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  1. It just seems like a governor problem even though you said you already replaced it, try another one. I’ve had a bad one out of the box once. Every time I’ve ever had air governor issues, it’s like you are saying, system builds up pressure, purges, drops to the cut in pressure, rapid air pressure increase, hits the high cutout, and purge, and repeat the process. All happening in a short period of time.
  2. You have a TA delete tractor, so you don’t have to worry about a TA. You have just a straight 8 speed. If only 3 gallons of hydraulic oil are all you got out of that system, he was not using it, that maybe the reason it was parked? My dad just bought an 826 and it only had 10 gallons in it, and it had cavitation, hard jerky steering and TA wouldn’t stay locked in direct drive, so 3 gallons, it wouldn’t function.
  3. I wonder if it’s in your air compressor? Unloader valves maybe?
  4. It’s refreshing to hear that she wants to go into the trades, and has worked to get what she wants! Good job parents and grandparents!!
  5. Line build numbers, so would that indicate how many were built per day, or per week possibly?
  6. I vote for original paint, the marks are still in the hoods from the cab, and to me it just seems to good to be a repaint.
  7. Finally took a day and got caught up with all the numbers, thanks again guys, keep em comin!!
  8. Well thank you for checking on the steering arms! I guess now we know the only difference is pressed in pin, or pin and bushing style.
  9. Be nice if he would come back on and tell us about his tractor!! The amount of IH options on this 10 were pretty amazing! Pipe on the frame rail for wheel tool, narrow front, 12 70 lb weights, IH quick hitch, IH fender mount radio, the 2 post with canopy, the wheel weights, 9 bolt hubs, and 540 pto protection pipe, I’m still drooling at the pictures I got of it! Was happy to add his to my registry!!
  10. A lot more red has shown up! A really nice 1468 pulled in as we were getting ready to depart, and didn’t think to get pictures. I was drooling over this though!
  11. That block is stamped early like my 856! I can’t think of why that cover is stamped other than could that cover be from maybe removing a Coleman front axle, and that was the cover supplied?? I don’t know?
  12. The mcv is a delete mcv, if you zoom in, there’s no linkage for TA components, it’s a TA delete tractor.
  13. Katherine is the beautiful original, but Jessica is the, I need a bib and drool rag!! 🤤
  14. The other morning I was looking at something in the back shed, and apparently Jovie is figuring out the side by side is not bad to ride in. I was wasn’t even by it, but she thought that’s what we were there for!
  15. Yes it did! I got tired of the narrow front, so I put the wide front back on, put the 3 point back on, and next is to get the rear cast wheels back on it. Should fix a few oil leaks, and put new wiring harnesses on it at some point too. It hasn’t done much since my sister quit pulling.
  16. That is interesting, I’ve never seen a setup like this before, but you are correct, that looks like it’s a factory setup. Interesting!
  17. Nothing special, just a 666 with the 312 in it. Came out of western Iowa if I remember correctly, about 20 years ago.
  18. Interesting rear wheel setup on this one, looks like someone drilled out a 9 bolt pattern?
  19. I’ve seen combines with 3 extinguishers on them, and still lose the machine, biggest problem is, the fire normally starts behind you where you can’t see it or smell it until it’s too late.
  20. You’ll want to make sure you have the spray jets in the block for cooling with the addition of the turbo. I’ve never been into a naturally aspirated engine from a hydro tractor, but I would assume it will need the extra cooling jets, or all of them installed.
  21. It seems as though it may only be an 826 thing, so that really makes it interesting. We may never get an answer as to what these numbers represent, but it would be another piece of history unlocked if we can find out!
  22. Sorry to hear about your dad passing, prayers for you and your family from MN!🙏🏻
  23. Left side, I’m not sure why they show them on the RH side?
  24. It’s over the fuel tank, and the heat baffle with block your view.
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