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  1. Wow!!! I think the transformation from when you picked it up, to now it looks amazing!!! Great looking patina on that ole girl!!!
  2. I’ve hooked them up without determining which is which over the years with no issues!
  3. That’s not very helpful when it’s crunch time and you need support!! Some people work more than 40 a week!!
  4. Trying to get finished with harvest, and we got a hole in a hydraulic line for remote valve 3, so instead of tearing the rear apart when we don’t have time, I thought we could just put a Fasse valve on remote 1, and still have 3 valves. It’s not working so well, when we try to run the functions it blows oil out through the drain port plastic fitting, and pops remote 2 hoses out. Is this because it’s not handling the gpm flow, or is there something wrong in the valve? Might have been further ahead fixing the line that has the hole in it?! As far as I can tell, everything is hooked up correctly, and it plugs into the remote valve easy.
  5. I wish I had more time to do things like this!! Hauling grain and trying to get 1600 acres of our own in the bins before snow and cold hit’s seems to be time consuming!
  6. The trucker was on his way to the Deere plant, and was going to run empty, we were kinda in a round about way on his way to Iowa, so I think that helped too!
  7. We just had an 8010 hauled roughly 245 miles, $1200 if I remember correctly. Valley City ND to ECMN
  8. Jovie has to be wherever I am, I’m the 7250 yesterday, and this morning in the combine. She was letting me know that the hopper was about empty in the combine.
  9. A big problem with drivers, or equipment for that matter, no one understands 2 lights flashing for flashers, then all of a sudden 1 is flashing and 1 is stuck on, they can’t grasp the concept. And some implements the flashers are up to high for the average dip $hit driver to pay attention to.
  10. I’m guessing it does 5 mph, you’ll be here in 5 hours if you walk it over!😬
  11. Sneak it over my way, I have some tree lines you can start on!!
  12. A 1256 was just parted out at Honeymann tractor in Yellville AR. I bought a few things off of it.
  13. Prayers coming your way as well!!🙏🏻
  14. Prayers coming your way from MN!🙏🏻
  15. That’s only 25 miles from me!
  16. Thank you for the update Steve, and mainly Zach!! It is great to hear that things are still moving in the right direction, maybe not as fast as one hopes, but still forward progress! Continued prayers for you, and your family from MN!!🙏🏻
  17. We just bought an 07 CaseIH 8010, and I’m looking for the brackets the mount that hood the gps receiver, on the front grain tank extension. Need parts 1-3, would prefer the used route if possible?! I’ve tried Worthington Ag parts, and All State with no luck, sent SDman a pm, and now putting it out here to see if anyone might know of anything before I have to buy new.
  18. My dads 1456, number 20, would look better if it was sunny My 1456, number 15524
  19. Try find a place that can fix it, these new motors are over priced junk!
  20. I think it’s going to be that way most everywhere! For how dry my area was, the beans never stopped growing, the corn never uncurled, but somehow we are looking at potentially 40 bpa beans or better, and 150 bpa corn or better. The way we looked in July, I would have said 10 bpa beans, and 50 bpa corn. The dirt in between the rows, is still soft and mellow like the field cultivator just went through it yesterday, makes me wonder how tough that will make bean harvest? Normally the rain pounds the ground firm and has a layer of crust, but no rain, still have fluffy dirt.
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