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  1. Got a pull this weekend! Taking the 300 and 560. The 1256 will come later!
  2. That hay in the baler add has to be the greenest hay I've ever seen being baled! lol And it looks like its being baled into a chopper box!
  3. is a farmer now!!!

  4. Thanks for the info but I think we are gonna wait now cause now we have lawyer costs, closing costs and they just brought all the seed and fertilzer the other day so we need to watch our pennies until we get a few cattle to fatten up. lol

  5. Hey- Congrats on the farm purchase- that is a once in a life time deal- glad you took the plunge! It's the only place to raise a family :)

    Was wondering if you were still looking for a soil finisher? We just bought one from a small dealer in Hillsboro and you might find one there if you're still looking. Name is M&S Sales Steve Hynek. Thought I'd pass the word to...

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