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  1. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    Following my doc's orders very strictly, i havent been eating any type of bread, pizza crust, no tomato sauce, no butter, no sweets of any kind. I have been eating plenty of beef, pork and chicken but no kind of breading on it. Lots of salad, cheeses also My dad has been type1 since he was a teenager, says "dont let your family doc treat you for diabetes." Since he has been seeing an endocrinologist, his diabetes has been better regulated than ever before.
  2. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    Found out back in september that i have type 2 diabetes. This thread has been interesting to see others recently diagnosed, and what theyre doing to help theirselves. I too am doing a low carb diet to help lose weight and get my numbers down. For a sugar-pasta-potato-aholic such as my self, it has not been fun. 38 years old with 5 kids, my Dr. asked how many of them I wanted to see graduate high school, get mariied, and if i wanted to meet my (future) grandkids. He knew i needed a punch in the gut to get my motivation in gear, as i have been "unhealthy" for sometime. Would be nice if we could keep this topic alive, with helpful info and support as we deal with our disease.
  3. Detroit 8.2 fuel pincher help needed

    He posts on "heavy equipment forums . com" frequently
  4. Van Botkins Cajun Queen JD 4320 and 4430

  5. Van Botkins Cajun Queen JD 4320 and 4430

    Tell Sydenstricker's...i remembered seeing it on their website, and copied and pasted it here.
  6. Van Botkins Cajun Queen JD 4320 and 4430

    While Ralph was expanding the cow herd, Eddie and a talented mechanic named Van Botkins designed and campaigned the Cajun Queen pulling tractor, winning every National Championship there was. Eventually, John Deere Engineering at Waterloo, IA, took the engine from this tractor to develop the 466 cubic inch engine that was used in all the 40 and 50 series tractors made by John Deere for nearly twenty years. Copy and paste from Sydenstricker Genetics website.
  7. Who the **** is IHdonnie?? :)