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  1. W400

    1936 td 40

    Well its been 9 months since I last walked past the crawler never got time to go back was showing a friend around the shed on stormy day 12 30 2017 we got to discussing the cant start wont start said I hadn't had time to look at it he had a quick glance and said autolite plugs are excellent but being bare metal and sitting doing nothing for months maybe years they rust between threads causing bad connectivity I said I had them out but did you clean the threads he asks, so we set to it cleaned the thread holes with hole wire brush scrubbed the plug threads they were dusty with rust fresh gas plugs reinstaled, full choke 4 cranks to time (connect engage magneto) moved to half choke 2nd crank and running sweet as a nut . had the change over lever dissconected ran on gas for a while. switched here off turned on diesel reinstaled change over set fuel pump timer to max she fired 3 rd crank ran sweet and switched automatic to diesel sounding very sweet. Happy new year to me. and to every one else of course. Guess the story is true there is often more goes wrong with this rusty old iron sitting doing nothing than there is working it alas that is what its for i suppose.
  2. W400

    Found Dad's 1206! Search is Over!

    Thats a neat story
  3. W400

    Ih 782

  4. W400

    Negative ground conversion

    More elecrtical questions I understand dynamos dont mind which direction they flow once you flash them after fitting but does it make any difference to regulator coils?
  5. W400

    1936 td 40

    Thanks Jim Poppet valve is lubed and I think good working order to but I think your gas flow check is on the right track will check this. couple of times I opened drain to check for fuel after it quit to make sure it was not dry. Fuel flow was not great have had feed pipe of and glass bowl cleaned good flow to carb.
  6. W400

    1936 td 40

    Any experiences or theries appreciated. Rebuilt everthing on this engine 10 years ago always started 4th crank since it started and ran great back in sept tried it mid Jan wont start somtimes will fire 3 to 8 revolitions then quits valve cover has been off all valves working ok compression feels good on crank handle striped and cleaned carb looked ok changed mag for known working mag old mag also checks out removed intake manifold new gaskets thinking vacum leak all looked good decided timing must have moved?jumped? no looks ok and it is fresh gas or is modern gas so bad it is no use in these old engines? spark plugs cleaned and swaped. thinking it has to be fuel problem am i missing somthing in carb?? Thanks for Now
  7. W400

    BTD-6 going back to work at 60

    Id agree with russ in first instance try less water but watch the temp gauge once hot check for bubbles (leaking head gasket a possibility especialy if it was stored with no water) also check to see water is circulating on top of radiator maybe even flush system.water level on these british diesels is generaly just above the core of radiator.
  8. W400

    Give and take word game

    assembly hall
  9. W400

    IH 276 RestoMod

    Hi R cambell you have a very usable tractor there built in Bradford UK first appeared in 1960 as B275 various fuel upgrades over the years and new tinwork around 1965 turning it into B276 basicaly same tractor built for 20 years ending up in 484 model mechanical parts on this side of pond very available including very well made aftermarket parts. Your tractor has the earlier lift design with no draft control to be honest on these tractors your 3 point is the best much better wheel grip with this system than with the draft control system depth control on this system is controled by the 4" dia knob right front of housing should have an arrow on it and the words deeper. How is the steering can have a bit of slop in steering box easily fixed but time comsuming involves removing dash and fuel tank once there box is very simple there is a race of balls top and bottom of worm gear dirt and water wear these over years easily replaced along with seal on out going shaft fresh gear oil and will steer great yous may be ok if kept under cover but gets neglegted because of time to access.
  10. W400

    IH-444 Stuck in reverse

    You probably need to remove the hole gear box lid this will take of both gear selectors around 9 bolts and when you turn it upside down you will see all the selector rails and forks attached to lid gear setup is very simple and you will be able to slide all gears easily to neutral. back to lid having been on a loader the 1st reverse selector is probably well worn if it is really bad a secondhand quality used gear box lid may be the way to go.B275 B414 B434 B444 all the same box.
  11. W400

    Rare one up for auction

    !!! perfect IH prices good value.
  12. W400

    B 275 Diesel any good

    Great little run about tractors parts are very available slack steering is a common fault fault new steering box around $300 bearings to repair around $80 if your lucky bearings are collapsed and rest is ok but if it has been run along time with water ingress and worn bearings thats no good all parts are very available new wings also, bonnet/hood tin not so available 3 point and pto.
  13. W400

    1968 Mccormick International B-275

    Welcome doin fine Firstly when you had water seperator bowl of and cleaned screen did you open tap and ensure clean fuel coming out of tank sludge when that low can block out let next fuel filter is top left front engine remove top bleed screw on return pipe top of filter.On middle right of engine you should have a lift pump with hand lever pump this till fuel comes out of filter top no air bubbles if lift pump feels like its not working turn engine a 1/4 by hand if it has happened to stop on high lobe of cam it will not pump (very unlikley this will happen) if it still wont pump you need to investigate inside lift pump single screw should remove top and find screen inside clean and replace if it still doesn't work you have open up hand pump around 6 screws to remove top half this will reveal a diaphragm remove top carefully as to not tear diaphragm to remove diaphragm push down and turn a 1/4 under diaphragm you will find 2 non return valves ensure to note there position and direction before removing the one on feed side from tank will be of interest if any sludge got past screen this is where it will choke. once fuel filter is full of clean fuel close top bleed screw and open bleed screw on side of fuel pump 3/8 spanner turn engine over with starter till no air bubbles close bleed screw next slacken a injector pipe at a injector No 3 has best access turn engine till it fires and fuel is leaking from slack injector pipe it will run rough tighten injector pipe should smooth out engine to nice idle.