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  1. Thanks everyone. It pulls very nice... now that I have it sorted out. Here are a few video's before I got it figured out... https://www.facebook.com/ray.smith.9256/videos/10221153009165883/ I have done some tweaking and it pulls nice now. I just made our garden bigger, I pulled it at the full 3' width, 6" deep. I'm really happy with it.
  2. Well, I did get her painted... Thanks for everyone's help
  3. I am ready to paint my interpretation of a "little" 735 plow... I built my son a 1/2 scale 1466 a year ago and took it to a few plow days with a single bottom plow behind it. The tractor didn't even know it was working... So I decided to build a 3 bottom plow. After doing some research (and seeing a few picts on here of another mini 735) I decided that was the direction I would take. Now my question for all of you IH guys... How would a 735 have been painted? I have found a lot of photos where everything is red except the disc mounts and the rear lift mechanism which is black. But I am finding older pictures of plows and everything is red. Being attached to a "1466" I would want to paint it correct to that era. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kurt
  4. Finally some finished shots... www.TheLittleTractorCo.com
  5. Thanks guys. I haven't ever done either a 2+2 or crawler. I would consider doing both... I tell customers that as long as they can write the check for it, I can build it... This F20 was one of those projects. I actually got to drive it around today... for the first time ever! It really handled nice. I still have to finish decaling it, and mount the front "hub caps." I can't wait to show these 2 machines at Red Power. www.TheLittleTractorCo.com
  6. They are BKT 7.50 16's I get them from M.E. Millet Tire in Ohio...
  7. I don't know what happened on the previous post... sorry. Kurt
  8. Finally some red paint... www.TheLittleTractorCo.com Kurt
  9. Here is where she sits now... it will be done and at Red Power in June... Custom engineered and built front end... Functioning air cleaner... Plumbing to the carb... http://www.thelittletractorco.com/2016/04/farmall-f-20.html See you at Red Power! Kurt
  10. Made some progress on the F-20... made a fuel tank cover from scratch... and the drawbar. www.TheLittleTractorCo.com
  11. Yup... the prices have changed my clients. In the past I've sold most of my machines to farmers who were still farming... The past year, most orders have gone to retirees... They run between $8,500 to over $20,000 for the largest most intricate ones. Kurt
  12. Thanks everyone. I can't wait to show them at Red Power... I'm hoping to take at least 1 order there... If I don't take 1 or 2, I don't know if I'm going to keep coming to Red Power. Last year was the first Red Power in 5 years I didn't take an order at. I think the "little" M will also be at the show. I don't know if I will have it in my display, or if the customer will show it separately. Kurt
  13. Thanks Chris, The drive train consists of a 3 cylinder Kubota gasoline engine, mated to a Power King transmission, and rear-end. All of this mechanical work was done by my friend and mechanic, Less Grodi. He is an absolute wizard when it comes to machinery. FARMALL F-20 http://www.thelittletractorco.com/2016/04/farmall-f-20.html FARMALL 1468 MFWD http://www.thelittletractorco.com/2016/02/awd-ih-1468-and-awd-oliver-1900.html
  14. Here's what the F-20 looks like now... No worries... she'll be done in time. Here is the link to the build on my website... FARMALL F-20 http://www.thelittletractorco.com/2016/04/farmall-f-20.html
  15. Hi everyone. I thought I'd share the latest to come out of my shop. This started on a Massey Ferguson 1120 AWD chassis with a 3 cylinder diesel engine... A few hours went into the project. I will have this tractor, and my next project (Farmall F-20) at Red Power in Wisconsin this June. Make sure you look us up... Kurt Here is the link to the build on the website... FARMALL 1468 MFWD http://www.thelittletractorco.com/2016/02/awd-ih-1468-and-awd-oliver-1900.html
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