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  1. Fireman`s Rule

    As a welder who works on sawmills and farm equipment I am on a first name basis with the local volunteer fire dept. I will always call them if I think it will start a fire and they will bring out the small tanker that has a pump mounted. ( I always make a donation and add it to the bill) Ego is the problem I see, One guy comes with siren and lights driving like a bat out of $ell with all the gear on, jumps out and starts string hose with no idea where I am going to work. I ask him what's the deal we haven't started yet. Next time I call the guy shows up without all the BS.
  2. Scary ladders

    Nope and Nope, couldn't do that.
  3. Life in Alaska

    That's a neat looking job on the valve board.
  4. Week of 3-10-17

    Good week!!! Pic#1 Both boys at home at the same time, all the trucks lined up. Pic#2Repaired standard on log wagon ( 4"X1/4" Sq. tubing), will start replacing all the standards in a couple of weeks with 6"X1/2" sq. tubing. Pic#3 Handrails I built in June, owner wanted us to look at and build more. ( I hate handrails if contractor wasn't a goo friend I would not do them) Pic#4 Had to replate the throat of a chipper.( pic is from 3 months ago, we have to do it about every 3 months unless they are running hickory then its every month) Pic#4 Cutting up new ford truck frames so they can sell the front or rear clip as repair parts. Don't understand why they can't pull the clips off the assembly line before welding them up.
  5. Week of 3-10-17

    The frames are built in 3 pieces, front, center and rear. the center section is inserted into the front and rear and welded. And each section is built separate and then assembled. The frames are built in Bowling Green at Metal Forming Plant. My cuts have to be within 1/4" of the back of the weld, then cleaned up and painted. I don't paint. They will mark which end they want and the rest of it is scrapped.
  6. Week of 3-10-17

    Thanks for the kind words on the handrail. I usually spend 2 days a month cutting the frames.
  7. Guns

    Very well said
  8. What ruled the roads then?

    Started driving legally in 1971. Family and friends were heavily involved in drag racing, 55 Chevy E/ modified, 69 Z28 E/SS, 69 Camaro A/SS. My daily driver was a 67 Camaro with a 427/4speed. The fasted street car around here was a 67 Camaro big block ?? 4 speed. he could 3-4 car lengths on me in the A/SS car. There was one kid with a 70 Dart 340 6 pack that could smoke me in my daily driver. Was a lot of Boss 429 and 428 CJ Mustang and Road Runners. My favorite to drive was the 55, nothing like side stepping the clutch between 7 and 7500 rpm. My favorite screw up: When I drove the E/SS or A/SS car was to pull up and turn the pre stage bulb on, set my beer on the dash (night race nobody could see the beer), tighten belts, pull up and turn the stage light on. I pulled up too far and turned both bulbs on, set beer on the dash and reached down to tightened belts, looked up and the lights were coming down. I stood on the gas and dropped the clutch. The beer hit me in the nose with the open end. I stopped and sat there for a couple of minutes and then idled down the track. Most funny: had a cousin who always wanted to go with us but was to cheap to pay his way in. Dad told him to get in the trunk of the 55. We got in and parked Dad said don't open the truck and unload it first. Dad took him down the track and I honestly believe I could here him screaming over the Jardine fenderwell exit headers. He was ready to pay every time after that. We raced on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon almost every week during the summer and worked our butts off during the week to keep them running.
  9. My new shop truck /year plus project !!

  10. Guns

    As I grew up in a household that had a loaded gun leaned against the door facing of almost every door and the doors were unlocked. Why you ask? We had a very bad problem with wild dogs (dumped by citidots) running in packs. We carried guns daily anytime we were outdoors. It was not unusual to be waken in the middle of the night to try to save a calf or pigs from attack. This went on for a couple of years until all of them were eliminated. My boys grew up the same as I did( minus the milking and feeding morning and night) with loaded guns everywhere in the house. Not because of wild dogs but 2 legged predators fueled by drugs. I nor my kids played with real guns as toys. We shoot a lot as I did growing up. I hear some people say just call 911, yep and the response time is around 45min. We had up to a couple of years ago the crookest sheriff department ever so call troopers and wait up to 1-1/2 hours unless they happened to be close. So we learned to be responsible for our own safety and there has been a few times that carrying a gun made the difference between living and dying. And I have some of the evil black rifles but mine must be defective as I have placed the on a table and watched them closely. None of the these tried to make a break for the door or take a shot at me or family.
  11. Stu's show IH equipment

    Would love to have that 1 ton truck.
  12. Monday

    Spent the day replacing the pin in a bull wagon
  13. Monday

    Yep a lot longer to prep. 8-1/2 hrs. total.
  14. Monday

    The beams in front of and behind the pin were good so I scabbed 3/4"X5" flat bar on them welded to the beams and ran 2 of the flat bars over the pin.
  15. Monday

    Spent today replacing the pin in a bull wagon
  16. Had to feed the cows

    Thanks, One of the farms I do work for uses a 160HP McCormick. It seems to do good unless they forget to engage the PTO before loading. When they do it instantly twists the shaft into. I have to reline this mixer this spring after they put the cows on grass. I am NOT looking forward to this job. Lack of access to get inside it will be a pain.
  17. Had to feed the cows

    How much horsepower is required to run a mixer like that?
  18. Life in Alaska

    If you need tips on welding that I saw a wino last night wearing a welding cap and carhart jacket on main street. I will send him your way, he should be sober by the time he gets there.
  19. Deutz

    Had a welder with Deutz engine, put over 10,000 hrs on it trouble free. Saw a lot of those engines on trenchers, air compressors and water pumps.
  20. REbuilding a 4 row no till tobacco setter

    Welding table is 4ftX6ft 3/4" thick. Drilled 1/2" holes in somewhat of a pattern. Made the hold downs out of 1/2" cold roll. Those are racks that hold trays of plants.
  21. A farmer that I do some work for in Tenn. raises around 1000 acres of tobacco and around 7000 acres of grain (corn/soy beans) bought 2 of the setters last winter. When they started setting the tool bar bent and broke at the hitch frame. I pulled them back straight and patched the up so they could finish setting. Got a call from them a month ago and was told they wanted them rebuilt before time to start again. Pic#1 Setter as it arrived, you can see the tool (3'X3"X1/3" sq. tubing) bar is bent back. Pic #2 Shows the U-bolts that attach the units to the tool bar. These kept stretching and had to be replaced a couple of times. Pic#4 Shows the tool bar removed. Pic#5 Shows the new mounting plates (1"x6"cold roll flat bar) drilled and ready for tapping. Pic #6 shows the new tool bar (6"X3/8" sq. tubing) with the new mounting plates and hitch welded on. Pic#7 Shows the gussets on the hitch and new tool bar. Now for some decent weather to bolt it all together.
  22. Our sons new service truck

    Sharp outfit
  23. REbuilding a 4 row no till tobacco setter

    Yes, A baby Midwestern mounted on a 310 Deere backhoe chassis.
  24. REbuilding a 4 row no till tobacco setter

    TP Hitch is made fairly good so I decided to keep it. They were NOT made for the red clay of KY. They use 130/140hp New Holland to pull these. The U-bolts were soft.
  25. Trailer doors

    The horse trailers with the center post between the doors are not to bad but the cattle trailers with no post are horrible. No square or plumb in any shape form or fashion.