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  1. Just fixing some cracks on the bar mounts.
  2. On a 20+5 a starting budget would be $5,000.
  3. Untwisting a trailer is extremely hard. Remove flooring, cut all cross pieces loose, cut all the cross members on the neck loose including one side of the hitch post. Level up the frame, put a torque tube in it and start reassembling.
  4. Finney

    steel price

    My steel prices have went up around 20% runs around $5,000 per month.
  5. Yep by 9 this morning I came down with optic/anal syndrome, couldnt see my but doing anything else with the heat.
  6. Bought a new Pipe Pro 350 welder a couple of years ago with the Mitubishu engine. If it gets down in the 30* range it will not start, the engine has to be turning X number of RPMs before the fuel pump will turn the fuel on. After about 4 starters in a month it disappeared. We have a couple with Kubotas and if they will turn over they will start.
  7. I have never advertised, turn away more work than we do. Run 2 trucks 5 days a week and I am in the shop the other 2 days except for now as I am taking care of momma. I am higher per hour than all the welders with in a 50 mile radius. I always tell people I cost more when we get there but less when we leave. Will not work for someone we don't know unless you can provide references to someone we know and we will call and check you out.
  8. Well if you were close by I could have it back together in about 6-7 hours. I always thought they were a wear item, fixed many that had no weights on them.
  9. Just got back from PT, made me cringe just watching.
  10. Bad deal, hope for the best.
  11. I brought that up but it got shot down pretty fast!!!!!!
  12. Thanks for all the kind words, lots of pain today. Therapy got put off until tomorrow.
  13. Momma had the right knee replaced yesterday. Out of surgery at 1:00 walking by 2:00. I am shutting down for a couple of weeks to tend to her needs. Starts fiscal therapy today.
  14. In my many years working on the road I have dealt with a few people who acted that way. I believe 99.9% of them believe no one will hold them accountable or touch them. I firmly believe if they are hurt bad enough for their actions they will not try it again. Case in point, in the late 90's my welding partner's helper was a total prick always starting stuff but off the job. We came out of the motel one morning and found him in the parking lot barely breathing. Broken nose, cheek bone, jaw, collar bones, a few ribs. Front lower teeth gone, one nut split and one ear barley hanging on. Called ambulance and they took him away. 2 months later he came back to work, the most meek person you ever saw. I asked him if he learned anything. He said yes when you wake up every morning in pain you wont do stupid stuff. Found out he was making fun of a downs child in a restruant and a guy who wouldn't weigh 100 pounds gave him a adjustment. I asked him why you never started anything with us? He said I knew for a fact you guys would stop me permanently.
  15. Finney


    Bought another welder a couple of weeks ago. Wife asks how many do we own now. I said almost enough.
  16. A few pics of the engine coming together. That's the intake I finished also.
  17. The heat and humidity have about got this old fat boy down this week.
  18. This weeks project, built this one Saturday and Monday for their approval. They came and looked and measured this morning and approved. Said start with the rest, we will let you know Wednesday how many. Don't know what it is or what it does.
  19. Its a piece of 1/2" plate.
  20. Got a job coming up where I am gonna have to build and support about 4,000lbs of steel. My Sumner stands are not rated for that so I threw these together today. 1 ton wheels, 3" sch.80 pipe, 1-1/2" acme threaded rod and 3"X1/2" tops.
  21. I will know in a couple of weeks.
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