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  1. Take pride in celebrating June dairy month.
  2. Where did you get the shaft? Mine broke one last fall,(buddy bush hogging)so I replaced it with a whole pump, but I would like to just replace the shaft, but I couldn’t find it.
  3. Lot of history there, go to bicentennial and Centennial Park, definitely tour the Ryman. We took a tour bus around the city and picks and drops you off at spots, well worth it!! Robert’s bar, cheapest place there.
  4. Sorry to hear about your barn. My brother is in the same boat with a farm he bought, I was wondering who the company is that’s taking yours down ?
  5. Wi Ih

    Meta AI

    thought this might give you guys a laugh. I don’t think Meta AI is very bright.
  6. My wife has been fighting with insurance company for years getting things payed. There are more elusive than the government.
  7. I’ve no-till beans into sod quite a few times, I always plant beans and then burn it down right after. Couple years ago I did it on a horse pasture that was last tilled in 1978. And the nice part about doing beans is it destroys all the old sods, works up beautifully.
  8. I believe it was 160 range, I plant renk and legends, both corn and soybeans. Have good luck with both.
  9. I planted Fleet Farm seed a couple years ago. It yielded good, but it started to go down on me. The other corn, I planted, went down a little bit too, but not as bad.
  10. John Deere dealer 2 miles away cih nh Kubota 6 miles away Fendt claas massy 6 miles away New Holland, 20 miles away All states used parts 15 miles redrunrite 15 miles Actually, lots of dealers all around my area
  11. The tractor has been sold to beer money pulling team/Jason Schultz and now called the remedy
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