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  1. 5 hours ago, HydroTek said:

    Bush Hog work was the only time I seen failures because of driveline shock traveling up the shaft from hitting rocks

    Normal heavy load like grinding or auger cart work , I had not seen a failure

    The small drive shaft in the pump would snap in half
    runs from the input gear to the pump cylinder internally

    There were a few failures from cold weather -- those style pumps need a charge pump to "feed" oil -- that style does not do well sucking oil thru the filter

    For those failures , I kept the small driveshafts in my tool box
    replaced several for my customers that snapped one running a bush hog

    Where did you get the shaft? Mine broke one last fall,(buddy bush hogging)so I replaced it with a whole pump, but I would like to just replace the shaft, but I couldn’t find it. 

  2. Lot of history there, go to bicentennial and Centennial Park, definitely tour the Ryman. We took a tour bus around the city and picks and drops you off at spots, well worth it!! Robert’s bar, cheapest place there.

  3. 2 hours ago, Solocam8925 said:

    How much bushels of corn were you able to harvest per acre?? The bag says not to spray herbicides. There a brand you recommend?? I'm very new with getting into corn and soybean farming..

    I believe it was 160 range, I plant renk and legends, both corn and soybeans. Have good luck with both. 

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