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  1. W4 Cylinder Head Crack & Burnt Valve

    Valves are removed. Lots of carbon built up inside the exhaust ports. Picking away at the carbon with an awl isn't yielding much progress. Is there a spray on product that will remove all this stuff?
  2. C152 cylinder head stud sleeves

    I did a bit of research myself and it looks like these sleeves are listed on the CIH parts site so I should be able to find them. For a price of course.
  3. C152 cylinder head stud sleeves

    On the C152 cylinder head for an H or W4 there are several cylinder head studs that go though the water jacket. These studs go through a sleeve in the water jacket. I noticed today on my W4's cylinder head that one of these sleeves has a hole corroded through it. So if I rebuild the head as is, my brand new studs will be exposed to the engine coolant. Which I figure is the reason this stud was so hard to remove that it broke! Does anyone know if these sleeves can be pushed out? Are there replacements?
  4. W4 Cylinder Head Crack & Burnt Valve

    I ended up buying a valve train kit. Intuition told me these valves were done too. The valves look like they've been ground once already so I hope there's enough material that the seats can be reground rather than replaced.
  5. W4 Cylinder Head Crack & Burnt Valve

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll sleep easy. No I wasn't getting any water in the oil before I tore this engine apart. But it would sure be devistating if I invest in all new valves and guides (which I did) and the head is no good.
  6. My project for the inevitable cold Canadian winter ahead of me is to inspect and repair as needed the cylinder head and valves for my W4. I found a few things upon my initial inspection that worry me a bit. I found a hairline crack between cylinder 1 & 2 extending from the water jacket as shown in attached pic. This is not a performance build so I'm hoping this will be ok but advice from those of you who've rebuilt these before would be appreciated. I found 1 burnt exhaust valve on cylinder 4. It's cracked pretty good and will need replacing along with the guide. When I started removing all the valves, they all (aside from the cracked valve) appeared to have a nice shiny face so it looks like they're seating properly. However, I did think the valve margin was quite small. They apprear to have been ground once in the past as well because there's a noticable ridge on the valve face. My service manual only mentions valve length and stem diameter so I don't know what the valve specs are. If someone knows valve specs for an H or W4 (gas) I'd sure appreciate the info.