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  1. @augercreek Band adjustment, I believe it’s is ,been a really long time since I worked on one. so nothing to hook up
  2. Ntpa is on rfdtv if you get that channel
  3. Sledge did you wash it right away? It got dust on it😁 Hate to see something that Purdy get dirty
  4. I’ve put in air bags and they work good but ive been putting in an extra leaf on gm trucks now and it works great, don’t notice any rougher ride and don’t have to do anything after. You can reuse ubolts just need center pins. I get a used spring pack from salvage yard and cut the leaf to fit for both sides.
  5. Love there underwear, socks not so much.Have one of the pants, tough but odd fitting.
  6. Wi Ih


    I too used to go to a lot of funerals but I adopted a new plan that if it isn’t a close friend or family I don’t go because I’m just another person in line making there day longer and I’d rather send a card or call and talk to them after, when they are not overwhelmed with tons of people. You also have to take care of yourself and I think they would understand and love to talk to you.
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