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    If you don't take an interest in the affairs of your government,then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. PLATO

    The problems we face today are there because the people that work for a living are outnumbered by those that vote for a living. Anon.

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  1. Deal breaker!

    Reminds me of a trip I made to Brookshire, Texas in the late 90's for a 5th wheel travel trailer. Seller said it was ready to pull home and use. Looked at it three minutes and told him to stuff it. He said " what's wrong with it?" I said, "what's right would be the correct question". LE
  2. Planting wheat with a 800 cyclo?

    Yeah, I'd forget that real quick, unless you went over it 4 times for 8 inch rows. LE
  3. How to get WiFi from house router to shop

    Jerry; I don't follow you, because: 1. Electricity is electricity regardless of what meter it goes thru. 2. Don't think Netgear uses electrical circuits to transmit the signal. That is the only way your response would work. Please enlighten me. Thanks. LE P.S. Not trying to be a wiseacre.
  4. Guns

    Remember also Art, they like to be "twenty minutes away". Get there in time for the paper work. Don't care what urban or rural community you live in, THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE !! LE
  5. Shotguns

    Rick; don't be afraid of an 1100. Have shot thousands of skeet targets with all four gauges, and only problem was the .410 wouldn't chamber properly on the second shot. Problem was the lifting finger. Once that was corrected, could shoot high nineties all weekend. Never had one double. If you shoot a lot, just keep the carbon cleaned out of the gas operating system. Easy take down and assembly. Personally I would lean toward a 20 ga. Same velocity and energy, just not as many pellets in the pattern. LE
  6. Sick

    The Liberal learning curve goes straight down. LE
  7. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    `I have read that school shootings are nonexistent in Israel. Why is that? Because a lot of the teachers are armed. Given the atmosphere that Israel exists in, that is understandable to most people. But when that approach is suggested here there is an immediate uproar about having evil guns in the school. That is partly due to a lack of education about firearms but I think mostly comes from the liberal crowd. Anything that goes against their agenda of controlling the masses is strictly forbidden. And Heaven forbid that we hold Israel up as an example of the right thing to do. That would throw the liberals and terrorists into a complete tizzy.. ( Did I just put them in the same category?) We are rapidly developing the same atmosphere that Israel lives in. We are becoming two nations within the same border, and I venture to say they will not coexist. I was watching CBN for a while recently, and one of the guests was talking about all of the sexual harassment charges and spousal abuse that is going on, and he said, "sometimes God uses imperfect people to accomplish His will, and that just maybe, He is using President Trump to do just that."
  8. Truck titling - are there any options?

    I don't know all of the ins and outs, I have seen trucks such as that registered as Recreational Vehicles. They were set up with the trailer toter beds with fifth wheel and goose neck hitches. Your local DMV should be able to help. That will get you by with a regular drivers license. LE
  9. 756 grinding feed today

    Used to twist one of those with a 400 Diesel. Would keep a nice gray haze at the exhaust. In warm weather if it wasn't muddy, and the 400 was somewhere else, the Super C would get a good work out. LE
  10. When AM was all we had

    As a kid growing up late 40's early 50's, I had a three tube radio I got from Sears Roebuck through the mail for about $10 or so. Bedroom was on the second floor, and had the antenna wired to the bedsprings. Could get stations from all over the country at night, but mostly from west of the Mississippi. Listened to XERG for many hours. Fast forward to Ankara Turkey, 1962-63 and on the midnight shift, we could pick up WCKY, and catch all the latest news and music there. It would fade out by 0630 local time. Also listened to Radio Luxemburg, as they did a good job of playing all the latest hits from the U.S. LE
  11. Randy Sohn B-29 article

    FiFi and Doc look pretty good together. LE
  12. Dogs and Kids

    Nothing there now! LE
  13. Alabama RPRU Bus Tour from SD

    Branson? Way out of the way, and you can't get anywhere else from there. Best way would be get to Memphis via Interstate, then take US 78 to B'ham. Used to go that way with truck, and better now than then. LE
  14. Forum rules

    Don't know how I managed to do a triple post.
  15. Forum rules

    Not being critical, and just for my own info, but wouldn't you want matching tread patterns for proper tractive effort front and rear? LE