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  1. DTI466

    560 diesel

    I’m going to torque to 120 ft lbs. I’m building a set of jack stands so I then I can remove the front end of this tractor. My timing might not help with gasket. It sounds very a miss.
  2. DTI466

    560 diesel

    Good morning. I’m still here you all. I put a new head on my 560. I tightened my head bolts to 118 ft lbs. I took it for a test run. My number 6 cylinder is still leaking oil out the rear. Do I have something else going on here? My old head did the same thing. But now my front pulley looks problematic. It wobbles and I can turn the pulley freely by hand almost a half a turn. So I now have bigger issues. Should I just pull the whole engine or what would some of you more experienced mechanics do? I know I have to pull the front end out for sure to address my pulley issue. Th
  3. Appreciate all the feedback. Will let u know what I find out.
  4. NAPA says it is right... idk.
  5. Good day everyone... what a damn season thus far.... wet wet wet. I have an 886 with s slight draw coming from the alternator. It is brand new one even. But my excited wire is causing the draw. The outside wire is causing the draw. When I unplug it, my battery connections dont spark. When I plug it back in, my battery connections spark... is there something I'm overlooking? I have been battling electrical gremlins on this tractor since last fall.
  6. If anyone has a technical question call this guy. Charlie. 715-281-8362
  7. Thanks again everyone
  8. Hello again. Been busy as ****! But I found the problem. The Oring that's between chassis and valve body was missing. It's the power steering oring. Blew the gasket. Oil bypassing thru there. Must of fell off when putting the valve body on. Anyways. It works like charm! Good tidings
  9. Just a few of mine... my 460 diesel isn't in the picture or my 886
  10. I have the book and list of trouble shooting to go after and test. At this point it could be a number of things. Could even be in my power steering cylinder. I don't know until we run some test
  11. Charlie is coming out and going to give it a look over. I took the pump back out and it all works fine. I have suction, I have prime. The key stock is not stripped. Just to give you heads up, when i put this all back together 2 days ago, before I had some slight power steering and my TA worked. Now my TA doesn't work and no power steering. One o ring was missing. must have fell out when putting in. it the one that goes on the chassis. but otherwise, I really don't know. He is going to bring gauges and we are going to get this. I will let you all know what the **** it is when I do.
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