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  1. It is on a Galion 503A road grader. Seal leaks, not much but always seems to be seeping.
  2. townlineterry

    UB 220

    Is there a spin on oil filter conversion kit for UB 220?
  3. townlineterry

    UB 220

    Does any one make a spin on oil filter adapter for a UB 220?
  4. Some of the memorable job seekers I have had. The guy that pulled in the drive looking for work, didn't even get out of the car. No shirt, no shoes, holding a open can of beer with 4 cans of a 6 pack on the seat. Warm Blatz. Dude had a problem. A woman who called try to find a job for her boyfriend. He could do anything she told me. Anything but get off his ass and find his own job. The guy that started off whining he had not worked in 2 years. Ended up telling me the equipement was not up to his standards. Guy called at 7 on Sunday morning in January obviously drunk or high looking for a job. He was a **** of a backhoe operator, I know because he told me he was. 2 guys I had scheduled for interviews who never showed up when I told them I required a drug screen. Then the guy I did hire and fired because he came late and left early. Would not work weekends because there is always a party somewhere. Final straw was when he borrowed a chainsaw with out asking and had it stolen. Another guy I didn't have to fire even though he was stealing fuel and tools. He was arrested for possession of a stolen hangun. After all this I decided to work alone. Did for 10 years till this year. Finally found a good worker by accident. But he is no kid, 63. Retired from the labor's union. Now if I could just convince him to get his cdl again.
  5. I gave up awhile ago trying to hire anyone. I require they pass a drug screen, that shuts them right down.
  6. I run a 94 Woodmizer LT40HD, bought new. Worth everything I paid for it. A few things. I run Timberwolf blades, feel they are much better than the Woodmizers. Retrofitted a debarker. That was a waste of money. Could not keep it adjusted, had other issues. I took it off. Was easier to wash logs that fight with the debarker. Now it was the first generation debarker, so maybe the new ones are better.. get a hydraulic mill, sure it is more expensive, but time and back saver, well worth the money in the long run.
  7. It is a dry clutch machine. After 10 years for sure clutches are stuck. Tearing them down is major surgery. Most likely hydraulic oil leaked out. Otherwise why doesn't he put oil in and start it for you? Undercarriage parts are hard to find, any parts for that matter and expensive. Would not even give scrap price for it.
  8. www.jdcrawlers.com advise, parts and a for sale.
  9. I rarely post because my views are a lot more liberal than most of you guys and it usually gets you mad. But can't let this one go. Saw that this rapist is a Christian rapper. Sure glad he has God in his life, hate to think what he would be capable of if he didn't. I wish him a long life and a life sentence, sure he will be popular. i
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