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  1. Huge loss! Great facility for many events including the two RPRU we had there. Great times & Great memories in that facility. Have to agree that it could have been worse when it was filled with equipment.
  2. It’s Yellow. Therefore solar powered. Must not need batteries. 😎
  3. Very talented new friend fro Colorado brought his mini Hydro 826 over to our display for pictures with his “gold big brother “ hydro 826. I think he did a remarkable job.
  4. Adding my Thx & respect for the entire RPRU crew also. Great job! So hospitable. Also nice to meet more of the forum crew & be able to put faces to the names.
  5. Stop by to watch our video playing in our display. It explains the Gold Demo program and a tribute to small farm/small town America.
  6. Good luck with the “57” Golden Jubillee!! You will have to check out mine in Huron next week & show me if it’s missing anything.
  7. Thx! 50th anniversary only happens once. We hope our display does it justice.
  8. Gold Demo 50th Anniversary 1970-2020. We’ll be there for the celebration. IH history deserves the effort!
  9. Congratulations Tony! Amazing how fast they grow & produce. I’m sure it feels great to see it coming together.
  10. Contact your local dairy equipment dealer. Or Midwest Livestock in Zumbrota MN. 800-233-8937. You can get a stainless steel male adaptor that you can weld whatever you want onto it that will then match up to your valve with the large nut to hold it unto your valve or opening..
  11. Yes it did. Richard Lantis discovered it in Salem salvage yard. We purchased it from his son/daughter due to his passing a few years ago. Here’s a pic of it being picked up in SD.
  12. Thanks to Red Power Magazine for choosing the picture of our Gold 544 for its cover. They edited our IH sign out to fit the cover. I’ll include the original for comparison. They did a nice job! Thanks!
  13. Get the original one rechromed.
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