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  1. Better make sure they have a way to load it if it’s dead! I have a hard time buying things like this just in case they have no way to load it.
  2. The one line I received does not look right, so those repairs may end up getting our last 750 acres done, and worry about it this summer?! I’m not sure either? Luckily the 1 line had just the start of a pin hole, so if the super glue lasts for awhile, maybe the tape will get warm enough it will be impenetrable? If you’ve ever used flex seal tape, it is 100 times better than any brand of duct tape! And if the sticky sides touch, you just throw that piece away, you won’t get it apart!
  3. That’s great news to hear!!!
  4. I shocked myself at how “professional” I made them!😅
  5. These new trucks are just that, aerodynamic motor homes! I’ll keep my old 03 KW junk!!
  6. This afternoon working up ground I noticed a fender getting wet ahead of the windshield on the 385. As soon as I opened the door to inspect I could smell fuel. Opened the hood and 2 plastic fuel lines had rubbed through. Called the dealership, no lines on hand, I needed to get the field done, so I came up with an idea, super glue, flex seal tape, and zip ties. It finished the day, and may have to run tomorrow like this until the lines are here to replace.
  7. We just keep missing the rain lately, now we are down for a 1/2 inch tomorrow and more on Monday, I guess we’ll see what happens. Today I went through a spot on one field I rent, that I haven’t farmed since I rented it 4 years ago, it’s normally standing water, today it was dry enough to pull the cultivator through and didn’t spin a tire!
  8. I don’t know anything about a Volvo other than very expensive to repair?! I’m not to impressed by the Paccar engines either, but yet others love them?! I’ll stick with my W900 and kitty cat!
  9. I don’t know much about a Volvo, but the guys in my area with them say, they are great trucks when on the road, but when in the shop, you must remember to bring the vaseline!!
  10. Not sure any tire is good anymore, I’ve never been impressed with the Michelin ag tires, and Firestones are to soft nowadays, they get stubble damage from grass it seems
  11. Hopefully with summer just around the corner that will bring on some big goals for Zach! Continued prayers for Zach and Emily from MN!
  12. In my area I’m going through most low spots pretty easily, which is shocking for how much snow and rain we’ve had this spring. But we are now starting to miss all the rain they’ve been predicting, so that’s kind of scary!
  13. It’s crazy to hear up in Canada, half done, but in east central MN we are just getting a good start! I thought you Canadians were further north than me? 🤣
  14. This line from Emily’s update, she seems like one tough cookie, with all she has been through to this point, I don’t agree with her saying that. She has had different struggles compared to Zach, but she’s been the rock holding everything together while Zach is fighting this to get better. I think Emily could whoop most of us!! Continued prayers for both Zach and Emily from MN!!!
  15. A lot of thunder and lightning on Saturday evening when I was in the shop, 1/2 inch of rain, no hail or wind. Warm yesterday, and now this morning, I know the highway is there somewhere! At the rate we are going, we aren’t going to get to plant a crop!! Just about dries up to get started, then it rains again.
  16. Email jeffsbigdawg@gmail.com I just sent him a pair of 856, and 1256 Farmall emblems, and a 1256 wheatland emblem for revitalization, and hopefully he’ll have a 1256 wheatland emblem I can buy! Plus I’ll be buying a pair of his new 1456 emblems, and all the clips that hold the emblems onto the tractor.
  17. There is a guy here in the states that sells emblems, he might be able to help you find an 856 emblem
  18. That’s a real nice looking 856!! Standard, or wheatland, in my book are pretty much the same.
  19. Welcome to the forum! That sounds like it could be a standard or wheatland! We enjoy pictures here too!😬👍🏻
  20. I tried closing the door up in MN, but it blew back open, so someone further north than me will have to try closing their door!! 😬
  21. I’d rather protect my APH, and take PP. I’m thinking MN, WI, and ND could see a bunch of PP this year
  22. So far everything I have had apart, there are no chunks broke out of anything, but I’ve been finding chunks of other things stuck in certain valves and passages. I’ll try polishing the valve and see where I get when I get back to it.
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