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  1. Mighty1206

    Two 6 volt or two 12 volt in 1466

    If you like to clean battery posts and cables go with the 6v. If you like your tractor to start Everytime you need it, go with the 12v. From my experience the cables can look ok on a 6v system but not start until you clean the connections. 12v batteries the connections can look terrible and still start no problem.
  2. Mighty1206

    Why didn't they use an electric fan on the 50 series?

    From what your saying I don't think you push them as hard. We did have problems with one running hot when we got it but the injection pump was shot, after changing the head in the pump the over heating went away. Sounds like you have something wrong with yours
  3. Mighty1206

    Why didn't they use an electric fan on the 50 series?

    One would think so
  4. Mighty1206

    Why didn't they use an electric fan on the 50 series?

    If it keeps the operator cooler doesn't that mean better? The 3 2+2's we have never have problems staying cool
  5. Mighty1206

    Why didn't they use an electric fan on the 50 series?

    IH had enclosed hoods on the 2+2's and they don't have cooling problems. They were trying something new that they thought was a better design, pulling cleaner air from higher up. It would've been alot easier and cheaper to build the more conventional cooling system but they thought this was better. The faf does keep the cab cooler in the summer since it's not blowing hot air at the cab. On the right hand side of the air box there is a opening to draw air from the engine. Back when they were new everyone around here that would drive an 88 series then get in a 86 would always say that the cab is cooler in the 88's in the summer.
  6. Mighty1206

    Why didn't they use an electric fan on the 50 series?

    The Magnum design isn't anything special its the same airflow as any other tractor. Not sure how making it the same as everything else airflow wise would be harder to design.
  7. Mighty1206

    So, New York leaders...

    Was told at 23 weeks they have a decent chance at making it.....
  8. Mighty1206

    IH 5488 fwd Transmission life

    Of course a test harness will work. The problem with the test harness is if you have a solenoid or a spool stick locking both clutches up at the same time you wreck a bunch of stuff. I know someone that has a 54 that if it had a test harness in it he would've had a very expressive spring this year.
  9. Mighty1206

    Pertronix Upgrade

    With pertronix you are suppose to use suppression/carbon core wires, at least that's what the guy from pertronix told me years ago. I have a roll of solid wire and a roll of suppression and all the ends to make the wires how I like since some people like points and some like pertronix
  10. Mighty1206

    Extra lever next to 3pt controls on 86 series?

    Think that's the raise response leaver. Its on the 86 that have pfc hydraulic pump. And 2+2's. It only changes the raise response for draft control when the Hitch is sensing load.
  11. Mighty1206

    What 466 blocks can be modified for roller lifters?

    When standing behind the engine on the rear of the block just below the head to the right side if there is a pipe plug its not a roller lifter block. if there isnt a plug it should be.
  12. Mighty1206

    2+2 hydro

    The 186 uses the same gear on the pinion shaft for park as the rest of the 86 series. The reverse gear needed to run the mfwd is special to hydro's in away, it only adds one gear on the side of the range transmission instead of the 2 that a gear drive has for reverse. But as far as I know you can add both gears without the shift collar and that would work. If someone were to build a 2+2 hydro I would recommend using the reverse idler shaft and gears from a 2+2 they use a heavier bearing for the gear that drives the front axle.
  13. Mighty1206

    5488 mfwd won't disengage

    Our 2 54's are spring engaged, hyd release. Early ones are hyd engaged
  14. Mighty1206

    DT 466

    I think 93 is the last year the truck block is the same as the tractor block. 94 and newer are different and won't fit
  15. Mighty1206

    D436: rod and main journals

    It's a lot of work to get the late 466/570 crank to fit in the AG block. Main bearings are bigger. Rear flange where the rear main seal goes is 1/2 inch bigger. Has more flywheel bolts so a stock tractor flywheel won't work. There should be a number on the crank that would tell you what you really have