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  1. Made some real good headway on the 706 the last few days!! Yesterday it actually came back to life!! Runs, drives, steers, and has brakes after roughly 30 years of sitting!! My wife took it for a quick spin yesterday afternoon as well! So here’s where it sits after today!!
  2. So sad!! Sorry to hear Mark!😢😢
  3. I would classify yours as a wheatland @m.c.farmerboy, it has the set back front axle
  4. I was thinking the same thing, this could be a muddy water post?! As far as I’m concerned the 56’s were the last wheatland, after that the 66’s on up are row crop tractors with no 3pt, or pto, but pto could be added. I’ve seen 86, and 88’s without 3pt, but I don’t consider them wheatlands.
  5. Sorry to hear this Mark!! Prayers sent from MN for your friend, his daughter, and you!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  6. Prayers from MN!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  7. Triumph Lay it on the line, anything Def Leppard, Bon Jovi Blaze of glory, to many to, I can’t think of them all?! Hollies Long cool woman
  8. I don’t want to fry the generator though, if something isn’t right
  9. I think it’s still the Delco? It has red paint on it that looks factory?
  10. A/C is nice, but out in the open with a top above you is pretty nice as well!
  11. The 706 I’ve been working on for awhile might make its first attempt at starting this week. So my question is, the tractor sat for 25-30 years, the generator was rebuilt, and a new wiring harness, but I haven’t done anything with the voltage regulator yet, should I just replace it with a new one, or see if the old regulator will still do the job? And do I need to polarize the system yet? Never worked with a generator system before, the shop that rebuilt the generator claims I don’t have to polarize after the rebuild?!
  12. Years ago we had a 5088 with a 4 post ROPS, sure wish we had that tractor back!!
  13. That’s just a 1066 black stripe, there’s no hydraulic dip stick tube or dip stick in the rear of the tractor, that’s in the 66 location. I’m guessing the 2nd 6 in 1066 got messed up a little, or not stamped correctly, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a 6 or 8?!
  14. My guess is, it’s not bridged up with a crust, looks like a lot of stalk pieces and cob, that’s the bridge, especially if you have grates over the intermediate sumps. Glad you got it going!
  15. Here’s where this running, driving tractor sits right now! front axle was toast, radiator was toast, turbo wouldn’t have lasted much longer, drawbar assembly is roached out, water pump housing is cracked, and there wasn’t more than 2 cups of water in the cooling system, so how good is this engine, and now possibly a crankshaft grinding coming!! Maybe I’m better to part it out, and take my losses?!
  16. I didn’t do the work, I was running for parts, my dads hired hand was doing the bearing roll, he said they were Clevite bearings, so once I get a moment to go look, I’ll take pictures and post. But he did say, with standard bearings in place, it had movement, and that’s what caught his attention to start looking at the old shells. So someone did something before me, and now I get to eat it!!!
  17. I can’t get the video of it running to load here, but the more I listen to it, I’m wondering if it’s rod knock, not loose valves?!
  18. Was supposed to be a runner when it showed up, it showed up with 12.5 gallons of fuel in the crankcase, pulled pan to check bearings, and found bad bearings, so I know nothing about it yet! I have no idea, but the videos I got of it running before I bought it, it sounds healthy!
  19. I have a 1256 wheatland that I’m working on, shouldn’t have to be this deep into it, but here I am! Did main bearing, and rod bearing roll, in it today, everything looked good, it definitely needed bearings, all standard bearings, but #1 rod had a .010, and a .020 bearing in it!🤔🙁 Not sure how that even worked?? This is my tractor, it’s never going to be a workhorse, and be pulled hard for hours on end. It’s just going to be a play tractor. So my question is, can I put a .010, and a.020 bearing back in, or is it crank grinding time?! This tractor was supposed to be a good tractor, so far, it’s far from it!!! I’ve had my fill of engine overhauls for awhile with the 706 I’m working on!! And every machine shop is back up for 4-6 months depending on service needed!
  20. 🤣🤣 that’s rust Lorenzo!!! 🤣🤣🤣
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