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  1. Set the chopper for open center hyd and turn the flow control on the tractor down as far as you can and have the controls work good. Normally you only need 2 to 3 gpm to make the chopper work right.
  2. You need to do more then knock the axle plug out. There's a hole that needs to get drilled also.
  3. Weighting them down and turning the pump up is really how they got a bad name. The 30 and 60 series weren't meant to be weighted down like that to begin with. When used like they were meant people usually got along good with them. Tractordata isn't correct on the serial numbers on the 60 series. For fun look at how many of each model built, then look at the serial numbers and do the math they are off a significant amount. It would be hard for it to be 8119 since they started at 8801 one I worked on was serial number 9119, she's a late one
  4. That was the first place I called, along with many many places that make gears. One place said they could make it, then after sending them pictures they said no. Every other place said it takes equipment they don't have to make a ring and pinion.
  5. A lot of the gear company's I called were very nice and wish they could help but they said it was more complicated then what they were equipped to do. Lawler Gear was great to work with, from my experience most company's don't want to mess around with a small order let alone a one off part. That good to know, i was going to say the top shaft of the speed transmission was different also on this 67 from the 37. Starting serial number for 6788 was 8801 and tractordata has 8946 as the highest serial number, the one i worked on was 9119.
  6. The tooth count is the same but the length of teeth are different, the rear bearing area is different, and the total length of the shaft is different.
  7. No need to drag, I just needed the time to find the info you want, and if no one wanted the info why would I look. The company is Lawler Gear Corporation out of Lee's Summit, MO. to reverse engineer it that took 3-4 months, if someone needed it for a 6788 they have the blue prints on hand and they don't have to reverse engineer it again, so turn around will be faster. It was 5000 ish for the ring and pinion.
  8. Found a company that could make one. Sent them the original and they made a new ring and pinion.
  9. 3788 and 6788 ring and pinions are slightly different, both are 11 tooth pinions though. Needed one for a 6788 found one out of a 3788 and when I went to put it in I noticed a few differences. Ended up making one for the 67. If you can't find one let me know and I'll see if the owner will let the 37 ring and pinion go.
  10. I think once the tractors were done the 414 snd 436 were dropped. Not sure when the change was. The block I have in my pulling tractor is a 1992 468 and it has the navistar logo instead of the IH.
  11. I would think you could get a double acting check valve and mount it on the baler so it won't matter what tractor you use. Some tractors came from there factory with them.
  12. To hard to choose between tri stripe 86's and 88's
  13. Been around a few chips, I like these the best. https://www.steinbauer.cc/us/ they change how long the injectors are open where others just up the rail pressure. Some will increase rated hp but when you check torque rise or power bulge it's not much more then stock. The steinbauer has the power through the whole power curve.
  14. A smaller engine with a turbo will always out perform a larger naturally aspirated engine. I dyno alot of tractors for people that "farmstock" pull. Diesel engines are very unimpressive until you add a turbo or other power adder in my opinion.
  15. A D436 maybe kinda close to a DT414 hp in stock form, but once somebody touches the fuel screw there not even in the same ball game. And most seem to have been turned up by now. It's like you're comparing a 986 to a 1086, we have both there not even close. As for no substitute for cubes.... yes there is it's called turbos. A turbo makes a huge difference in power.
  16. From my experience if the little stud is brass, it's a junk solenoid and won't last any amount of time
  17. I think Mike links sells the good prestolite one
  18. I put dynamat under the normal interior on a 186. Then dynamat and dynaliner under the shifting and hydraulic sides. It's noticeably quieter then our other 186's
  19. I thought It wrecks more then just the clutch packs. Like shafts and gears. Magnums aren't electronically controlled like a 50 series so they don't need it. 50 series needs it incase a solenoid sticks causing pressure on both clutch packs.
  20. This is the manual I got that from
  21. This is from the service manual
  22. Mighty1206


    There are people that put dt360's in F250-350's. The 360 is ¾ of an inch shorter in height and 3 inches shorter in length then a 466. So I don't think height of a 466 would be an issue
  23. Mighty1206


    DT817 was in the td25 and started on diesel. The 1091 engine in the td24 started on gas
  24. The style you got you need to make a ground wire for the other small post....
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