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  1. Looking for 414/436/466

    I'm looking for a cheap runnable engine to swap into a 966/1066 while I overhaul the one that is in it. I am fine to swap pumps manifolds or anything else. Needs to be cheap though, if it's not I'll just overhaul what I have. I'm in MN and could travel a bit for the right engine. DS79
  2. Weird Fact In Ram Truck Ad

    Yeah, there are so many crossbadged engines/parts that I wasn't going to get into it that deep. Detroit did use some Holsets on the early DD15's or late S60's when they needed the VGT technology but didn't have it yet in-house. I am lost when it comes to the FPT/Iveco/Cummins. I have no idea what is what. I do know that when CASE used any Cummins engines they did all warranty in house. You can't take the ESN and look up any parts for it in Quickserve. They are not Cummins engines as far as anyone at Cummins is concerned. Been there and tried that... DS79
  3. Got 400 acres for rent.....boy do I have friends !!!!

    I'm looking at buying some acres if the location is right but I can't afford the $5500/acre that those with the land think it is worth. With prices being down and a lot of banks around here turning guys down for next years inputs I hope it drops to $3500/acre which is much more realistic. There's 3 parcels, about 150 acres total, coming up for auction in 2 weeks. I hope the land goes for what its worth and not what some jackass that won't harvest it decides he wants to spend on it. My little brother wants the house and barn, I'd love to buy the land but again can't do it quite yet. Just sucks to watch all this land go to people that won't take care of it and someone like my brother has to hope he can grab a small chunk and make a living on it. Oh well, I'll go talk to some neighbors and see if I can find some land that's not for sale but not not for sale. Good luck to whoever you rent to, we need some fresh blood in the AG business. DS79
  4. 766 engine needing attention, swap or fix?

    Just out of curiosity, did you pull a cap and see how bad the connecting rod and main bearings were? It might be knocking but could just be worn bearings that have not yet damaged the crank. Its unlikely that it will change the final outcome, but it could postpone it long enough to get through harvest and then you could get that turbocharged 414 in it and use it on the grain vac... Plus bearings are easy to find same day and relatively cheap compared to a engine swap. DS79
  5. Weird Fact In Ram Truck Ad

    The IVECO 6.7 is based/built by Cummins Engines. I think IVECO is now a stand alone company but I am not sure anymore. If you look really close to the PACCAR 7 engine you will notice it to looks identical to the Cummins ISB 6.7. Did deeper and you find Cummins puts a lot of their parts on a lot of other manufacturers engines. Turbos on the early DD15's were Holsets. EGR and aftertreatment on the PACCAR was fleetguard. Volvo, IH, and Mack all used fleetguard DPF's at one point or another as well. Cummins sets the standard for diesel in my book and that is why I wouldn't own any other new diesel. Either way arguing about it isn't going to change anyones mind but knowing a bit more about them can't hurt. DS79
  6. Farmall 856 Custom factory T/A delete

    Nice scores! Would love to have an 856 of my own, dad already has 2! Anyways, about your lack of steering. That is due the pump getting air locked and you need to bleed the pump out, I would first replace the hyd filter, and make sure the oil is ok. Once that is done there are a couple ways to do this but what we found works the best is to remove the plug on the pump cover and let the air/oil blow out that hole. Once it starts to pump oil ( and it will move a LOT of oil) shut off the tractor and reinstall the plug. Fire it up and the steering should work. We have worn pumps on our old 856 as well as the 1256 that makes doing this more frequent than I would like so we made up an elbow with a ball valve on it that we can crack open and let the air bleed out of it and close as it primes. Also keeps it from blowing oil all over the rear tires. If it wasn't so late I would go and take a picture but I am not leaving the house at this time of the night. If someone else has a better way of doing it I'll gladly listen but this works for us until we get those pumps replaced. DS79
  7. You get what you pay for, 784

    I'd start with getting the valves set correctly. If this was a basic in-frame overhaul I would just set the crank to TDC according to the crank pulley. If your unsure, watch the pushrods and make sure you can verify the pushrods on the valves your setting don't move while barring the engine over. Once you know where your at adjust the valves to spec. I wouldn't get to worried about hot or cold, most engine manufactures are using a number based off an engine that has NOT been run, but is at least "warm" (above 55 degrees F). From there follow your book. That should help with getting some power back and may just help the vibration. If not than you need to adjust that balancer so it is timed. Hope this helps. DS79
  8. Looking for trucking options IL to MN

    Zip code is 55925. We are about 5 miles from I90 about 15 miles from the Wisconsin border.
  9. Looking for trucking options IL to MN

    Awesome guys! I appreciate the information. I am waiting on the shipper that the dealer recommended but will look at some of these others as well. DS79
  10. Looking for trucking options IL to MN

    Is there a place on this board or elsewhere that I can find people looking for back hauls? I need a quote to ship a 2+2 from South of Chicago to SE MN if anyone is in the area looking to make a few bucks. Looks to be about a 5 hour 350 mile trip if that makes any difference. I can do it myself but I am quickly running out of time before the school year starts and am not sure I would have the time to devote to this trip. DS79
  11. Deereslayer make sure you ckeck cab mounts on the 3388 lots of times wore out cab mounts is the root problem with gear shifters on those tractors cab will actually move when they are wore out put a big  bar under cab corner and wiggle it up anf down if itmoves mounts are shot

    1. deerslayer1979


      Hey thanks, he ended up going out there and looking it over only to find out the rear end is junk. Said otherwise it was a nice tractor but they wouldn't lower the price or help with parts so he is walking away and looking at others now.




      Good luck hunting

  12. an "unusual" addition..?

    Aftermarket/homemade resh air blower for the cab?
  13. Maxxum 5100 battery wire size, awg 2/0 or larger?

    I looked for a 5100 and everything that popped up was the 5150 or bigger so I assumed it was a naturally aspirated 5.9 Cummins. Wont matter though, if you have a bit more cable than needed you should never have to worry about it. About the charging system though, in a perfect world the alt should only be running at max a few times in its life, so what I needs for wire size can be smaller without any issues. Unfortunately dead batteries, cold morning starts, and excessive circuit loads changes that. To give you an idea Semi trucks use a 6ga alternator wire that is about 15ft long and I have found more than a couple that were black from excessive heat. They also run the wire from the alt to the starter hot stud so the run isn't as long and the big cables can carry the load to the batteries, but that's really like putting a garden hose into a culvert, it makes no real sense. Glad I could help though! DS79
  14. Maxxum 5100 battery wire size, awg 2/0 or larger?

    I would say, you are fine using a 2/0 cable for that tractor. I am not familiar with where the batteries are located but if they are anywhere ahead of the steering colum that should be plenty of cable size. That little 5.9 doesn't spin very hard and just having new cables with good connections make all the difference when it comes to starting a diesel. I will attach a chart that is for welding but it gives you an idea of what cable size you need to carry a load over a distance. I know welding cable is not battery cable but I have found the cost difference to be minimal and welding shops always have the size and length I need along with the connectors so I have been using it to make up new cables when needed. Hope it helps, DS79
  15. 3388 High low range wont shift

    Thank you! This is what I was looking for and the reason I came to this forum asking the question. I appreciate the useful information. Now I'm off the corral dads cattle so I can help a heifer get a calf out once he gets home. If I need any more help I'll ask but make sure I don't offend any of you older gents, so the thread can actually be useful to someone else down the road. DS79