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  1. I think it’s a rotary vane , what I think I’m looking at there is the vanes that came apart .. joy air compressor old not sure if you can get parts . think eBay the engine ...sad I have never chopped up a machine this will be my first ..
  2. I was thinking about this unit ran it yesterday again the temp went up to 185 fast , I shut it down the engine sounds perfect put a new water pump in it , and A new distributor. , had head redone .Cylinder walls look nice .,looks like some one rebuilt it . I pulled the head again to look at head gasket , because I did not see it go on .. since one of my techs put it on .. it was fine .. I read a post where a guy that had one in a farmall said if he pulled to hard it would over heat , started thinking about it that the air end bearing was bad from sitting , pulled it
  3. I agree , I got parts for a 153 says 153 joy on tag .,I have to look at the block Monday , joy air compressor with a I h engine .. I was also using a temp gun , lower hose was cold , top ramped up on back of head 210 , no thermostat in it . the one they sent me is larger in diameter . it seems like block had air pocket ..in coolant system .
  4. Any body know if there is two different head gaskets for a 153
  5. I purchased a le Roy air compressor , it looks like it has a I h 153 engine . It has a 153 on the tank on air compressor . Found it had bent push tubes , I pulled the head and redid it , , set the valves to 017 . One of the guys that works for me , put head on one day , and Torqued cylinder head I did get to match head gasket up. started engine running nice had a points issue not a big deal , I installed a mechanic temp gauge it went up to 205 fast , lower hose on radiator cold upper hot , like no Circulation, pulled thermostat no change belts tight etc , seems like air pocket in coolant
  6. Nice , love to see it pulling , you tube for that one ...
  7. Does it ride nice because of the tires ? Never saw one , where did you find it ?
  8. So , took the 239 apart to day top end looks nice pistons and cylinder 

    head perfect , the guy that I got if from put a rebuilt injection pump on too .

    pulled oil pan ,, found metal all this take about the balancer I pulled that first ,, looked ok, worn but ok ....

    then started checking rods moved the back and forth by hand , notice number four closest to flywheel , loose ..pulled cap  spun bearing try to polish the journal a bit to see if there was any deep scoring but it look more like bearing material on top of it going to polish it more and then measure it 

    I have been a mechanic all of my life work for Cummins , yanmar dealer , that 239 is a interesting engine the valve cover weight is 30 pounds , oil pans 50 pounds , you would think that engine would never blow up 

    I did not like oil pressure from day one wanted to finish a job , before I pulled it apart 

    lost gamble



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