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  1. 6788 have 3.25 inch axles. From what I can remember 30 series and 60 series all use the same front axle. The different ratio for the 37 and 67 is in the side gear box... Was working on a 6788 couple years ago that needed a rear ring and pinion that is no longer available so was looking into converting it to run the more common ring and pinion but then the owner decided to go with getting a custom made oring ratio ring and pinion since he didn't want to change the speeds of the gears and a different ring and pinion would've made every gear faster.
  2. Mighty1206

    a pump

    5488 had MW pump
  3. I always prefer to rebuild what I have over swapping when possible. The 1086 engine will bolt right in if that's the route you want to go.
  4. It's on the front right corner by the thermostat housing. Kinda behind the water filter bracket.
  5. If you get a 2+2 you could use it for more then just the wet times, they work when it's dry too. Lol Years ago my dad wanted to get a 2+2 to spread with in the winter, thought that was alot of tractor just to use for spreading in the winter and to have it sit the rest of the year. To my surprise the Only time it sits is between when we get done with fall tillage and when the snow flies, and some years it never sits
  6. I have know idea, That's just what we were told.
  7. We got a letter from reliance roughly a year ago stating that the pistons and rings are assembled in the sleeve for shipping only and that you are supposed to pull them apart clean and inspect/check clearances. Have seen many with the rings installed upside-down, gaps aligned.
  8. Both have cat 2 3pts
  9. 3rd gear on a 15 does the same thing as 4th gear on a 14. so your road speed would be the same
  10. Where do you get the 180 one?
  11. I think that one came from MN in November
  12. Had a 1486 that would do that, turned out to be a bad egt probe. The owner didn't care that the egt wasn't working since the late 50 series stopped having them. connected the 2 wires to the same screw on the probe and the draw went away.
  13. On a 1086 4th gear couples the top shaft to the input shaft. High range couples the pinion to the top shaft of the speed trans. Making high 4th direct drive 1 to 1 ratio. Pinion shaft has 13 teeth and ring gear 51
  14. Mighty1206

    Cool it

    I'm afraid you are wrong. A turbo will make up for many many cubes. A turbo'd 360 would crush a non turbo'd 400 series hp wise.
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