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  1. IH socket set

    Mine is a 15 piece set in the red box. The part number is 999 478 R1. Mine has 12 sockets from 7/8" to 1 7/8" with the ratchet, extension and the box. The "Special Price" was $119.95 and you "Saved" $84.50. Mine has seen little use and the paper in the lid is still in excellent condition.
  2. 240 - Large or Small point

    According to the parts book for the Farmall 200, 230 and 240; the part number for the fast-hitch drawbar for a 200 and a 230 is #517 829 R11. The part number for the drawbar for a 240 is #525 594 R11. There is nothing in the parts book that indicates that the 240 could be ordered with either small or large points. I have a very early F240 and mine is large points. Also from the parts book for the 340 is: Part #523 388 R91 Coupling Beam Socket Filler Plate Attachment (permits use of Super C, Farmall 200 and 230 Fast-Hitch Implements on tractors equipped with Fast-Hitch with Traction Control)
  3. I cant get this little redhead off my mind

    Wish I had that to sit next to my 656lp gear drive with fast hitch. They would look very similar. I haven't done any cosmetic work to mine yet.