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  1. I believe my problem is in the forward drive electric clutch. This chopper is new to me and hasn't ran in 10 years. Got about 20 hrs on it and now I'm having trouble with fuses and using a lot of juice. It's not a direct short. Are the forward and reverse electric clutch systems interchangeable? Thanks
  2. I will get it up to OP temp. The paper says to shorten the inner spring 1 coil for every 10 lbs of required reduction at the pressure regulator valve. Has anyone done this?
  3. Lube pressure is 20 psi. TA and Direct are 375. This is a AP TA and it says it's to be 235-290 psi. Why is the pressure so high?
  4. Thanks taking the relief valve off worked. Ta seems good. Now to pressure test
  5. I installed a ta in my 706. First time. I rebuilt mcv, but didnt put a new pump on, was going to check the pressures. I dont believe the pump is that old. Well it will not pick up the oil. 3 pt and pto work. I pulled the flow divider plug and the flow control plug nothing. If I put my finger over the flow control port it sucks my finger. Any ideas before I put a new pump in? Thanks
  6. So your saying it doesn't have a red light by itself? It uses the one in the gauge cluster? Rustred, like an oil pressure gauge and get rid of the sending unit? Thanks
  7. My 706 has never had a mcv tellight. I need one. Anyone know a part number? I cant find the light listed in my diagram. I assume one end goes to the sending unit at mcv, but where would the other come from, get its power? Thanks
  8. I found a spare MCV and it had the plastic brake check valve. So I will have it now. What ever it does
  9. I was rebuilding the PTO on my 706 and it had no retainer ring on top of the clutches and plates. The one on my 1066 is cupped. The 706 did have a thick metal plate on the bottom against the piston but its flat. Could this be the retainer ring?This one also had the 2 plates then a clutch. I usually just alternate. Thanks
  10. I put a used charge pump on and set my compensator valve correctly and it worked. So I guess the charge pump too.
  11. So I have no pressure at the filter base. Disconnected the hose from charge pump, it just spits a little oil and air, you can hear the pump. Had the pump off spins good dont think its sheared the key way. Tried to dump some oil down the line to prime it up, I was trying anything. Drained all the oil and checked screen. Nothing. The dip stick says it's good maybe a little high. Got about 35 gallons out when I drained it. Book says about 50 gallons. Tach still works even started and looked where the pump bolts up and it was spinning.
  12. So I had the tractor going went and got a chisel off the neighbor and I blew an oring at the piston pump going to the priority valve. (Probably because I used one out of my kit and not exactly the right size.) I fixed the oring and added some oil and now it does nothing. Well if you leave it sit and fire it up it almost tries to steer but eventually nothing. No gears no brakes no hydraulics. Guess I'm going to try and put a gauge on at the filter port tomorrow. Thanks
  13. Thanks, today I filled the tractor with fuel and jumped the top sending unit and I have half a tank. I left the jumper on so I can see when its getting low until I get another sending unit. Now to fix the blinking EGT.
  14. If I take the ground at the top tank and touch it to the wire going to the sending unit it makes the gauge start flashing but if I do that to the bottom tank it stays every other bar
  15. So I have the every other bar lit. Lower sending unit wouldnt ohm when I had the tank out put one in that did. Wiggled the grounds, nothing. I put my test light on it but can't find any juice. The wires run to the plug on bottom side of the cab, right side. Does anyone have a diagram or know which pin is for the fuel sending unit? Thanks
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