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  1. ericjen

    Magnum 7200 Series Brochure

    I would be very interested in email is: i have a 7220 and would like to see some sales literate about it.
  2. ericjen

    Auction Results

    I,m sure we will see it on several tractor rides. Great tractor.
  3. ericjen

    Iowa Machine Shops

    There is a place in Kansas City the stitches cracks. I'v had a few heads there. No problems ...but a long wait. Nevada ruined a head of mine a few years back.
  4. ericjen

    Late model M

    I've got a late model H with disk brakes and fast 4th. Will post serial number later.
  5. ericjen

    Branson Enterprises, Rockford Ill

    Kinda pricy but very good.
  6. ericjen

    Leaking headgasket on 7220

    The headgasket leak is slight, so slight that it wasen't noticed until I noticed a fuel filter was was leaking fuel. Further investigation show a stain on the front of the block. Coolent could be found only after the tractor sat after a day. She is headed for the shop next week.
  7. ericjen

    Leaking headgasket on 7220

    Local shop says remove the head and have it planed. Then check head bolts to see if they are stretched. I thought these engines were bullet proof. Guess not.
  8. ericjen

    Leaking headgasket on 7220

    How common are leaking head gaskets on 6000 hour CIH 7220's?
  9. ericjen

    Farmall SC versus Farmall 230

    Different head
  10. ericjen

    tankless hot water heater propane fired

    I have two propane tankless water heaters. One is floor heat and the other is for residence water use. Have to have soft water and some maintenance. Will not go back to tank type heaters.
  11. ericjen

    2 pt fast hitch corn planter.

    No, try me at 319 470 6082
  12. ericjen

    2 pt fast hitch corn planter.

    Might be for sale email me.
  13. ericjen

    2 pt fast hitch corn planter.

    I have one.
  14. ericjen

    Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Just found this thread. I recently acquired a non running TD 14 A and went through all the up and downs of getting it to run. It was a hard starter until I replaced the condenser in the mag. These are great machines and fun to own and use. I enjoyed reading all of the helpful comments everyone gave Jim. Jim, enjoy the many happy hours you will have on this machine. She is a keeper.
  15. ericjen

    5 is easier then one

    I admire you for your tanicity to get these IH cats in good repair. They appear to be TD 9's . Correct me if I'm wrong. I have a TD 14a I use for mostly small jobs on the farm. Mine has a mag same as yours,.i recently replaced the condenser which really helped getting it started. I'v been thinking of an exotic name for her. More later.