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  1. thanks for all the responses thus far.
  2. drglinski

    Home or away?

    My in laws family is having dinner on Christmas at 3pm. Who eats at 3? I should add that they aren’t THAT old...
  3. Your cousin has that H now correct?
  4. I'm in the process of reading 'A Corporate Tragedy: The Agony of International Harvester Company" which got me to thinking.....why are YOU (or your family etc) IH? Is it because you (again, or your family) bought into it when it was at its height after the war and was brand loyal? Was it because of the quality of product being delivered? The way it was sold? Dealership and parts availability? What kept you from going to other brands throughout your farming history? Or did you go other brands, and why? I'm not looking for right or wrong answers. I'm simply curious what YOUR story is and why you remain(ed) IH. I appreciate any and all answers. Thanks!
  5. Mine is gas and works when the power goes out. I can take a hot shower, have hot water etc with the lights go out. Just did it Sunday night as a matter of fact. I’d never consider electric for that reason.
  6. How do you know when to get new ones? They get thin and need replacing?
  7. Thanks everyone for the answers this far, I appreciate it
  8. I’m looking for insight/info on a welder. Never had one but the further I get into repairing things and things wear out the more I find myself wishing I had one. The bit I know about them I feel like I’d prefer a wire welder over a stick just because the constant spool of wire is appealing. I’d like one that can do something like fully welding a Farmall M drawbar, but can also do sheet metal (tins). Does something like that exist? What is a good one to look for; doesn’t need to be new (can I buy a good used wire welder?) thanks in advance
  9. God willing no, but this is my snow removal tractor (since it's the only one I've got its my do it all tractor....for now) but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. I was in the process of rebuilding the E lift when we got our first 8" snowfall of the season 3 weeks ago. Shoveling that by hand sucked major.
  10. They made the shredder grinder portable with a briggs motor on it or mountable to the front of a cub cadet that run off a belt to the PTO. The are typically pretty pricey if you can find them for sale.
  11. This weekend I cleaned up the yard a bit with my CC 147 mowing leaves, testing out the E lift that I just put on (I wanted to know how it worked with the mower and didn't want to wait 6+ months) and then mounting the snow blade. No talking because I don't like the sound of my own voice. Before anyone says anything about my clothing, shut up. 😄
  12. Yeah but what is more fun? For me it’s the GT. Dads got a real nice ZT2 that he got in June that mows great- he wanted me to get one but for 3500 I won’t have that into my 147 that I prefer driving anyway.
  13. They’ve been playing them since Nov 1 on one station 24/7.
  14. Carry a BBQ? Have to flip out the towing mirrors. oops I forgot it isn’t a dodge ☺️
  15. drglinski

    Mileage or age

    I live in the rust belt. Cars rust off before they wear out. Now that they cost so damn much they rust off before they are paid off. Mileage is the factor as cars are rare to last more than 15 years
  16. I went from a Farmall H w a 6' blade to a Cub Cadet. I miss the H, but the Cadet is fun too. (The H is at my Dad's place as it is his- for now.)
  17. drglinski


    Got hit with a 6-9” snowfall all day yesterday. The weather guessers were saying 2-4. I saw probably a half dozen or more guys cutting beans on Sunday in the rain just to try to get them off. 😳 God bless those that are dealing with a longer than usual planting season from the rain and shorter harvest season now. 😔
  18. Naw a polish roundabout would be square.
  19. We got 6+" here today. I'm in the process of putting an E lift back on my 147 so I've got the rockshaft installed, lift bracket modified and installed, snow blade on....and the E lift is in pieces waiting on parts. My parts supplier was on vacation (which I thought was fine since we haven't had snow before Christmas here in years) soooooooooo I got to hand shovel today. It would have been less pain and probably less work to swap it back to manual lift until I got my E lift parts. 😏
  20. Looks like a black stripe 66 at that.
  21. Cub cadet original or 70-100 restored would make a good pair with that engine on a set of running gear.
  22. I really like the gas start diesel that came with it. ☺️
  23. I meant taking a spoon and eating it like pudding.
  24. Cheeseburger and sandwiches like turkey, ham etc. not directly out of the jar 🤮
  25. I don’t think we should change it. Getting dark at 4 PM is dumb. I was ok with it not light until 7:45-8 AM. I feel myself being super tired at 8pm instead of 9 this week. The older I get the less I like it, seems like more and more things are that way. ☺️
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