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  1. Mighty1206

    What 466 blocks can be modified for roller lifters?

    When standing behind the engine on the rear of the block just below the head to the right side if there is a pipe plug its not a roller lifter block. if there isnt a plug it should be.
  2. Mighty1206

    2+2 hydro

    The 186 uses the same gear on the pinion shaft for park as the rest of the 86 series. The reverse gear needed to run the mfwd is special to hydro's in away, it only adds one gear on the side of the range transmission instead of the 2 that a gear drive has for reverse. But as far as I know you can add both gears without the shift collar and that would work. If someone were to build a 2+2 hydro I would recommend using the reverse idler shaft and gears from a 2+2 they use a heavier bearing for the gear that drives the front axle.
  3. Mighty1206

    5488 mfwd won't disengage

    Our 2 54's are spring engaged, hyd release. Early ones are hyd engaged
  4. Mighty1206

    DT 466

    I think 93 is the last year the truck block is the same as the tractor block. 94 and newer are different and won't fit
  5. Mighty1206

    D436: rod and main journals

    It's a lot of work to get the late 466/570 crank to fit in the AG block. Main bearings are bigger. Rear flange where the rear main seal goes is 1/2 inch bigger. Has more flywheel bolts so a stock tractor flywheel won't work. There should be a number on the crank that would tell you what you really have
  6. Mighty1206

    EGT warning light came on, won't go out even with key off

    I think I had similar problem with the egt on a 1486 years ago.Try connecting the 2 wires on the egt probe together. I think if the probe goes bad and it loses continuity it'll make the data center go crazy
  7. Mighty1206

    Check vavle

    Injpumped knows his pumps, he can get anything you need.
  8. Mighty1206

    Magnum 275 chip

    steinbauer is the best I've seen
  9. Mighty1206

    Need more leg room in the 15

    This is the seat that I have put in a few 86's that seem to give a little more room. https://www.redrunrite.com/ih-86-88-sreies-tractors-asphalt-gray-fabric-seat-w-air-suspension-brackets/ another thing I do is when I put new interior in I take the extra piece of foam out from behind the seat
  10. Mighty1206

    Ih 6788 2+2

    67 does not have planetary rear end like a 1566/1586. They have a bull gear final drive similar to a 10/1486 as in they have the same width bull gear.
  11. Mighty1206

    Ih 6788 2+2

    6788 has 3.25 inch axles
  12. Mighty1206

    6788 lights

    As far as I know 2+2's are the only thing that uses that style of rubber. The LED's that fit a 50 series will also for the 2+2. But you need to use the 2+2 rubber mounts.
  13. Mighty1206

    7288 & 7488 tractors

    I'm sure he said it, I just don't understand why that would be the case on a Super 70 since the engine sits in the frame out front on rubber mounts and a shaft goes between the engine and transmission. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr65614ar680888 Not sure if the link will work but that how the Super 70 engine mounts
  14. Mighty1206

    7288 & 7488 tractors

    I don't understand why the bell housing on a Super 70 would be made to fit a Cummins. The engine doesn't bolt to the bell housing
  15. Mighty1206

    6588 gear pump upgrade

    Hy capacity had it on there website. Just look up the gear pump conversion and click on tip sheet