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  1. Dad took the bug outta his tractors. IE the distributor rotors.
  2. Eliminate the WD40 and use something like Kroil, PB blaster, etc.
  3. Start plowing/tilling anywhere you want. It's not like a RPRU is going to be there the next year........what are they gonna do not invite you back?😁
  4. I agree; this is why I prefer a plow day over a show all day long. Case in point, the 1206. I always knew they were significant but always thought they were just meh and didn’t understand they hype- this past weekend a great IH guy had one with a 5 bottom 710 plow and he knew how to make ‘Er talk; now I get it. Do I want one? Naw, but now I think they are darn cool. A tractor sitting is nice but one working doing what it was designed for is something else entirely.
  5. I haven't been to enough to really qualify as favorites/non favorites, but I really liked 2013 Lima. The grounds were awesome: lots of shade to escape the heat, etc; displays broken up by different areas and it didn't feel like a giant parking lot of M after H after C after M after 400 etc. Second favorite was 98. I was going from 7th to 8th grade and Dad took us to a tractor show like he's done every summer, but this time every single tractor was red! It was great! It hasn't been held in Michigan since. 😒
  6. These are “public” meaning you can see them but they are in an annoying format where it may bug you to log in every 3 photos while scrolling but just close/ignore it. https://www.facebook.com/912681802130833/posts/2422066814525650?s=503359727&sfns=mo
  7. Perhaps that’s part of your problem; adding blacksmithing to the list of hobbies and chores you do. ☺️
  8. There are a bunch on the Facebook page of the photography company that’s always there
  9. Glad to see you got your 806 back out Wes.
  10. Looks good. A handful of factors went into me not choosing this one, one being it wasn’t advertised that well. I’d like to see a chapter 6 one but beings I don’t have a red plow tractor to bring there is little point to me going. Hope everyone had fun today- how long did the ground take to plow up?
  11. I went to the one in Alvordton. Unfortunately the tractor I brought wouldn’t run so it didn’t spend much time off of the trailer. I ended up helping Don Williams fix part of his 5 bottom semi mount plow that he pulled behind one of his 1206s and doing some watching.
  12. They are fun to drive and operate
  13. Most are 60-120 miles one way.
  14. Again, if they wanted to....there are plenty of steam trains in excursions that still run on coal, but I digress.
  15. They could have made it work if they wanted it to.
  16. It’s neat, but UP killed it when they converted it to oil.
  17. Dumber than the invention of DEF.
  18. That I would need a ladder to go to bed, and that getting up to pee would suck. Also I wonder if there is a pea about the 2nd mattress up....🤔
  19. drglinski

    Plow parts

    Did you check ploworx?
  20. Yeah I don’t go anymore either. There were a handful of decisions that went into it- the chase playoffs crap, every other week rule changes, inconsistent start times, and no more Earnhardt’s (Jeffery doesn’t count) it’s not something I need to spend $$ on anymore. I’d rather go have my own fun than watch someone else have fun.
  21. The Deere farmer near my parents house where I grew up always ran IHC plows 😂
  22. I’m looking forward to seeing that in person
  23. Friday and Saturday I’ll be there, may bring something too 🤷‍♂️😁
  24. They don’t filter anything...hence a sediment bowl design
  25. Glad it missed you. Damn ash borer really ruined a lot of great trees. They make excellent firewood however
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