields in a river bottom about a mile from a river . Try planting on an open station tractor underneath their nest ,kind of makes you nervous when they start to fly away!
  10. This is my 1206 ready for my nephews wedding
  11. Had a 82 gmc short bed 1/2 ton 4x4 with a 6.2diesel w ith 38 inch ground hog tires . Diesel motor went down insert 454 rv cam put a cast iron semi high rise spread bore intake off a 69model 396 ,stock quadra jet carb headers 400 turbo Trany 3:55 gears. Now figure the gear ratio for the 38" tires .got better mileage than original setup plus power to boot! P.S . It would do 4x4 burnouts!
  12. Do you think the Clintons ,and Obamas have any money invested in wind energy ?probably why they didn't like coal!
  13. The 403 is newer ,the base of the operators platform is squared off with white ,the 503 is rounded. I started out on a 303 then went a 503 hydro gasser.later style had rotary radiator screen.503 gasser with 6 row corn head was way under powered
  14. When was the last time the valves where adjusted? Accert motors are pretty touchy with valve train. I run a 550 accert in a 06 western star 18 spd two speed rears and pull a 13 axle setup grossing 250000 and have good power.at 132000 lbs I can pass freight trucks on I44 on hills from St Louis to spfld mo. Don't know what I would do with 800horse!
  15. Just went this evening for a couple hours. Very interesting collection.a lot of rare green tractors ,but out front along highway was a 1206 n/f restored by his son,plus a 4186. Plowing with horses and a 5020 Kinze re power. Show is located off I 64 at exit19a go south to 161,turn right 300ft on left
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