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  1. Just now, vtfireman85 said:

    Top pic is my favorite grill! Good looking trucks! 

    The 80 is clean 

    the 87 is got some rust 

    The 454 got power, but with 22ft box, I can fit 700 bushels of corn but you’ll never get to high gear 

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  2. Never had a kidney stone but had a gallbladder stone(bad pain) but wanted to share a good friend story 

    He got kidney stones a lot and kept getting more and more of them. Dr said to quit eating or drinking anything with calcium, but they were getting worse. He went to a different Dr. and he said to drink lots of milk and other calcium products and never got one again. Dr said it’s because when you don’t take calcium in, your body pulls it from your bones and that causes stones. I’m not saying it would work for you but it information. 

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