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  1. The neighbor has a Farmall 110A. They have it hooked to a bat wing and when they pick the wing up the whole way it will squirt oil out above the hyd remot coupler once the cylinder is up and before they let go of the handle. Looks like whatever this hole is called is to have a small cover with a snap ring. Any ideas what this is called or how to fix it or why? Thanks
  2. My BIL just drug a 424 in with a 2000 loader. It was on there but didn't attach as well as my 606 with a 2000. I have 2 2001 loaders one hyd dump, one trip. 30 min into pa from Ohio off I 80.
  3. The dealer sold me a front wheel seal kit for my 7140 and it has a spacer that goes under the bearing race closest to the hub seal. Is this so the seal rides in a different spot. I have no dust shield so I'm not maching the hub. Do I subtract the spacer thickness approximately from the shims when setting the rolling torque? Thanks
  4. I have a 606 diesel that has a lot of smoke and no power. I tried without the air cleaner. Set the valves. Still smokey. Motor was rebuilt about 10 years ago. Have put reman injectors in it. Should I take the pump off and have someone check it? Drop pan and check bearings or strip the engine down? Thanks.
  5. I believe my problem is in the forward drive electric clutch. This chopper is new to me and hasn't ran in 10 years. Got about 20 hrs on it and now I'm having trouble with fuses and using a lot of juice. It's not a direct short. Are the forward and reverse electric clutch systems interchangeable? Thanks
  6. I will get it up to OP temp. The paper says to shorten the inner spring 1 coil for every 10 lbs of required reduction at the pressure regulator valve. Has anyone done this?
  7. Lube pressure is 20 psi. TA and Direct are 375. This is a AP TA and it says it's to be 235-290 psi. Why is the pressure so high?
  8. Thanks taking the relief valve off worked. Ta seems good. Now to pressure test
  9. I installed a ta in my 706. First time. I rebuilt mcv, but didnt put a new pump on, was going to check the pressures. I dont believe the pump is that old. Well it will not pick up the oil. 3 pt and pto work. I pulled the flow divider plug and the flow control plug nothing. If I put my finger over the flow control port it sucks my finger. Any ideas before I put a new pump in? Thanks
  10. So your saying it doesn't have a red light by itself? It uses the one in the gauge cluster? Rustred, like an oil pressure gauge and get rid of the sending unit? Thanks
  11. My 706 has never had a mcv tellight. I need one. Anyone know a part number? I cant find the light listed in my diagram. I assume one end goes to the sending unit at mcv, but where would the other come from, get its power? Thanks
  12. I found a spare MCV and it had the plastic brake check valve. So I will have it now. What ever it does
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