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  1. I have 75 psi at the filter base pressure port. I am unsure where to take the low pressure stand by pressure from. I have 200 psi at the signal line going to the compensator valve. Tractor will steer and seems to want to move but I haven't taken it out of the shop yet. Where and how do you check low pressure standby? Thanks!
  2. Talked to Hetricks today but not much help. Was going to try someone like Wengers, but maybe Hoobers. Thanks. I had a line at the t fitting cracked today and didn't get much oil Hetricks guy said I should have got a bath in it. He thought maybe the filter in the signal line but nope. Also mentioned the priority valve, but I haven't looked into that.
  3. Western Pa. Interstate 80 exit 29
  4. So the 7140 has been sitting in the shop since July and I finally found a different, used take off, charge gear pump. Put it on no difference, didn't really expect one. It did fill my hyd filter but I have virtually no fluid coming out the t fitting on the front of the piston pump. I am going to pull the piston pump off again.
  5. I see the screen has a hole in it. I am trying to come up with a new charge pump because mine is bad wore. The only problem is they are expensive.
  6. Has anyone had problems with the compensator valve?
  7. Has anyone had any problems with the charge/gear pump on these 71xx? I can't see a reason why the charge pump wouldn't work, but the brass plated bearings in the rear housing and shaft ends are bad wore.
  8. So, I was square baling hay moved out of the windrow to clean up the end of another section and the tractor lost all hydraulics no go, no steer, no brake, no remotes. Still reads engine rpm on the dash. The pump drive gear spins when the tractor is on. I can not turn the gear with a screwdriver when the tractor is off. I put a new flex plate in last year during an engine rebuild. The splined coupler looked good this year and last year, I rebuilt the range transmission this year. The piston pump looks good Inside, I did not look into the pressure adjustment part though. I can not get 2 bolts out of the charge pump it looks as if someone put some type of hard RTV in them to hold em. But it does suck my hand when I turn it by hand. If the charge pump was working wouldn't it of blew oil out the rpm hole when I started it? The charge pump is a little stiff in spots but I can still turn it with my fingers. Suction screen was clean, the oil level was good and I replaced the filter but it didn't fill it.
  9. Your right if I put a jumper on the switch plug it fires. I guess I need to adjust my cable again.?
  10. Won't start now unless I jump the selonoid on the fire wall. Turn the key to start acts like it losses all electric power, no crank.
  11. They were backwards. Shifter moves free. Now it only goes in reverse you can put the handle in forward but it doesn't do anything.
  12. I think I may have the cables at the TCV switched. Looking at my service manual.
  13. The lever gets tight. The shifter won't even shift down to neutral with the tractor running. The timing marks line up together in the window of tcv so that wasn't it.
  14. If I don't have the TCV timed correct would it cause this? It was apart too.
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