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  1. Local GMC dealer brought us a 3500 single wheel to try out. Lists for $82,000. NO WAY will I ever pay that. It did have all the bells and whistles you could get on one with the Dura Max, I asked momma what she tought it would look like after I used it for 2 weeks, She said a $10,000 truck.
  2. Air bags the best way, have them on all our trucks.
  3. My collection includes 3006 (M1), 308 (LR308), 243 (Johnson), 243 Savage, 223 (DPMS) 243A1 (WJH) and 44mag Marlin. The 243 Savage is my truck gun, goes everywhere with me, extremley accruate.
  4. I have had Dodge diesels from 93 until the present. The 93 1 ton was one of the roughest riding trucks I ever sat in. But it ran and ran. I retired it to the farm with close to 400,00 miles when I bought a 97, put close to 200,00 miles on it and bought the 2,000 I still have. Then bought a 2001 which I still have. Both of these have around 300,00 miles on them. In 09 I bought another 3500, it was the worse, clutch went out with less than 10,000 miles on it and I found out about 2 pieces fly wheels, had to replace the clutch and flywheel. Less than a month later I twisted the rear drive shaft. It was aluminum. Then I discovered they no longer had DANA differentials. There was a helper on the job that thought it was the sharpest welding truck. He wound up owning it and I took a plane home and got the 01 and finished the job. The 01 is a farm truck now and I will finish out my career with the 2,000. And also I bought a GMC/Duramax around the second year they made them. I thought putting ball joints in the Dodges every was bad I had to replace the whole front end plus head gaskets, needless to say it found another home. I personally think Ford has the best 350/450 truck now except for the motor. I just don't like them or any of the new motors.
  5. Miller welder here, runs house fine.
  6. What happens if you decide you don't want to sell your engine??
  7. Got a little more done. Front side next to the troughs is done. Starting on the back side, when the top rail is complete it will get continuous fence panels.
  8. There's another farm about 10 miles from this one that has 3 or 4 of these buckets laying around with the quick hitch plate ripped off. I thought about buying and rebuilding them.
  9. Took a break from the feed yard job today to repair a 3 yd. silage bucket. The quick attach plate had pulled off. It was only 1/4" with no steel to spread the load out. I put two 6" channels across the bucket then mounted a 1/2" quick attach plate to the channel. I then put 4"X1/4" flat bar across the channel to the top of the bucket. All this is a attempt to spread out the load.
  10. A couple of months ago at a factory we build/modify parts for I was there on a Sunday fixing some parts and the lady that runs shipping came over and said I need a favor. She said their are 2 trucks out there and they can't back into the dock and asked me to back them in. I told her sure, get all of them out of the trucks. (Bosnian drivers) The smell in those trucks would gag you. I washed my hands about 5 times afterwards.
  11. Shop dog this evening, he's old and slow like me.
  12. Update, got a little more done before the rain came.
  13. Building moo cow feeding area
  14. They have hit us up for a complete new chassis this winter. I have not agreed yet as I already have one to build.
  15. You try to build the hitch where it will pull down as much as possible. The turn buckles are to adjust the height from the ground. All the tubing on the rear and the braces from the frame to the rear end is 2"X1/4" square tubing. The pieces the drawbar is attached to is 3'X1/4" with 1/2" ears for the drawbar. the drawbar is 2-1/2"x3/8" square tubing. The eye is a machined piece.
  16. They wanted the old hitch removed and a new one installed. This is what they got.
  17. A large cattle operation close to me has all green equipment less than 2 years old except for one, a 1486. Its stays hooked to the feed wagon. They bought it new and I asked them about it when I was repairing their hay rake. Told me the feed wagon has to run if its zero or 100 degrees outside, it has around 15,000 hrs on it. he said this coming spring its going to be over hauled form the grill to the hitch.
  18. Finney


    I think the short screw ones were to hold plates to beams to be riveted or welded.
  19. Finney


    An older gentlemen who had a large fabrication, repair and demo called me and said he was selling his equipment. I got the clamps and a box of regulators. He has a couple of fork lifts, a acorn table 5ft X 12ft and a couple of gang boxes full of shackles I want but couldn't get the yet as there is equipment all around them and he wants to keep the fork lifts until he gets everything out.
  20. I have always used white oak but local sawmill is trying to get us to use hickory. White oak is extremely high now.
  21. Does the manifold have a expansion joint. Every spring I get the back 2 or 3 bolts out of 3406 cat out of quite a few engines, they let them set all winter and the expansion sizes up.
  22. All 3 locked up and sheared the shaft off.
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