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  1. From another forum: ---------------- "USA -- I doubt it but Buyden and his cronies are really stupid. So they are my second choice. Swedes/Fins/Norwegians -- Not their style, but the possibility is not zero, but very very small Russians -- f**k no, they control the valves, by blowing it they remove their control of central Europe, Putin is a lot of things but stupid is not one of them. So who benefits the most by removing the line from production. The Nordics are building a new pipeline, but they would do it via competition and selling cheap. Also though Germany would likely buy it from the Nordics even if it was more expensive just to piss off putin. So who else could benefit from it... Saudi's... In case you did or did not know, the Russian have been supplying both sides of the Syrian civil war. We know they cannot and they are running out of ammo in Ukraine. So why was Russia instigating the civil war in Syria? It was to keep SA from building a NG pipe line from SA to Europe. Well if SA can get the EU to help calm things in Syria and build the pipeline then they can supply the EU is now paying SA. Now SA does not have the people and skills to blow up the pipeline but I bet they could hire some ex-spetnaz guys who could and on the plus side if they did get caught it would look like Russia doing it. My money is on SA. Then the US because idiocy reigns supreme in DC these days. __________________ Shade" ----------------- And a reply: ----------------- "One criminal organization that we missed, and a well funded one, is the green global warming gang. They have blown pipelines in our country, burned machinery and attacked workers with axes. Would Soros fund a fishing expedition? Would Greta and her gang blow up a pipeline in her backyard? Especially because everyone is looking the other way, not only the media. __________________ Gerry" ----------------- And a reply to that: ----------------- "Possible, but I think they would be claiming it. Rather than going silent, being silent does not help them. __________________ Shade" -----------------
  2. If you can find a Lisle Drill Grinder, make sure it has all the attachments including a diamond stone dresser. I did see a couple on ebay where the stone was shot, the bit holder was missing and the pedestal for the bit holder was gone. The one I linked to looks complete (Jackson, Mississippi). Another one in Boise, ID (Drill Bit Grinder) looks complete. They are precision machines and will sharpen up to 1-1/4" bits. For anything under 3/16" I sharpen by hand.
  3. I'm surprised that what you "recovered" was tossed out, especially in the interior of Alaska. The attitudes of the lower 48 are showing up in your neighborhood.
  4. I imagine that is what happens driving on an ice road (lake) in the far north.
  5. Valve covers on my Ford 6.0 are two piece, upper is stamped steel, lower is cast aluminum, all sitting an a cast iron head. I think, not sure, that the upper oil pan is sometimes referred to as a girdle and the main bearing lowers are machined in instead of individual caps.
  6. I have seen a video somewhere where the river control structure is being used to keep New Orleans as the premiere entrance to the Mississippi River. Without it, as you have said, the Atchafalaya River would be the entrance. Don't know if that's good or bad. I do believe there was some politicking involved.
  7. Interesting that you have two ways to spell Ouachita and Washita. Are they pronounced the same?
  8. Will be interesting (and somewhat catastrophic) what will become of the farmers and ranchers in the land of fruits and nuts within that time frame. Maybe take all their water and give it to the cities since they won't need it any longer.
  9. All else being equal, doubling the speed from 40 mph to 80 mph will require quadrupling the power. lt's a known engineering principal that cannot be violated. That means that there is a 30% increase in drag from 70 mph to 80 mph. Aero engineers and land speed racers understand this. (70/80)^2 = 1.306 or 130%, so 130 - 100 = 30% increase. (70/140)^2 = 4.000 or 400%. 400 - 100 = 300% increase above the baseline.
  10. According to Tesla, a 50 Kwhr car has a range of 220 miles. That is 4.4 miles per Kwhr. 50 Kwhr * $0.10/Kwhr = $5.00 to go 220 miles under ideal conditions. My Taurus has a capacity of ~13 gallons, so a range of 325 miles under ideal conditions. 13 gal. * $4.00/gal = $52.00 220/325 * $52 = $35.20 to go the same distance as the Tesla. Is Tesla cheaper per mile? Yes, but, and there always is a "but", it comes at the price of time and convenience. I can fill up in five minutes and continue my trip ad infinitum. The Tesla will need to sit for 5 hours at 10Kw/hr charging rate.
  11. Per the EPA, one (1) gge (gasoline gallon equivalent) is roughly equivalent to 33.7 Kwhr of electrical energy in a car. All the parasitic losses are already included in the 1 gge, so you don't get to multiply that gallon by your efficiency number of 20%. 463 gallons is 463 gallons. If I drive my '99 Taurus and burn 463 gallons of regular, I will have gone 11,575 miles @ 25 miles/gallon. 463 gallons * 4.00/gallon = $1,852. I do keep track of all the fuel I burn in a spreadsheet and mostly city driving is about 18 mpg, on long trips it has reached as high as 27 mpg. Gasoline to Kwhr If looking for the calorific heat content, 1 kwhr = 3.6 MJoule. One (1) gallon gasoline contains 124,000 BTU. 947 BTU = 1 MJ, so 124,000BTU/947 = 130.9 MJ
  12. I lifted pieces of this from another forum and stitched them together. Begin Quote: Originally Posted by milomilo And where do you recycle tens of thousands of huge lithium batteries a year? Lithium cannot be recycled effectively. What they currently do is extract the nickel and chromium from the batteries and land fill the rest. Also with windmill blades. Quote: Originally Posted by RonL If we will be able to charge in half the time will it take twice the power? Voltage is the electrical potential or electromotive force. Amperage is the volume of flow or # electrons per second, coulomb/second. Watt is the power flux or flow; Volts x Amps = Watts Watt Hour is total energy or power. From Tesla Quote: "The Tesla Model 3 comes with battery packs ranging in capacity from 50 kWh (standard range) to 82 kWh (extended range). It has a range of between 220 miles (50 kWh) and 353 miles (82 kWh). This means that the average Tesla Model 3 uses about 0.34 kWh per mile." So you can get 10000 watts (10 kW) by an infinite combinations of volts and amps. 100 volts x 100 amps = 10000 watts 10 volts x 1000 amps = 10000 watts (But that will require really big wire) 1000 volts x 10 amps = 10000 watts (but regular wires is not insulated for it.) 240 volts x ~42 amps = 10000 watts (typical for a welder or electric oven) Now if you charge at a rate of 10 kW (10000 watts) for 5 hours you have put 50 kWh into your battery. Okay yeah heat, charging inefficiencies etc. Close enough. And you can have your little tesla battery charged for the next day's use. Now lets say you and your wife both have EVs now you will be using ~85 amps of power off your electrical service. If you only have a 100 amp service to your house, you are going to be seriously taxing that service, if you have a 200 amp service you will likely be okay. Now lets do some real world numbers.... The average America household uses 1 MWh (1000 kWh) per month. And you are not likely to wipe out your tesla batteries everyday, I am going to assume you and your wife both have one and you only use 50% of your battery a day. And may or may not drive a lot on the weekends, soccer games and errands to the stores, 5 days of commuting and running kids M-F and then lets just add one extra weekday usage for the weekend trips, so a total of 6 weekdays of use as you will likely all just take one car on the weekends as a family ( I never got that lucky...) So 25 kWh per car times 2 cars x 6 days for 52 weeks. That comes out to 15.6 MWh per year just for your car charging. Don't forget that is on top of the 12 MWh per year for your normal home use. So you will see an increase of 130% in your electric bill. But you will not be buying gasoline. Oh and what does that 15.6 MWh get you? 23,000 miles per year per car. When the weather is nice and the battery is running optimum performance. In the winter that distance will be cut in half and in the heat of the summer they say with the AC running you can loose 20-25% of your range. So lets say you only get 2/3's of that so now your at 15,300 per year. Or about normal for a car. Now go look up your electric bills are for the year and add 15.6 MWh on to it. Don't forget $150,000 in car loan payments. Ron S L End Bill
  13. I hate to say it, that 4th pic looks like Tuerdo of Canada.
  14. This site gives a breakdown of the different tiers and when they were implemented by the horsepower rating. Emissions Standards
  15. Most of the material is there but pealed back (forward?), gaping hole thru the center. If the blades are filled with something, that hole would contribute to material loss and greater imbalance. Just my $.02.
  16. Reminds me of an old man I worked with years ago. "Son, I can weld anything, I can even weld a cat's a$$ to a brass door knob... ...Here, you hold the cat..."
  17. If I ever broke down in NY, I would want the breakdown to be in Avoca and have Eric O. of South Main Auto work his magic.
  18. Concur. Buggy built in '81, first registered in '82.
  19. The colors are not what I would pick, the rest spot on.
  20. Street legal in AZ. Heading for deer camp.
  21. I have heard that Hemingway accepted a challenge to write a novel in six words. For Sale Wedding Dress Never Worn
  22. This mIght have been posted before.
  23. Can't tell you, Art. We did the fabrication and the paint, not the installation, signage and electrical. On edit, that is the City of Tempe logo in monotone. It is kinda funny looking, I bet the city fathers never looked at it that way.
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