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  1. Hey guys, how long is the rear axle on a 1026 hydro from end to end, and again with a 7130 magnum how long end to end. My searching online doesn’t bring me anything conclusive.
  2. Hello all, was feeding cattle with my 5250 on the feed wagon this week when on the second load I went to back up and had no reverse. It will sometimes back up slowing in 1st range if there’s not much pull against the transmission(like backing uphill). Had a Case tech come out. Flow rate out of the outlets was within spec. Psi in the forward lockout was 250 psi(within spec) but the reverse lockout had 0 psi. Even when it was backing up it still had 0 psi in the reverse lockout. Will not even try to move in reverse in any range higher than 1st. Tech said I probably have a catastrophic break in the rear end that’s dumping all my oil meant for the reverse lockout back into the system. I question if it is maybe the reverse solenoid. He said has right amount of coltAge to the solenoid and voltage wise the solenoid checks out but he absolutely didn’t think it was worth a try to replace it. Both the forward and reverse solenoids are original. All other hydraulic components are working as they should and all the forward gears and ranges are working perfect. Should I try a solenoid? Shouldn’t there be some pressure to the reverse lockout if the solenoid is fine? Or do I just go straight to the split? TIA
  3. Hey all,Our 2008 Maxxum 110 2wd with 2900 hrs has been shifting hard when going forward using the power reverser. When you use the reverser to shuttle from forward to backwards or vice versa, the tractor is supposed to smoothly engage the transmission into that direction. Instead our lurches, many times spinning the rear tires even, just like you dumped the clutch in a high gear. It does not do it going backwards, only forwards, and tends to get worse as the tractor warms up. Shifting in-between gears is smooth as silk. Seems to us 6th and 7th gear perform the worst, but those are also the gears we use the most (it is our loader tractor, we use to load feed, so these are the gears that fit the job best). When using the clutch pedal the tractor stops immediately and we are capable of feathering the clutch into gear. We had our local CIH tech out yesterday. He performed a transmission re-cal and adjusted the pressures on the clutches, but that didn't seem to change anything. Has anyone had a similar experience? Where do we start, what could be wrong? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey all Our 5250 Maxxum has a leak in the fuel sending unit allowing air into the tank causing it to lose it's prime when the fuel tank is less than half full. Replacing the sending unit seemed like an easy task unit we found out you can no longer buy the sending unit and no one is making them! How can that be? This tractor isn't that old? Part number is 1533805C1. None to be found anywhere. Any help would be really appreciated on this,
  5. CIHTech,


    i had a thread awhile back about our 5250 Maxxum having problems and unfortunately we still can’t find a solution. Was a wondering if I could call you and run some of the problems last you and get your expert opinion. Thanks! My cell is 712 540 1258

    1. Mark Nelson

      Mark Nelson

      712 540 1259! So sorry I messed up the last digit 

    2. CIHTECH


      Feel free to give me a call 540-810-5148

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