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  1. Not saying this is your problem but the only time I've seen something like what you're describing was when someone mixed 2 rod caps up.
  2. I'm pretty sure hydros don't have the extra filter on the frame rail like the gear drives do.
  3. When it comes to JD equipment be careful. When they say closed center on a implement those are typically designed for high pressure closed center hydraulic systems(10-60 series Deere) not PFC. I'm not familiar with a 1560 drill. But when you are using a tractor with a PFC hydraulic system on a Deere pull type chopper you set the chopper for open center then turn the flow control on the tractor down to 2-3 GPM or turn the flow down as low as you can so the controls work properly. Running a PFC pump all day long at high pressure stand by will destroy the pump. In this area Deere pull type choppers have destroyed countless PFC hydraulic systems.
  4. Make sure you have the right gasket between the TA housing and rearend. If you have the wrong one in there the diff won't get proper lubrication.
  5. I think it has something to do with the bearing diameter
  6. My book doesn't show a 1680 but the 1480 with the MW pump says 27
  7. Number 40 in the attached picture is 2 separate shafts on a hydro. So yes that needed to get changed. I used the rear end of the 3588 and swapped alot of parts to make it how I wanted it. There's more to it then just swapping the speed housing. Let me know if this answers all your questions.
  8. In the attached picture number 4 on a 3588 is larger then a 186 and uses larger bearings. Number 36 and 37 are timken bearing on a gear drive tractor but those would be a ball bearing on a hydro do to those differences number 1 needs to get changed. Number 12 has a seal on the hydro but not on a gear drive. I used the ring and pinion from the 3588 but I used the diff carrier from the 186. Hydros send less oil to the differential and the diff carrier is sealed up more then a gear drive.
  9. I didn't take any worth while pictures during this project. Only had a couple hours here and there to work on it, so never thought of taking pictures. Only other picture I can find of it is when I parked it in the shed for winter.
  10. Finished it a couple months ago. Haven't put it to use yet, for what it's going to get used for it'll do great. I thought about doing this for a few years, did alot of research before committing to it. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. No problem at all, I got kinda busy trying to reply to comments and messages after I posted it on Facebook. I didn't think there was going to be that many people that liked it. I'm glad they do though
  11. Here's the complete post I put on the IH group on Facebook.... Every once in awhile the topic of a hydro 2+2 comes up. Here's a picture of the one I put together. I used a 186 that was mechanically good but ugly and a pretty nice 3588. I wanted to keep the pfc hydraulics and the rearend of the 35. The range transmission gears are different along with the PTO drive line, differential carrier and bearing supports. Hydro's only send 3gpm of oil to the diff so they have seals where a gear drive doesn't. I changed the mcv pump from 12 gpm to 17. Drilled the orfice for steering to send 8 gpm to the hand pump instead of 5,(2+2's use 12gpm but that oil also goes to the cooler) and that seems to work pretty good. Had to shave some of the clutch housing to clear the yoke on the transfer case. Rerouted the oil cooler lines and T'd them to send 3 gpm to the transfer case cooler, might change the gpm later but starting there. Added temp gauges to the hydro and transfer case to keep an eye on temps. Since I used the 3588 cab also change the fire wall. Hope this helps a little more
  12. I have a cousin that has the duetz engine version of that tractor. He loves it when it works, but he has lots of electrical/computer issues with it.
  13. Worked on a diesel 3616 years ago, in pulled the engine or the top of the frame. If I remember correctly I removed the hyd valves that are above the engine. Then was fairly easy after that
  14. It never hurts to ask, you never know what you may find. There are many helpful people on this forum with the exception of a few
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