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  1. Nice , love to see it pulling , you tube for that one ...
  2. Thanks for the info , I did reset govermor spring position , on cab pump in the Cummins , turned up the fuel , now I spin the tracks in a pile runnings 2400 moving ,, loaded ..thanks for the info ,, finny this morning ran a brand new 906 cat loader , we do a snow account every year we get brand new cats skid, 906 loader , 922 loader was looking at rpms ,, pushing loading salt 1900 rpm does nothing , does not dig to 2300 .. here is how you adjust rpms cav I put a new temp gauge torque converter and new pressure gauge trans ,, So far moved 200 yar
  3. Did you check the cooler ? Maybe a oil temp gauge would tell you the story before it gets hot again , cheap insurance
  4. So she’s running well with the Cummins , since I got the engine from a genset , I had to change the governor position on the CAV pump What I read the DT 239 ran 2500 rpms , but what rpm do you run it at to the pins ,, I use to run it one notch down , but never looked into what that was ...lol now I want to know ..
  5. Does it ride nice because of the tires ? Never saw one , where did you find it ?
  6. I pulled strainer it was clean it look like before I changed it had ATF in it machine ran better with the ATF but it’s cold out it’s like 10 to 30 degrees ...Think I’m gonna put ATF back in
  7. questions I finished my Repower to a Cummins , put 45 hrs on it all good so far , anyway I want to change the transmission fluid what are you guys recommend as far as fluid also I read that the transmission oil should be checked while the engine is running I always checked it When it was coldWhen it was cold
  8. I agree , it will hold constant rpms .. I will see how it works at different t rpms ,, I added a tach hour meter ,, and new gauges .. finished flywheel today Cummins , flywheel center of Cummins flywheel is 2 3/4 , so I found a bearing 2 3/4 by 1 1/4 nose size of torque converter. put it on today drilled and tapped holes for flex plate mounted it all found I need a 3/4 sae flywheel housing spacer last piece .
  9. Good question , it’s a cav injection pump on the lower hp Cummins b it used a actuator with the electronics on a genset the injection pump itself is variable speed the inline Bosch injection pump was used on hp of a Cummins b there hard to find because there used to put in Jeep’s and trucks 160 hp i did put one in my td6 6 years ago , runs well but keep thottle only to 1400 to much power
  10. Top picture is Cummins crank shaft face to housing Bottom same but dt239
  11. So far got both engines on the ground , Step one as some people know , sae 3 flywheel housing ,, both engine the Cummins I have is a industrial engine . so that part is good ,, the starter location is also perfect .. now flywheel the issue , has to be sae 3 , here’s the pictures of flywheels Cummins one has studs coming out of it , I worked for Cummins I know there’s a book of different flywheels ,, but not so easy to figure out , the face of the crank shaft on dt239 is deeper into the housing by round numbers 3/4 of a inch ( from face to face of bellhou
  12. Ok ? Got the Cummins today Genset back end n g 4 by industrial 90 hp 1800 rpm sae 3 flywheel housing have machine in my shop pulling engines out of both . I will update as I go i put a 4 bt in a td6 already still have machine drott works well clutch was easy to mate up used original fly wheel on that one . I have about 250 hours in that after I did the re-power
  13. Pulled engine apart today , top end is fine like new ,, pistons look good , turbo etc look good .. pulled pan to find metal , figured it Was the balancer because all the stories online I pulled it and it looked fine started looking at the connecting rods found number for closest to the flywheel housing Rod had a lot of pulled cap Found spun bearing . Just want to put a Cummins in , I need to know the flywheel housing is SAe3 Or industrial
  14. So , took the 239 apart to day top end looks nice pistons and cylinder 

    head perfect , the guy that I got if from put a rebuilt injection pump on too .

    pulled oil pan ,, found metal all this take about the balancer I pulled that first ,, looked ok, worn but ok ....

    then started checking rods moved the back and forth by hand , notice number four closest to flywheel , loose ..pulled cap  spun bearing try to polish the journal a bit to see if there was any deep scoring but it look more like bearing material on top of it going to polish it more and then measure it 

    I have been a mechanic all of my life work for Cummins , yanmar dealer , that 239 is a interesting engine the valve cover weight is 30 pounds , oil pans 50 pounds , you would think that engine would never blow up 

    I did not like oil pressure from day one wanted to finish a job , before I pulled it apart 

    lost gamble



  15. I purchased a 125 e dresser with a turbo 239 been running it hard for weeks ,been ok once in a while hard a bit of tapping .,, oil pressure hot running 30 to 35 top rpm .. today running heavy loads tapping got consistent , shut it down .. was late so going to look at it in am going to pull valve cover first ,,, sounds like aoverhead noise ... i see a lot of issues , i did turn it over with out covers on , no rod sticking out the side ,,,, crank shaft turns on both end , see a lot of crank shaft breaking stories .. oil level perfect , temp w
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