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  1. I believe those are fwd tractor weights. Would have been on the 50 series fwd tractors
  2. Thanks for the numbers! 908 fits right between 904 which was last seen for sale in IA and 910 which was last seen in AL for sale. Now, 4450 will be interesting to see what you are able to find out on that tractor. I can't believe the sudden visibility of these late numbers! 4445 is in Canada and 4451 is for sale. 4452, we know where that tractor is. Keep us updated on 4450
  3. Was that at Heidlberger's? Did you happen grab the serial number on the 5488?
  4. So is there a 4453 out there?
  5. Yours is the lowest. After yours I have 7257
  6. I think we added all of your 14's last winter/spring. I'll check later today when I get home. Thanks Bill
  7. Just wanted to share a story about a recent search for a 5488. I was browsing through the Machinery Talk forum on agtalk.com a couple weeks ago and found a guy looking for his dad's 5488. I had replied that if he knew the serial number, I may be able to help him out. He got me the serial number and lucky for him I had the number. It belonged to a member here on red power (IHC5488). I reached out to Matt to see if he still had it. He had traded it off a few years ago but contacted the dealer to see if they had a name for the new owner. Within 3 days, we had the gentleman in contact with the owner of his dad's tractor. Matt had the owners manual with the guys dad's name in it. I believe they worked out a deal to get that back to the guys son (Nathan). Nathan spoke with the current owner of the 5488. It was the main tractor on his farm and wasn't really looking to sell it. It did sound as though he would be willing to look for a tractor to replace it so Nathan can have his dad's tractor back. Nathan is amazed that he was able to locate his dad's 5488 so fast. Something he probably never thought possible but thanks to the registry it was a success. I just wanted to share the story so guys that are working on lists can see they are useful. For guys that have the tractors or know where tractors are that are being recorded, get them added to help the next guy that's looking. I've often wondered myself if it's worth it but this was pretty cool to be a part of. Matt, thanks for your help in tracking down the new owner! I still have a few 1466 tractors that I am searching for. Hopefully I can tell another similar story someday.
  8. If I remember right, it's made out of 1 inch cast. It would take a pretty good chunk of iron.
  9. It's the neighbors plow and it's been a while since I have been around it but I believe it's part 23 in the schematic
  10. I'm in need of some hitch parts for a 770 pull type plow. I can't remember what the piece is call but it bolts on the frame and the hitch on the left side. It's about a 1 inch thick piece bent up on both ends to tie the hitch together. Any info is appreciated. Parts guy says they are NLA.
  11. has not set their status

  12. I am collecting the 1466 numbers. Pretty much need the same info as the other guys have already listed above. Erik - This is a great idea! This should help the lists grow a little faster having the contact info at everyones fingertips.
  13. The last five are the ones you want. That should be a 75 model black stripe.
  14. That will keep you busy Blaine!!
  15. If you have one, why don't you atleast give the number so he can add it to the registry.
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