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  1. My sister in law came down with shingles. I never wanted to go thru what she did so when the Dr asked, I said where do you want to poke me. I think it a 2 part but could be wrong on that.
  2. I was born in 1950 and got the sugar cubes. We were lined up at East Leonard Elementary School in GR MI
  3. We were fortunate, my mother who was a widow before the grand kids were born, took our family and my sisters family and rented 2 cottages next to each other on Lake Charlevoix for a week in summer. So she could spoil them all together for a week. The kids had fun playing in the water and on the beach. Grandma took us all downtown for ice cream just about every night I rented a jet ski for the week when they were older, didn't own one. Had a 14 foot sailboat, no power boat. And guess what, all those kids turned out just fine. Grandma was proud of how they turned out - well maybe the 1 granddaughter was a bit snippy at times but she learned that from her dad (not me LOL)
  4. Got a gal at work, her husband is a journeyman electrician at a local plant. Camper, big Tahoe , nice house. Always complains no money Yet take hubby and 3 kids to Disney World every Christmas or Spring break. Pissed because they couldn't go this spring break. I didn't get to Disney World until I was married and we took our kids once . But then my wife was a stay home mom and we didn't complain we didn't have any money.
  5. Laurie: I never met Randy but I loved his stories. I felt a special bond with him as my first real airplane flight was Houghton MI to Green Bay (and then transfer to one to Grand Rapids MI) on a North Central flight in a Lake Central painted plane - Thanksgiving break from MI Tech in 1968. I always had a lot of admiration for the North Central pilots. They knew how to fly regardless of the weather and runway conditions. Landing in 6 inches of snow wasn't a problem­čĄ×. I used to fly home Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring break until I graduated in 1972 Who knows, he may have been in the cockpit on one of those flights. The Convairs were the plane to Houghton for many years. Please extend my sympathies to his wife and family. Tom
  6. When you get cataracts and you most likely will, the implanted lens can be used to correct the correctable issues. I started wearing glasses at 11. I did the contacts for while. When I needed cheaters I figured if i was always hunting for them I might as well keep them on my face. I don't really need glasses anymore after cataract but use them to sharpen the distance , have my sunglasses with me at all time (self darkening), and cover up my hereditary bags under my eyes (a little vain and too cheap for the cosmetic surgery­čĄ¬)
  7. True story: I had a co-worker in the hospital that needed an enema really bad because he couldn't go. He's on his side so she work on him. He said I told her the pressures building. When the pressure finally let go he said her shadow was on the wall very similar to this.
  8. I'm 69, fairly good health, back pain in my leg is my problem, my bride is 68, she has respiratory issues. We have a Meijers store (regional Walmart type store) only a few blocks away. She enjoys going shopping. I told her, no more grocery shopping. I come home from work Thursday and there' a Meijers bag with a prescription. She fesses up I went inside. I told her get Shipt. She spends a half hur on hold wqith Shipt, can't get thru to Meijers, reads the reviews on Shipt (Many poor ones only days old - duh everyone wants home delivery). So she's getting determined to go shopping. I text our daughter the situation. I get a text in all caps "NEITHER OF YOU ARE TO GO SHOPPING, STEVE (sil) & I WILL DO YOUR SHOPPING!!!! Now this from 2 that have full time jobs (sil has worked from home from several years) daughter will be working remote and have lots of extra curricular activities. When I showed my wife that text, she started crying, yes they do love us
  9. I will be married to my bride 45 years Oct 11. I subscribe to the theory, happy wife, happy life. I was dating my wife and our minister in a sermon said you will know when you truly love your partner if when you are discussing something you put your partners desires and wishes ahead of your own. And when your partner does the same, it will be a good marriage. We both have done this for over 45 years. So I like old equipment. I wanted to buy an operating 1966 P&H 15 ton truck crane because it was so cool. I wouldn't buy it until my wife agreed that it was a "family" purchase she was ok with - $3500. Bought it before Thanksgiving one year . Now I'm Mr Sentimental NOT- never remember her birthday (always forget my own) , for years couldn't remember our anniversary date because she changed it from the 18th to the 11th. (She had the date engraved in my wedding ring lol). I tell her Valentines Day is just an excuse to sell expensive flowers. Mothers Day, she's not my mother. But she has a couple credit cards and i just pay the them, never question what she buys etc. Well maybe once. So I buy the crane and pay a friend with a lowboy to truck it home. A couple weeks before Christmas, she says I've been to our family friend jewelry store and I really have my eye on a $500 bracelet. Now my being practical shows up and I said"do you really need a $500 bracelet? We only dress up to go to church. She looks at me and says didn't you just buy a crane? My quick response- you go buy whatever your heart desires LOL Well maybe twice. We always had Taurus wagons with the kids. Oh I wanted an Explorer so bad. So we were car shopping for a few weeks. Doing the Sunday afternoon parking lot tours. I talked up the Explorer but she kept going back to the Taurus wagon. Even had an Explorer for a weekend. So one evening the dealer was open, one of my college friends was the salesman. I tell my bride I'm going to price them. I do price both. I come home and tell her I priced out both and told Jerry to order the dark green Explorer. She said rather coolly I thought we were going to test drive a Taurus wagon before we made a decision. I called Jerry the next morning and told him to order the green Taurus wagon. :). I finally got her into a Explorer in 2002. It has 193,000 miles, she likes it so much she doesn't want a new one . It's been a good 45 years.
  10. The Library in Houghton MI. The students at Michigan Tech could truthfully tell mom and dad they were at the library. LOL
  11. Memorial Day 2014 I'm working in the yard. Get my athletic shoe hooked under a root, loose my balance and take a tumble. Heard a pop. Mild swelling, nothing really noticeable like yours. just a bit tender to the touch. Go to the regular Dr a couple weeks later to check my BP and sugar. He says anything of concern? I tell him what happened. He moved it back and forth, prodded and poked and told me probably just a mild sprain. So 6 months later, another BP, sugar check. "How"s the ankle" Me- about the same, tender aches a bit. I had been walking on it, mowing the grass, walk behind mower, all my regular activities. He sends me to the ankle surgeon. He takes a look, rotates it and pokes and prods it. Diagnosis, torn ankle ligaments. I'm sending you for an MRI but I know what it's going to show. Sure enough. Had surgery in November, in a cast for a month - absolutely no weight bearing. I rented one of the knes carts for a month. Once the cast came off I could put weight on it and walk carefully for another 4 weeks. Couldn't get the cast wet. Put my lower leg in a garbage bag and duct taped the top to keep the water out. I had one "accident" and had to have a new cast put on. I got my choice of colors, I picked black and yellow for my Alma mater, Michigan Tech I had the nurse cut them off carelfullyt and have them in my office with an old hockey stick. They are from a hockey injury. (sounds better than loosing my balance) It's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol Good luck. Somehow I think yours is much worse than mine. Likewise if I was closer, I'd come by and take a turn or 3.
  12. It looks very nice but it looks too small­čśÇ. You know it will be full in a short time . LOL
  13. You live around Woodbury? Know Randy the SW pilot who's uncle owned the mill on the east side of M-66
  14. I was on the phone with a lady one day standing at the window watching a contractor putting in a new catch basin. The city was rebuilding our street. The operator of the excavator was digging the hole. I saw him "pounding" the bottom of the excavation. It wasn't totally out of character since we have a few outcrops of river ledge rock that show up from time to time. I keep talking and he keeps pounding. As I watched a big brown geyser erupts. He pounded an 18 inch long by 8 inch wide hole in the top of an 16 inch cast iron watermain. The water shot about 50-60 feet in the air until the hole filled to keep the guyser down. By the time the city isolated the break, the business across the street had their basement filled (via the sanitary line under reconstruction). The storm sewers were both over loaded and both our parking lots filled to the rocker panels of the cars. I was friends with the risk manager of the contractor. I asked him how much that little fountain cost them and their insurance company. All he would say, "you don't want to know". They were still settling claims a year later. The scary thing was he was about 5 feet from a 42" water transmission line. Both were marked properly by MISS DIG Watched a contractor clip an abandoned fire hydrant tap of a live 8 inch water main in a small town with a single water tower. The foreman tried several times unsuccessfully to pound a wooden plug into the corp. By the time the city got that isolated, the tower was almost empty. (There's a good reason to exercise your water main valves regularly)
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