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  1. Hi there. no i dont have a manual. any manual from an MD or super MD, WD6 or SuperW-D6 should give you a pretty good idea. i think both the throttle and swtitch over lever are up to start, then down to run on diesel

  2. Hi Colin, I see by you tractor list that you have a SW6-TA DIESEL, do you have a operators manual for it? I just bought a tractor like that and was wondering about starting procedure, or could I get a copy of your manual? Thanks in advance....dieselman.

  3. Threshing Machine, Smashing Machine....I'd sure like to curl my grubbly little hands around the steering wheel of that Super WD-9 and know it was mine.....Don't get me wrong the thresher is fine I guess, but I got one of them already. It ain't a Case, it's an Avery...but that's what I relate to 'cause that was what my Grand-dad had and I worked on. That does look like a nice outfit at any rate. We've got a good extra SWD9 here in manitoba if yor interested, contact me
  4. Oh man. maybe wait another 20 years until they actually become antiques theres still 100's of them earning aliving out here in the west. ours is used as a chore tractor almost daily for moving bales and parts, etc. they aren't being used quite as much, i can remember not many yrs ago 66's or 86's on every other section here. used for cultivating etc. they are getting retired down to auger tractors now some still beinged used for bailing
  5. 1921 saw the first 15-30's roll off the line. they started at serial number TG112 W-12's started with WS503 in 1934 O-12's started with OS512 in 1934 I-12's started with IS512 in 1934 so not all of them started with 501. in 1938 when all the 12 series tractors turned into 14 series tractors instead of starting over like one would normally think to do with a new model, they simply kept going on the numbers where the 12 series left off Byt hte sounds of it the parts book states the First WD-40 was 508. but theres a guy out there who claims he knows of 501 2 3 and 4? (i think he owns one) what do you know about them? ewwww, after 39 you guys all have me stumped but im pretty sure your corect on everything starting at 501 one other one i forgot was the International 15-30 (Flaming four) they started at TS101 in 1915, revised in 1917 and had TW-101 then, and in 1918 changed once again and started with EC-501 When you get into the newer ones 1206 started at 7501 and the 1456 at 10001, 1466 at 7101 and the 86,s at 8601 the SW6TA started at 10001 too. but im assuming since the SW6 got over 9000 they just rounded off to start off 1954
  6. hi, i like that picture of the big Rumely. you never see too many pictures of them. looks like its pulling 10 or 12 bottoms. theres not too many 36-120s left. theres one at Rolalg Mn. and another way down in North Carolina that run. theres another at Dalton Mn and WDM Saskatoon that haven't ran for awhile, and another in Iowa thats not restored. and i think theres one in California too.
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