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  1. Gold 1026

    Waiting for wiring harness. So close. Hard to be patient.
  2. Gold 1026

  3. Gold 1026

  4. Gold 1026

  5. Gold 1026

    Progress. Getting exciting.
  6. Gold 1026

  7. Gold 1026

    Rent? Sorry, what may or may not go on at the underground bunker 😎 stays at the underground bunker. 😎 Strict orders. 😉😉. I could tell you but then.......
  8. Gold 1026

    Original gold under
  9. Gold 1026

    Sand blasted yesterday
  10. Gold 1026

    This is the way I got the 1026 with its 1/4 mile paint job....at night.... in a snow storm. There was even one decal painted over. I felt good about getting one from within MN but it’s been a challenge. 1st the hydro was weak & then engine problems. Won’t have it if I don’t think it could plow all day. Now we’re on the home stretch. Sheet metal already done. Working on chassis more pics to follow.
  11. Bullwinkle is getting older

    Thx Tony. I ca only hope to be having as much fun as you in 8 years. 😎
  12. Bullwinkle is getting older

    Thx guys! 64 trips around the sun. Lord only knows how many more. No time to slow down. Got a lot to do yet.
  13. My 55 W Baler saga comes to an end today

    Good for you Tony! Congratulations! Life just keeps getting better doesn’t it. Is that a 3 wire baler that CA is famous for? I’ve always appreciated how clean everyone keeps their trucks in CA. When I ran CA it seemed like I was the only one that had a dirty truck.
  14. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    New hood ornament came chromed. Did add chrome hood bolts with a neoprene washer under the chrome washer to protect the paint. I felt the hood bolts were an accent without being excessive. Just my opinion.
  15. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Not suggesting mine are in Tony’s class but this is what my 656 row crop utility looks like with chrome grill.