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  1. Hi R cambell you have a very usable tractor there built in Bradford UK first appeared in 1960 as B275 various fuel upgrades over the years and new tinwork around 1965 turning it into B276 basicaly same tractor built for 20 years ending up in 484 model mechanical parts on this side of pond very available including very well made aftermarket parts. Your tractor has the earlier lift design with no draft control to be honest on these tractors your 3 point is the best much better wheel grip with this system than with the draft control system depth control on this system is controled by the 4" dia knob right front of housing should have an arrow on it and the words deeper. How is the steering can have a bit of slop in steering box easily fixed but time comsuming involves removing dash and fuel tank once there box is very simple there is a race of balls top and bottom of worm gear dirt and water wear these over years easily replaced along with seal on out going shaft fresh gear oil and will steer great yous may be ok if kept under cover but gets neglegted because of time to access.
  2. The left hand picture must be a weak point my W400 was cracked on both sides at this point welded and straped back on shop did them tidy my one has TA delete from factory the seal had been gone for so long the seal spring wore a grove into shaft had to be rebuilt.
  3. G G thanks for photos you will love this tractor when it is complete how many hours does it have on clock .
  4. Hi there love your posts on TD40 resto I have to admire what you guys are doing I have rebuilt a few tractors in my time but when I got my td40 I decided I would strip it and put it together mechanicaly good has done approx 300>500 hours no hickups I could not justify the cost of rebilding tin & paint take care and look forward to you posts

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