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  1. Back in the 60s when DST first started, AZ went with it for one year. DST was thrown out the window the following years because who needs another hour of heat after you get off work? AZ remains the only full state that stays on MountainST year round.
  2. Reminds me of Alice's Restaurant. "In Harmony". Comes at the very end of the song. Alice's Restaurant Massacree
  3. We call that mutton busting here. Same as you or do you have another name?
  4. You are absolutely right. Let somebody else pay for the ammo. My brother and I were out at a wildcat range a few weeks ago and several guys rolled up to the tree we were under. Out came an MG-42 on a tripod shooting 7.92x57. A bit later another guy brought out an M3 grease gun shooting .45 ACP. We were both offered a chance to shoot each of them.
  5. Bless his soul, did you see what Seth just posted?
  6. Victor torch? Depends on the size and gas. Loose at the base where the brass male taper meets the shaft? Just screw it back in. Some of the big propane rosebuds you can buy a new head but they are spendy. I think acetylene rosebuds have a silver soldered head.
  7. Check to see if the butt has been dropped and there is a ding or high spot or oval shape on the female taper. Similar to what an o-ring failure on the torch will cause, but new o-rings won't fix this. Running out of gas or not enough pressure would have been my first guess but you said it used to run good and now it doesn't.
  8. AKA, Tater Salad and his son, Tater Tot...
  9. Bingo. The fuel used is a hydrocarbon. What do you get when you burn HC? H20 and CO2, which then condenses on the surface. I like your teaching moment. I had an argument with one of our weld inspectors over the same thing and we did the same test. Preheating is necessary to reduce the thermal shock of the welding process. It also slows down the cooling of the weld puddle which in turn makes the weld less brittle. Try welding a 10" disk of 1045 without preheating. It will never stay together.
  10. Son, I can weld anything except a broken heart. I can even weld a cat's a$$ to a brass doorknob. Here, you hold the cat. I ain't broke, just badly bent.
  11. Dad used to say "That boy was raised in a flower pot. His daddy called him a blooming idiot."
  12. It's not always the chain. With my earliest experience with a chainsaw drifting I put a square on the edge of the bar and found it not perpendicular to the face of the bar. Once that was trued up, a sharp chain would track like it should. Oh, yeah, my bar was new as was the saw. One of the many reasons McCulloch went out of business.
  13. Can't remember where I found this link. Common sense is not that common. Dr. Pierre Kory during a Senate hearing on Ivermectin usage to combat CV-19. Aired on Fox December 8th. Dr. Pierre Kory Senate Hearing
  14. Clever lyrics. I always have to look them up 'cause of my hearing malfunctions. "Martha Divine" I've got this feeling And I got this shovel Between me and you and it You're in a little trouble I saw you sneaking And I know what happened I think it's kinda funny you got caught Only, I ain't laughing Martha Divine, Martha Divine You put your hands on the wrong damn man this time Jezebel, you're bound for **** But evidently, the devil was busy so I moved you up in line, Martha Divine Well, you call him 'Darling' And I call him 'Daddy' And Daddy says he'll whup me if I don't keep momma happy Honor thy father Honor thy mother But The Bible doesn't say a damn thing about your daddy's lover Martha Divine, Martha Divine You put your hands on the wrong damn man this time Jezebel, you're bound for **** But evidently, the devil was busy so I moved you up in line, Martha Divine Momma's an angel My daddy isn't Looks like a little more of him rubbed off on me than didn't Well, I'll leave you to it They'll never prove it And if they ever find out, I'll say, "The devil made me do it" Martha Divine, Martha Divine You put your hands on the wrong damn man this time Martha Divine, your ass is mine And it ain't murder if I bury you alive Martha Divine Submit Corrections Play "Martha Divine" on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) Writer(s): Jeremy N. Spillman, Ashley Mcbryde
  15. There's your answer right there. Anybody who identifies with astrology must be a little off. No common sense about the real world, but common sense ain't that common anymore.
  16. Where I retired from, depending on the job, each CWI had to keep track of who welded what. How did they do that? A welding log.
  17. 180 out of phase, no matter which way you look at it.
  18. This might help. Eyes on the Skies
  19. That's not a Spanish flag in the lower left, not quite an American flag either.
  20. Calcium carbide. I don't think it would work with carbide drills/mills or turning tools/inserts.
  21. My uncle was blind. When he is first introduced to someone, he used his hands to feel the persons face.
  22. I'm just thinking back to when I first tested for an out of town construction job at the jobsite. I was real green and not being familiar with the machine I was testing on, I overlooked the Remote switch and couldn't figure out why the machine was burning way too hot and the controls on the panel did absolutely nothing. Failed the test that day and was getting ready to head for home when a conversation with a friend clued me in to the Remote switch. I plead ignorance to the lead man and was able to redo the test the next day and passed it.
  23. Good catch. Never really thought about it much. As far as castor and camber on a McPherson strut with fixed lower A-frame mounts, I don't think you can change more than 1/4 degree, which ain't much. Too much toe-in or toe-out will really wear your tires.
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