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  1. One of our local residential builders just closed down his company. He said I can't sell homes when lumber prices keeping going up and up. People won't sign for cost plus on a house.
  2. There are DOT photos of the crack from 2019 and 2020. That crack should have been addressed in 2019. So the question is why wasn't it addressed back then. A small crack can be welded , plated or some type of repair. When the member is fractured as it is, a structural analysis should be performed to determine the effect on load capacity. Then a repair plan can be made once the capacity for placing equipment on the deck in known.
  3. I found this on CBS news Mr Hall says the cracked member is fracture critical. That means the inspector has to be close enough to put his hands on the member. In this case that means the inspector is in the bucket of a bridge inspection truck also known as an "over - under" unless he can get there by rappelling or other means. (I would pick the truck ) The first photo is a MODOT truck. Michigan has at least 2. The 2nd photo is a WIDOT truck in the ready to roll mode. As the bridge inspection team leader for our county I also had a contractor that would rent us one. It was a lot smal
  4. No priest, minister, pastor ,rabbi etc should have veto power over the people he's ministering to. If the congregants don't like the executive committee decision, there can be a vote of the people. Our church's executive committee and our pastor recently agreed it was time to part ways. It was hush until they announced it. I didn't like that part. We'll see what happens when we return on Sundays. My wife and i are both 70 so we played it safe and watched the live stream on our computer. I kinda like watching in my pj's especially when it was snowing and blowing outside.
  5. An acquaintance of mine is a "bus driver" for SW. He has said the same thing as New Englander, he wasn't afraid to keep flying the 737's.
  6. I looked at the link. The photo from the back side indicates the "top inside" fractured some time ago, some old looking rust. I saw a closeup photo today in a technical publication on line. The paint has a decent sized "scuff" mark. My thought was something rubbed or bumped it. The article also indicated there may be a connection to a recent seismic upgrade. It's a large complex structure. Lots of members to get a hands on inspection looking for problems.
  7. One of the articles said the bridge was last expected in Sept. Federal regs require inspections every 24 months (I was responsible for the bridge inspection in our county for 40 years ). Accelerated inspection intervals mean there's an issue or issues they are watching. It's a big bridge with lots of members that require hands on inspection.
  8. I was stopped one night in Durand MI. Not a car in the road and the 2 cops said I rolled the stop sign. I'm early 60's, daughter with me early 30's. I couldn't find my registration. later I figured it was because i forgot to renew, same time as dealing with my mother dying. My daughter spoke up and said my dad doesn't forget stuff like that. The cop on her side goes nuts. Starts screaming that i didn't have plates just going on and on. The other cop is in the cruiser writing the tickets. I told my daughter put you hands on the dash, don't say anything and don't move. i did the same till
  9. On the FXE in CU, RIO ESCONDIDO tonght. That's where it came from loaded the last time. BKTY is owned by the UP. Car was photographed like that in 11/19. It is "Little Shop of Whores" I don't get that. A quick google shows automotive susupensions are a big industry. There a brewery there but it doesn't show as an insulated car needed for beer.
  10. On the FXE in CU, RIO ESCONDIDO tonight. That's where it came from loaded the last time. Quick search of industry shows automotive suspension parts and an adjacent brewery (to the yard) .
  11. Railroads do it with RR cars too. I track lumber cars for the local truss plant. One came from western Canada to Chicago via CN. They tried to deliver it ot NS in Elkhart IN. NS sent it back. Went back and for like a ping pong. Customer service gave me all kinds of funky answers. I couldn't see what yard in Chicago it was going to. Finally one night when I checked I could literally see it was on train Bxxx. Then I figured it out. CN was attempting to deliver it on the wrong train. It needed to go on Bxxy. Now only the shipper can change the route so I gave the truss plant the details on which
  12. No I'm not a hobo with as smart phone. I track inbound cars for the local short line for a truss plant. Give me a car number and I can find out quite a bit. if i worked for a big railroad I'd probably get fired for looking up cars LOL Now I'm curious where it was loaded.
  13. Unloaded in Carlise PA, headed west in Delta MO on the UP at 17:06 4/12/21
  14. A similar rant with my doctor's practice. I've had 5 surgeries on my spine. My L3 thru S1 vertebrae have been fused. The L5 rt nerve has been causing me chronic pain in my rt hip and ankle for about 5 years. I need 2-4 tramadol a day to keep the pain tolerable and sleep at night. He can see by the renewals I'm keeping it to 2 a day for the most part. The Michigan legislature is dealing with the opioid crisis declared tramadol a regulated opioid. I'm ok with that. If you are prescribed it after surgery, you get 14 days worth. After that, it's pee in a cup to get 30 days worth. Literally
  15. The sad thing is today's young people don't know how to fold a flag or show respect like he did
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