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  1. JamesW


    Right at the bottom of the Emoji list: .... well it is at least called rolleys.
  2. No much around on the topic... but there is a video on youtube.
  3. If that was really true, would we still be using magnetos?
  4. A typo at 80? ...we peaked here in NZ at 102 [39 deg C] this week. yes, not as hot as Aust, but thats pretty hot for our latitude. Last night temp dropped off with a cool easterly off the Pacific... then well after dark a Nor-Wester kicked in from Australia and it went up 20 deg when it should be cooling off for the night! With the thin Ozone here the sun is nasty. It's not just the temperature. Burn time is around 15min. I have been finding lots of paper work to do between shifting the irrigator (irritator). .... a cold change coming though about now though
  5. Measure the pull on the drawbar? ... then add a servo controlled by the draw bar force to drive the brakes and you will have a regulated force. It may be uncalibrated and not quantifiable, but it would be regulated/repeatable.
  6. I created a new topic and posted all I have there (credit due to someone else on the forum): International Harvester Diesel Engines - Their origin and development
  7. Originally posted by someone else on the Forum (credit due to whoever that was)... and asked for again
  8. I can't find that either but I did save a copy. Can anyone else find? First two pages: If you want the rest I best to start a new topic (rather than steal this one)
  9. JamesW

    574 problems

    You are putting it in the square head bung behind the seat? .... if low I have put 30 liters in without much showing on the stick. It can take a lot
  10. When timed I always like to slowly, very slowly wind it over by hand just before top dead center... when the impulse clicks and plug sparks you should then have the timing mark on the flywheel to confirm all is correct. This would show up any errors in backlash, the impulse and advanced/retarded or any other error.
  11. It would seem observing from afar you don't have a health system. You have an Insurance system. If you actually had a health system you would not need insurance. Many other governments manage it cheaper than what you have to pay.
  12. What engine are you trying to time? Looks like an 18? Timing mark on an 18 should be DC/1-6 (Top Dead centre for No 1 and No6) What is the E0 mark?
  13. Have you checked the filter into the carb? Remove the pipe fitting just as it goes into the carb. There is a gauze filter there that can get bunged up.
  14. ... bump back to the top. I can take photos of an T-20 and F-20 if you are stuck
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