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  1. Also check the linkage bushings while your under there. My '94 needed new bushings every 50k.
  2. It's a bit more than 30 seconds, but it is funnier than heck. Link
  3. Maybe Lil Abners Steakhouse on Silver Bell Road? They do steak right, but there are a number of restaurants that cook on mesquite right in front of you. Silver Saddle and Pinnacle Peak also come to mind. If you do go to Pinnacle Peak, don't wear a tie unless you want it cut off and hung up for the world to see.
  4. Makin' fun of my uncle?
  5. I'm a Ford fan, but remember the Pinto? Freakin Out Right Dangerous
  6. Curiosity got me to looking... Found this in the Archives...
  7. Eat before you come to work and $ht when you get home... That guy is a waste of skin... You musta been born in a flower pot, 'cause you're daddy called you a bloomin' idiot...
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