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  1. Hi acbjohn, Yes, you need to use the glow plugs on startup but I have had several of them over the years and they are good starters. I also have a good running BD154 available out of a 500 crawler. Give me a call to discuss - Andy at (204)232-6241.
  2. Hi scooter01922,

    I am working on the steering clutches of a 500 and read a post about an easy way to adjust the fingers on the pressure plate.  Another member, Emil, had the information and was going to send it to you to post.  Did you ever get it and are you willing to share it with me?

    Thanking you in advance!


  3. When we got the 500 off the truck and into the shop, we changed the oil and filters (one spin-on at the left backside of the reverser and a cartridge type next to the engine oil on the right hand side) right away since we saw evidence of what we thought was a lot of water in the oil. This oil change made a big difference in how the reverser performed but it still isn't right. However, when you pull the dipstick now, there is still evidence of water in the oil (but significantly less than before) so we will need to drain everything again with new filters. I suspect we may even need to do it
  4. Hi everyone, I just purchased a 1966 500 diesel dozer with a couple of partial parts machines - a 1967 500 diesel loader with a good motor and a good undercarriage and a 1972 500C loader (no motor) with poor undercarriage. My questions are: - will the power reverser (without the torque) from the 500C fit a straight 500? - were there any improvements to the reverser over the years since I have read of many issues with them (no push power, weak reverse, etc.). The reverser in the 500 dozer seems a bit sluggish to me. - Lastly, I believe the track chains are interchangeable
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