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  1. Nothing aftermarket really matches original! But your right with this one, it looks like it’s machined to small of a taper, or to short.
  2. I’d like to see pictures of these setups!
  3. I’ll try grab a picture today, of the one we made for the 5488. It’s a pinch type, around the support bar by the windshield
  4. The 100 pound weights were anything from $198-$225 per weight!!!! And the 70 pound weights were $110?!?! That’s totally backwards compared to the upper Midwest!
  5. He is Risen Indeed!!
  6. I haven’t followed this build to closely, but WOW!!! That truck is absolutely beautiful!!! I can see why you are hesitant on using it too much!! You have an amazing eye for detail Tony!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  7. Must be from Australia? Pictures upside down! 🤣🤣 Nice looking setup!!
  8. Weights and bracket were a steal in my book!! The bracket alone in my area is $200, that puts the weights at $36 a piece!!
  9. I just use a drill pump, pulling oil out of the oil pan, feeding it into an oil galley. Did that with a tractor that sat for a few years, and the 706W after the engine was put back together. You’ll know it’s working on a 66-88 by flicking the oil filters as you are using the drill pump, you’ll go from an empty tinny sound to the full, thump sound. I can take a picture of my setup if you want a reference.
  10. Everyone thinks it’s 600 ci, and has water injection. Nope, just an SRC 436 reman with a 13mm pump, with a pressure feed pump, and a balanced 3LM turbo. It took us years to figure out that it needs 1000-1200 pounds hanging on the front to pull good!
  11. Good time to check it all over, and fix what needs fixing!! Going to paint it while everything is getting refreshed?
  12. Front axle pivot holes worn out? I was going to buy a square axle for our 5488 a few years ago, but it needed work, and after talking with Mike Links, said every one he gets, needs work!
  13. Dave is a super nice guy, and this is sad, but I think he was ready to quit. The last order I placed with Dave 2-3 years ago, he said then, that he was nearing his end, and I was sad to hear that, but understood. So the fact he made it another 2-3 years is great! And it’s really great to know Mr. Links is taking over that line!!
  14. I bid on a few items as well, missed the black stripe cab by a little, I thought about pushing the belly tank, but I knew it was a $3000 item, and I didn’t feel like spending that much!!
  15. And everyone that thinks that engine is so big makes us laugh our a$$es off!! That engine is an SRC reman from back in, 1996 I believe, it’s a stamped 467 block, over stamped by SRC 436. That’s 436 cubes, I’ll put $100,000 on that if anyone wants to come open it up and measure, it’s here! I don’t know when it will be out again?
  16. My dad has pulled 7 18’s with his 1566 before, and we aren’t very heavy ground, I’m not sure if another bottom would have been easy for it?! The way it’s setup now it could probably pull a 10 bottom, but would need water injection to keep it cool!!
  17. Finding all the weak parts in a new truck is fun, isn’t it?! My truck is getting to the point of anything is possible to fail, at any given moment!!! 1,320,000 on it, and I haven’t had to do any major components yet?! 🤞🏻🤞🏻 All the years of salty highways is now starting to take its toll, some brackets under the sleeper are starting to get bad, so looks like some body work is in order for me!!
  18. Nice!!! Really nice they let you find what you wanted!!
  19. Did I miss something??? When did you get a Peterbilt??? Looks like a real nice truck!!
  20. This is Gizmo, her mother quit feeding her litter at 5.5 weeks, and Giz was the last to almost perish. A vet trip, and found out malnourished, so home with kitten milk replacer, a bottle, and starved 5.5 week old kitten!! And here she is 13 years later!! She finds herself in my lap the second I put “her” blanket over me!!
  21. That’s my kinda dealer support!!! 😬
  22. Where’s the screwdriver??? 😎😬
  23. Enjoy the hunt, Rusty!! If you come across any dead 12-1456’s, let me know, I’m hunting one of those!! 😬
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