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  1. Note to self don’t build house next to volcano. That’s just sad.
  2. Wi Ih


    Was down helping my brother chopping corn silage and I got dads only new tractor that he bought out and got it running. His 95th birthday is the September 28 but we’re celebrating it on Sunday so I thought I’d get it out for him to see. Thought It be cool pic between the two packing tractors. When is was a kid that 350 pull a # 16 chopper.
  3. https://myweego.com/product/crankenstein-c154/ I have the previous version of this one, had it for four years now never had a problem with it, start my 1066 or whatever I need. The link above is the big boy and they say that I’ll start anything.
  4. Thank you sir and you hit it on the head. This site does make are small worlds a ton bigger because of all the people on here. I learn something everyday I’m on here!!!
  5. Been using this for 30 some years and never plug up heater core but stop a lot of leaks!!
  6. @bitty Sold a lot of these and run them myself and they run a ton of hours
  7. That last made allis was in my town, he also had a huge collection and some of the last experimental tractors, there were owned by don fanetti, he died and nephew got the collection. They had an auction on them. Don’t know where they ended up but the widow bought some. https://hagerauction.hibid.com/catalog/79891/fanetti-estate-collection/
  8. Not completely the same but I put a snow plow on my loader that was on my H and liked it pretty well because then you could raise a snowplow up higher to push banks back.
  9. Was at the nhra drag race in brainerd this weekend and I would say it was close to normal. One vendor guy I know there said it was down slightly because no Canadians there.
  10. @bitty I’ll pick it up for you
  11. Wi Ih


    Stay safe and hopefully minimal damage.
  12. My brothers did the same thing,not as big of bin though, we’ve cut a hole in the door. We made a valve on the door so we could shut the flow on and off as we filled trucks, we got it down to the door so we could get in there with long rods and poke at the stumps and got it to flow.
  13. 🙏🏻 get better little man dad needs you!!!
  14. Neat video, nice turnout of tractors.
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