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  1. Thanks for the information guys, I have a direction to go now. Steve
  2. What model of Cub will the transaxle interchange with a 108? Not having any luck finding one yet, might have to patch the hole and make a bracket that uses the front cover bolt holes to attach to the frame. Not sure how it broke, been that way since I bought it couple years ago.
  3. red5770

    IHC jacket

    Mine is still hanging in the closet, looks good but not new. Still fits. 😊
  4. red5770

    560D axle

    My 560D has the same broken key way and welded wheel. Looks pretty much identical to your pictures, sure wish I knew what happened. Would be an interesting story. Steve
  5. Hope there are many more dream days than nightmare days tho. Steve
  6. A man has gotta love his cows to spend his life feeden and spreaden. The dairymans dream and your living it. Steve
  7. TD, this is one of the times it's not much fun being a Dad. Have faith in the good Lord, he will bring the right words. Steve
  8. I am really enjoying life in your corner, keep the pictures coming. Your life on a dairy farm is quite different and similar at the same time as my brother that milked a 100 cows on our family farm in the 80's. There is always something to keep you day interesting. Thanks for taking the time to share your life with the rest of us who still wish we were farming. Steve
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