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  1. Yes, watch youtube for "hobo shoestring"... among others.
  2. Wow, fast movers.... these were recalled 7 years ago
  3. How the antenna is mounted can be a big factor. A good ground plane is important. A good bond to the chassis is important, and an antenna in the middle of a roof in theory will do better than one mounted on a wing mirror. A longer antenna will not necessarily better than a shorter one. A tuned short will can do better than a misaligned long one..... there are many many variables. Antennas should be tuned and checked with a SWR meter... or bought tuned for a specific frequency With today's radios a layman is likely to get things running just fine, however after doing years of electron
  4. A good motivator is "get that job done and you can home"... otherwise ya just running down the clock until you can go home regardless of what speed you work at.
  5. I prefer Acetone for carbs as it is a solvent and will dissolve the sticky old honey/tar like gas leftovers that causes problem. Water and dish soap will work, but is a detergent and doesn't work the same as a solvent. It works but not as well and a detergent is relying on the warm temperatures to move the sticky stuff.... However, it is cheap and mostly likely you have some on hand and depending on your carb condition may work just fine. Almost anything in an ultrasonic cleaner will work better than a simple wash. One advantage being the ultrasonic cleaner does get into the teany we
  6. JamesW


    Yeah, so good they have spent your money in New Zealand pitching to us to protect 'our' second amendment rights. Ignorant hicks
  7. All the metric sockets I have use don't use a 1/2" drive.... they use a 12.7mm drive ?
  8. These must be Toilet paper seeds then?
  9. Climbing around 2% grade Weka Pass Railway, Locomotive A428, 111 years old.... might have been me driving but I can't confirm which day this was taken.
  10. You will get that when using a VPN.... are you using a VPN?
  11. Mike were you aware of the Denniston Incline sort of in your own back yard?... as steep as 80%. It doesn't look as steep in the video as standing at the top and leaning over the edge. You can still go visit today (not still operational tho - a static display)
  12. You come here to offer help and advice with my politics? .....It's not what I come here for. I happy to help you and anyone else on pretty much any other subject, particularly IH, but I won't advise you on your politics even though I could.
  13. so it should be enginecycle, not motorcycle?
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