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  1. Well it was manly about the solar panels with snow cover and lack of sun, our local coop has a 100 kw grid and some days last winter it produced 3! How do you charge cars let alone anything else on them days? And a far as turbines doesn’t that mean you have to take extra measures and more resources to keep them running in winter? 

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  2. I take old snowplows and convert them and make them fit skid steers. I leave the chain in them so they can float but then you can also roll the plate forward and have down pressure for back dragging or scraping and try out my new saw. 




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  3. 7 hours ago, Ian Beale said:

    This is more an "Uplift"!

    "Sudden EV Explosion, Rockets up 5 Meters, Close to 100 BYD Autos Spontaneously Combust"


    I’m sure that Smoke from them cars is not harmful unlike what’s coming from the pipe of a gas car. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    My mom and dad went through the depression. I straightened lots of nails as a kid even though we could afford new ones. All of those that went through the depression were marked by it.

    Too bad a lot of people don’t have that same feature

    world might be a different place

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  5. 57 minutes ago, billonthefarm said:

    The work fine.  I have them like that on some other tractors.  I kind of prefer it on these tractors because if they are forward you can hit them getting in and out.  This Hinker has them forward.


    Where did you get mirrors or the company that makes them 

  6. Over 100 stitches so far 

    left knee when I was toy farming took a piece of glass to my knee , tipped snowmobile over caught a rock other knee, barb wire fence and dirt bike forearm and chainsaw above the knee( that was total dumb move)and gallbladder 

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