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  1. Conks, please post a picture of your 460 hi utility. I am restoring a similar one. The headlights on mine set on top of the hood. Is this correct?

  2. I had the same problem with my narrow front 756. It would "catch" as you described. At the advice of the IH service manager, I removed the bolster and replaced it with a wide front from a newer model IH. The 756 bolster containers the power steering unit as well as the steering gears and He said there could be expensive to repair. He recommended I stop driving it for safety reasons. The newer wide fronts such as those from the 86 series tractors will fit with some modifications. The power steering units on those are located outside the bolster. A much better design.hope this helps.
  3. I would be very interested in it.my email is: msholtkamp@gmail.com i have a 7220 and would like to see some sales literate about it.
  4. I,m sure we will see it on several tractor rides. Great tractor.
  5. Just found this thread. I recently acquired a non running TD 14 A and went through all the up and downs of getting it to run. It was a hard starter until I replaced the condenser in the mag. These are great machines and fun to own and use. I enjoyed reading all of the helpful comments everyone gave Jim. Jim, enjoy the many happy hours you will have on this machine. She is a keeper.
  6. F1206,I756D,F756D,Case 1370, SAI,SAHC,SH, SM and SMTA. Retired but still farming and restoring tractord.

  7. I would like to add my tractor to your list of tractors.It is a SA 1, serial #357254. I would appreciate it if you would share all of your SA's etc. with me Marv Holtkamp


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