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  1. Dashing Through The Snow

    Timely pictures BK, we got a nice snow here on Christmas Eve. Those tractors look even better in person than they do in pictures. Lowell and Sharon are my neighbors, I’m blessed to call them friends. Steve
  2. Ride on toy corvette

    My younger brothers each had one of those, red as I recall. Steve
  3. MTD 782 Hydro chatter/vibration

    Everything seems back to normal with a new filter. Thanks guys, Steve
  4. MTD 782 Hydro chatter/vibration

    Thanks guys, I'll get a new filter and check the driveshaft. Steve
  5. MTD 782 Hydro chatter/vibration

    My son has a MTD 782 that has a chatter/vibration in the hydro just after it starts to move and just before it stops. Sounds the worst at wide open throttle, forward or reverse. Not bad at 2/3's throttle if you change directions slowly. Mowing speed it sounds and runs good. Transmission is full of clean oil, haven't changed the filter yet, bought it early this spring. Any advice welcome. Thanks, Steve
  6. 50C spindle information

    Little update Looks like different style spindles will work together. When I was checking pulley alignment, the discharge side pulley was at an angle compared to the other outside pulley. Took the crooked spindle off the deck, used a steel carpenters square and checked for straightness. Deck appears to be bent/twisted. Straightened best I could get it and put washers under 2 of the 3 bolts on the crooked spindle to align it to the others. Its back on the tractor and hangs fairly straight compared to before. Now if it would stop raining long enough to give it a test run. Also have a new set of blades on the way, that can't hurt. Steve
  7. 50C spindle information

    Belt and pulleys seem aligned on top of deck, blade height varies between spindles by almost a half inch. Parts lookup has different part number for center spindle and outer spindles. Anyone what the difference is?
  8. 50C spindle information

    I bought a 782 with a 50C deck (CCC) that doesn't mow level. Mows the same on two different 782's, other 50C deck mows good on both tractors. Uneven deck has two kinds of spindles, center and right outer have aluminum housing bolted below the deck and left outer has bearing flanges bolted above the deck. Should these different spindles types work together ok? Blade height varies between each spindle. Thank for your thoughts, Steve
  9. 560D.....Captain, we need more power!

    I have the same Air Research T606 turbo setup from a TD-62 on my 560D. Still running the oil bath cleaner but have a dry air cleaner from a 656D that I plan to add, just haven't got it done yet. Was originally looking for a M&W setup so I didn't have to cut a new hole in the hood but this dozer setup came along reasonably priced. Went from 62 hp and a lot of smoke to 75hp and no smoke just by adding the turbo. I think the timing is at 0* now, plan to go back to 3*BTDC. I don't need any more power but would like to have some smoke, at least look like it's a diesel. It's a for fun plow day tractor, not a daily user. I want to do something similar to what Nebraska 1206 did on his turbo 560. Hope this link from 2014 works. Steve
  10. 606 remote mounting question

    Double picture above was suppose to be this picture. Steve
  11. 606 remote mounting question

    Looks like someone changed the rear couplers. Those look the same as a 1086. My 606 is bolted to the bracket in your picture and has the same couplers that are up above the clutch/brake pedals. I always called them pioneer ends. I can get you a picture after work tonight. Outlets point straight back from a block bolted to that bracket. Steve
  12. F560D hydraulic pump drive gear

    Thanks gorden76, exactly what I needed. Steve
  13. F560D hydraulic pump drive gear

    OK, I'm already wrong, it's a 51 tooth gear and has a planetary PTO. SN says it's a 59. Will parts from a 400 with planetary PTO interchange?
  14. F560D hydraulic pump drive gear

    BIL has a 560D with no hydraulic pressure. It's apart and the gear that drives the pump is bad, think it has 54 teeth. Is that gear part number 358860R1? Also the gear and shaft (think it's all 1 piece) that drives the gear above is also bad. I can't tell from my parts manual which gear that is, can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help, Steve