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  1. I have a Faralll and International 756 with the D310 motor. You will love your 706 with the D310. They are a little noisy but great running engines.
  2. Conks, please post a picture of your 460 hi utility. I am restoring a similar one. The headlights on mine set on top of the hood. Is this correct?

  3. Just found this thread. I recently acquired a non running TD 14 A and went through all the up and downs of getting it to run. It was a hard starter until I replaced the condenser in the mag. These are great machines and fun to own and use. I enjoyed reading all of the helpful comments everyone gave Jim. Jim, enjoy the many happy hours you will have on this machine. She is a keeper.
  4. F1206,I756D,F756D,Case 1370, SAI,SAHC,SH, SM and SMTA. Retired but still farming and restoring tractord.

  5. I would like to add my tractor to your list of tractors.It is a SA 1, serial #357254. I would appreciate it if you would share all of your SA's etc. with me Marv Holtkamp


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