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  1. Put I beam then welded 4x6 square tubing with 1 inch rod thru the tubing and sticking out into concrete then made covers for them 6 inches of concrete
  2. The fan will run if on defrost and also will run when certain check engine light codes are present.
  3. Go to the parts store with old one, that’s where I got mine
  4. I’ve had it back in 2003 and got on Valtrex and gone in a few days. My wife got it a couple years ago and she got valtrex and was also gone in a few days also. A couple friends have got the Shingris shot and made them very sick both times, one was out for a week. So glad yours was only a sore arm.
  5. It’s funny that you made this post as my dad gave me my lunch box today.
  6. Wi Ih

    Cub pics

    I have to thank Nate on the trailer he got me a copy of brochure and information when I restored it.
  7. Wi Ih

    Cub pics

    Just going through some of my stuff and thought I’d share some pics. The 60 I bought from the original owner, he was still mowing lawn with it when I bought it few years ago, gave him $250 for it, so he mowed his lawn for all these years for 200 bucks. The number five trailer I bought in very rough shape and I restored it. The outdoor power equipment sign came from the local I H dealer. The neon I bought on an auction, I’ve never seen another one but I’m sure there’s many out there.
  8. Nice to see that, 4 generations.
  9. We had one on the shed when I was a kid that was from the ih dealership. I called the guy in town here that owned the ih dealership here and he said they had a couple different models(tractors) of weathervanes and 88 series one cost them over $300 when they came out, said he wish he still had it.
  10. Does anyone have a picture of an original one ?
  11. Its a die cast tractor and I thought the original ones were plastic tractor.
  12. I just got this, can anyone tell me if it’s original or if Somebody made it ?
  13. Just looked on car-part and most used are $4000 and up if you can get car-part app you can see where they are
  14. I had a 91 Chevy extended cab four-wheel-drive 4.3 with a five speed junk aluminum transmission. I bought it with 30,000 miles drove it to 150,000 miles then sold to my neighbor who ran it to 250,000 miles and neither of us had a problem with the tranny or engine. It all comes down to how it came down the assembly line and then nut behind the wheel. And I had an S 10 with a 4.3 that had well over 200,000 miles on it never had an issue with it.
  15. Wi Ih


    It is truly amazing how fast weed trees can grow. I’m always cutting stuff back and having the brush mower on the skid steer makes it a lot easier.
  16. The 208 is a great case they didn’t have the chain stretching problem the 203 had and a ton lighter and what are all modern trucks using now?chains? Seen a lot of 208 in pulling trucks with good success. But that my 2 cents and I’m sure there has been someone who broke one, but I broke a 205 before to.
  17. Nvg4500 and adapter to a np208 would be sweet. You need passenger side front driveshaft.
  18. Wi Ih


    As many time as it takes 😁 I have it mechanized, skid steer to load and splitter on skid steer and power wagons and the H. I’m lucky I usually get a lot of butt piles from loggers.
  19. Wi Ih


    Tire chains, could use them once in a while but for the most part I get around ok
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