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    SE, Minnesota. just north of Dover.
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    Farming, Big boy toys, hopelessly addicted to diesel and horsepower, ..and IH. duh.

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  1. Here's my new-to-me 1972 1066, Serial # 19289 used to have factory deluxe white cab, and has factory 9 bolt duals. the duals were never removed until I purchased the tractor. Owned by Ryan Wegman. 3rd known owner Location, Dover, MN Hours: 6,970 Features 3pt hitch, 2 remotes, Dual PTOs and 18.4x38's and 3LM-466 turbo. Tractor previously sat behind a barn for many many years until I bought it, only took me 4 days to get it in running condition. according to the previous owner, It only pulled a 12 foot field finisher all entire time he had owned it.
  2. well isnt that just a copy of the technology IH pioneered..
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