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    There are people that put dt360's in F250-350's. The 360 is ¾ of an inch shorter in height and 3 inches shorter in length then a 466. So I don't think height of a 466 would be an issue
  2. Mighty1206


    DT817 was in the td25 and started on diesel. The 1091 engine in the td24 started on gas
  3. The style you got you need to make a ground wire for the other small post....
  4. If you do need a solenoid get a prestalite one from links or Hy capacity. The ones Case IH sell are junk, atleast they were a couple years ago
  5. Check and see if you have power on both big posts of the solenoid. Even if it clicks doesn't mean it is good. The internal contacts can be bad and not letting power through
  6. Lights don't get power from the cab solenoid.
  7. Magnums are definitely nice but if it were me I would keep the 3688 and look for a nice 2+2. It's nice having 2 tractors instead of one. 2+2's will turn shorter and go through more then a mfwd tractor. When we have a wet spring or fall they have been a life saver. We've had wet falls before but this was the first year we had to use a 2+2 for hauling chopper boxes and it worked really well.
  8. A bad hyd head in the pump can also cause a tractor to seem gutless at low rpm but still make power at high rpm. I've changed a few where that was the problem
  9. I would get the original re-cored, more expensive but definitely with it. From my experience aftermarket radiators are good for a parade tractor and that's about it
  10. I'm not sure that that is your problem but, haven't heard much good about aftermarket balancers. Have a guy in the area that overhauled a 986 put 150-200 hours on it and the hub in the aftermarket balancer broke completely off
  11. 2+2's have a housing that bolts to the bottom of the TA housing to run there power steering pump
  12. Or maybe the 817 would've been alot more reliable and a lot more popular and maybe they would still have parts available.
  13. Would have been better if the 45's and 47's ran the DTI817 instead of the DV800 IMO
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