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  1. Hi Gary... It worked... Neat video... Thanks for posting... Randy
  2. Hi Gary, The Russell was the lead engine this year. The big Case was in as well as an 1888 Peerless stationary ... and lots inbetweeen. The link goes out to the Picassa photo share site... includes pictures of all the steam... most of the newer tractors... there's a Model A speedster somewhere in there... Enjoy your time away.. Randy
  3. Hi Folks, Made it to the local 4th of July parade... thought I'd share pictures. This one features steam tractors... Cumming GA 4th of July Parade (link goes to Picassa photo sharing site for more pictures).
  4. YouTube video is cool... Neat train pictures... Thanks to Roger for sending both for posting... Black and white makes it hard to tell when that picture was taken... or staged... PM1225 is still operating and was the locomotive used for the model for the train in the movie Polar Express . Fairly common for the steam locomotive support groups to have picture days where scene's like that are set up and staged (not saying this one was, just saying you can't tell).
  5. Good morning, Got a link to this in an email this morning and thought I'd share. Really nice video of Model T's being assembled. Hope it's not something previously posted and apologize if it is. Tried to set it up so it embedded/displayed but can't quite make that work. Randy
  6. Hi Gary, I've got to confess, just getting back into tractors and don't know who owns what. Was totally ignorant that steam tractors had whistle's until this trip ... had always associated whistles with trains Anyway, I was headed to pick up the girl friend for dinner and went by the line up area and didn't spend too much time. It's an annual event though (parade) along with a fall tractor show (that includes sawmills, cotton gin and shingle mill all on belts). It's maybe 45 minutes from home so I'll get there again this year (and maybe get to the parade as well). More pictures as I sort through the computer. Figured out two ways to post pictures so will have fun understanding which works better. Randy
  7. Hi Gary, That's a cool picture in B&W close to your place. The picture I put up is from White Pass & Yukon somewhere around Skagway British Columbia. Here's a shot I got last summer of the steamers at the line up for the July 4th parade... helps us all remember summer will come... Randy
  8. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the warm welcome. Seeing the rotary snow plow above reminded me of a couple of pictures I'd ran across of these in action so I linked one in from a train site I frequent.... Randy
  9. Hi, As a new member, I've got to say this is a fantastic thread. I spent 2 or 3 hours a day over Christmas holidays/vacation getting through it and have learned more about farming & harvesting (especially grain), river boats, Model T's and steam tractors that I'd imagined possible. Randy
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