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  1. My uncle use to pull a Woods 315 with a 560 with turbo. It has a fast hitch. He had probably 4 sets of wheel weights each side and a rack of front ends weights. It had a wide front end as well. The hitch held it, but it is really worn probably because of it. It kind of depends how fast you mow and how thick/tall of stuff you are mowing.
  2. Check for vacuum leaks. Loose hose clamps. How is is the seed disc and cover wear? I've seen worn covers against the seed disc leak off vacuum.
  3. Gen II magnum like MX210-285 were first with AccuGuide ready wiring and valve, but they may not have the correct display harness. Anything older would require an Autopilot valve and a All makes unlock in the Pro700 with an all makes harness for hydraulic autosteer. (The other option out there is Electristeer.)
  4. I believe for a certain period of time the AFS decal was on the early machines factory ordered with a GPS receiver. Many machines in my area just had factory installed Yield Monitors and no AFS decal.
  5. Mule tractor for adding a load. I remember seeing 2 of them hooked behind a white office/test wagon that a preproduction CaseIH 7150 was pulling in the Burr Ridge test track circle. CNH still has some.
  6. If you had the monochrome display (universal display +) I would not spend money to repair it. Look for a used "Pro600" display. You will need a wiring harness adapter 87591471 and appropriate software in the display and on the planter to make it work. A dealer would have to install the software.
  7. Phil R

    FM750 monitor

    3 button reset (power, bright, dim) Power on, wait until progress bar at bottom of screen gets about 80% across and hold the 3 buttons in on the back. The bar should start back over rather slowly. Let go of buttons. This is a hard reset and will erase memory and clear data. It takes a few minutes. You will loose all your fields, settings, and autosteer calibrations! It will require a touchscreen calibration at startup.
  8. Should be the left side. Move the handle to the 0 position and see if the doors are closed. That should be the zero'd position. Then open and put the left edge of the lever on the number for the desired rate.
  9. has not set their status

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