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  1. Raildudes dad

    Valentines Day

    I spent $0 on 2 🤣 so someone paid $678😵
  2. Raildudes dad

    Need vehicles for parents

    I have a full size 2002 Explorer and my wife and I both like like it. We're 67 and 68. I have had 3 spine surgeries so am a bit stiff getting in and out. Seats pretty much a butt level for me so I can sit and slide around to face forward. Now I have a company car. The previous one was Chrysler Sebring. As other's have said, fall in, climb out. My current one is 2018 Equinox. Much more like my Explorer for ingress egress. However, it absolute sucks in any amount of snow. I have driven front wheel drives since my 1980 Ford Escort. That car was awesome. I could drive in snow deep enough to push some with the front bumper and never got stuck. I've never put snow tires on any of my front wheel drives. This Equinox gets twichy in the rear, yes the rear in any amount of snow. Accelerate from a stop sign or a light and attempt to turn right and it barely turns, goes more straight until I let of the gas and then it slows and stops. Accelerate gently again and it repeats the experience. I turn right from a 2 lane residential street onto a 5 lane road. I have ended up in the center turn lane if the snow is deep enough. The all-wheel, 4 wheel drive might be ok, but I don't recommend the 2 wheel drive in a snowy climate. Oh and by the way, the company cheaped out and got a manually adjust seat. The further back it's adjusted, the lower it goes. I need it back right now with spine issue #4 and being lower compromises my vision some what. A power seat has 6 way adjustment
  3. Raildudes dad

    Door to door salesmen

    I was raised in the city, born in 1950. As a young lad I remember the Colonial Bread man and the Joppe Dairy milkman. The milkman had a light blue Divco and I remember him getting a new one. The bread man drove one with a long hood, I don't remember much other about the truck except it was a medium dark red. The bakery eliminated home delivery soon after. The dairy continued home delivery almost to the bitter end. The folks only had1 car and my mother stuck with them almost ot the end. So I'm just nicely potty trained and playing out in the front yard. The bread man drives up and goes to the side door end ends up chatting with mom. Well nature calls and I have to take a dump. I'm scared to walk up to the bread man standing on the stoop. He must have been new or a substitute thus being scared. So I stop on the driveway on the "hill" part of the drive waiting for him to leave. Well you can guess that I can't hold it anymore and out it comes. I can't remember if I was wearing shorts or long jeans but I know it was boxers not briefs. I can still clearly remember a half dozen or so small brown balls rolling down the driveway towards the bread truck
  4. Raildudes dad

    Congrats Ohio - New Law

    While I agree with teaching cursive, have you looked at most adults signatures? I've told my employees several things about their one line signatures: 1) You're not a doctor so sign your name so I can read it 2) If I can't read it and I trace the transaction (signing for parts etc) back to you, I'm assuming you bought it for yourself and not the company and will adjust the billing accordingly If you're picking something up for me, print it if you can't write so I can read it.
  5. Raildudes dad

    I won a prize

    I had a coworker that bought a new to him Oldsmobile 98 (in the 80's). Took right off for Florida (from West MI) for vacation. Made it back to northern Indiana when it developed a loud clicking. Had it flat bedded the last 100 miles home. The mechanic tore down the engine and found a full size flat blade screwdriver in the engine. The same guy changed his own oil. He's going to change it in his garage in the winter and put the quarts (old style cardboard with metal top and bottom.) on his wood stove in the family room so he could get every last drop (he was known for being very frugal lol). Looks up to see black smoke billowing and flames on the stove. Fortunately the fire department showed up in time to confine it mostly to the family room. We used to say if he had any luck at all, it was bad.
  6. Raildudes dad

    Santa Claus came early this year !!

    I'm told I had a full head of hair at birth. My dad told the story of admiring me at the nursery window when another father called me Alley Oop lol. I got my first haircut when some lady told my dad what a cute little girl he had
  7. I looked into buying frac sand for our airport since it is a dried material. Very fine stuff, way too small for winter road sand (and airport sand which is on the finer side)
  8. Raildudes dad

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    My dad was born in 1919, the middle son, one brother 10 years older and 1 10 years younger with 4 sisters scattered in between the boys. His dad, my grandfather, died of a heart attack in 1929, leaving my grand mother with 7 kids from 1 to 20. He had owned and operated a one man neighborhood grocery store in the city. They owned 3 lots on the out skirts of town and had a big garden. The 2 older girls went to work in a grocery closer to home owned by a friend of my grandfather and the 2 older boys, my dad being one of them, went to work in the chicken slaughter house across the street. Even with the 4 working my grandmother couldn't afford the taxes during the depths of the depression so the slaughter house owned paid her taxes. My dad thought very highly of "Sam" till the day my dad passed away in 1982. My dad refused to eat chicken as long as he lived lol. He told about at the age of 14 of working all day then getting up 2 in the morning to drive the company truck to the market in Elkhart IN, about 100 miles away, while Sam was sleeping in the passenger seat. These were not today's roads, but the 1920s when the first decent roads were being constructed. Today I don't know why they took the slaughtered chickens that far. When I was growing up, we lived 2 doors from Grandma. My job everyday was to take our dog for a walk and stop by grandma and make sure she was ok. She received $40 a month SS and rented the upstairs to a retired widower for $60. To give her a little more spending money, the brothers and sisters bought a loaf of homemade white bread for a $1 on Saturday night. My dad absolutely refused to buy one. He said I ate that growing up, no more, now I'm buying bread (Butternut white bread) from a bakery. So Grandma would make sure there was a little extra dough and make me a small loaf of bread . During the week, there was always a molasses cookie in the bread box for me. The dog got her table scraps. Needless to say I was close to her. So was the dog. When she moved to the nursing home there was no reason for me to stop at her house. The dog (a Norwegian Elkhound) would put the brakes on and I'd literally have to pull him all the rest of the way home.
  9. Raildudes dad

    Trucking Stories

    Here's my best story It's been 30+ years since my BIL got married but I still remember the incident well. I'm driving the speed limit SB I-75 south of I-275 about 20 miles north of Cinncy. Friday night rush hour but fortunately we're going inbound. We're on the way to the rehearsal dinner, wife in the passenger seat, FIL and MIL in the back. Now FIL has vision issues and can't see well. MIL is a bit prudish. A Lincoln passes me and I can't figure what's on the roof. The light bulb goes on and that's a foot sticking out of a sun roof. They get off the next exit, so do we. The exit has a dual left at a light. Lincoln is in the left dual left,. I pull up in the right dual left. Sure enough, a naked leg with the foot out of the sun roof. As I am trying to get a better look, the light changes and off we go. Lincoln in the left lane, me in the right trying to get along side. Speed limit 45 and we going 50-55. Just enough traffic I can't get alongside. Wife is upset I'm driving so fast, MIL thinks I'm a pervert, FIL doesn't know what to think.I'm saying, lets follow them, my wife is upset at my speed and now it's "stop this, we'll be late for the dinner". The restaurant is on the same road coming up fast so I uttered the 2 most important words a husband needs to know "yes dear" and gave up the chase. 😧 I was on a bridge project one time standing next to the barrier wall. Traffic is moving about 25. The crew a couple 100 feet away start waving and pointing at a Mustang convertible with the top down. Sure enough, some young thing is naked from the waist down. Nowadays the cars are traveling so fast in the right lane, I can't see much at 65 in the right lane with my LTL 9000
  10. Raildudes dad

    Dumb stuff that cost money

    2 spine fusions requiring a 4 day hospital stay each time. 2016 The hospital bill alone each time $94-95,000. Total bills paid by the insurance company around $250,000 with their negotiated discount
  11. Raildudes dad

    bulk tank

    I purchased a 400 gallon bulk tank for a tourist RR here in MI. The fire code required green for diesel and red for gasoline w/o labels. I designed a fuel facility for a municipal operation. The 18,000 diesel and 6,000 gasoline tanks were white but had the product in good side letters on the sides.
  12. Raildudes dad

    Shop planning websites?

    I'm an old school civil engineer. I can use Cad to look at plans but not to draw. I laid out 2 equipment storage buildings for our operation in the last 2 years. (County highway dept) 1 - 6000 sq ft and 1 - 9000 sq ft. Used old fashioned grid paper and grid paper shapes of all the equipment we wanted to store. Real easy to move the pieces on paper
  13. Raildudes dad

    life in our corner

    My oldest, a girl didn't even say "by mom, see you later". The school bus door opened and she was on like a shot. My wife told her to stand on the steps for a picture, nope, that didn't happen lol. She did wave to mom as the bus drove off. Yes time fly's, it was 31 years ago, sure doesn't seem like it. She got married 2 months ago. Posted a picture on FB of me walking down the aisle with her. The caption said "I may now be a married woman, but I'll always be dad's little girl" and that she will be.
  14. Raildudes dad

    Am I in trouble......

    I worked with a local concrete company. For years they had an all black road crew. Curbs, side walks, even small paving jobs. The black supervisor back in the 80's made me uncomfortable with him using the "n" word dressing down his employees. Now days, don't hear the "n" word, it's the "f" word. The concrete crews today are all Hispanic. I don't speak Spanish so I don't know what deragorty word they direct at me, the engineer on the job.
  15. Raildudes dad

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    My claim to fame on a skid steer on a RR maintenance project was I high centered it on a stump in the weeds . Easy to do you say. Easy to get off, right? I can't get it off using the bucket. So the regular operator says let me on it, I'll get it off. Nope, he can't either. Tried various things, blocks (old ties), nope just rocks on the stump. Finally had to get the work train to pull up and with a chain pull it off the stump. I believe that was my last time on one, lol. It had foot and hand controls, I just couldn't get my hands and feet to work together. Put my 14 year old one and off he went like he's been running one for years.