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  1. Something like that!!! 🤣🤣
  2. I have unfortunately been there, done that, and I also found a bull gear lost a tooth and wedged in between the teeth of the bull pinion and bull gear. It must be a 1466 thing cause it happened to me on a 14! I got lucky that I wasn’t going that fast when it happened, but on an icy driveway, and starting to slide sideways, I’ll just say, there were marks left behind, but I won’t say where!!😳🫣
  3. There is no easy answer for snow, no matter what tool/tool’s you use, it only costs time and money. Some snow storms I’d like a snowblower on a warm cabbed tractor, the next storm I wish I had an 80-90 hp tractor with mfwd and a front blade, then there are storms I wish I had a decent sized front end loader. It doesn’t matter, snow is a pain, I have a skid loader with 2sp, an 8’ snow bucket, and a 7’ blade for it, the blade is only used on the long straight run, snow bucket for fine tune cleaning and the main yard. I like this winter 3-4” of snow so far!
  4. I’ll stick to my tree killing, climate changing, road hazard 03 W900!
  5. Esdon only lives 40 miles from me, he’s a great guy!! Loves his smoke! I’ve heard stories from others about the tractors on his farm over the years, they all smoked, put it that way!! 🤣
  6. @Bermuda_Ken can answer the best, but I believe it was a prototype wheatland?!
  7. I think it’s time I part all my tractors out!!!
  8. Organizing my parts, I had to move the 706 out for a bit, so grabbed a few pictures out in all the snow we have!! 🤏🏼🤣
  9. Organizing my mess of parts!! Erected the shelves Sunday, and been moving, and trying to organize as it was placed! Ran out of room today, need more shelves, and more shed space!
  10. 38 below overnight!!!!! Please do not leave the door open! Me no likey that!! 🥶🥶
  11. I remember how bad Illinois burnt up, but couldn’t remember how it was led in.
  12. I don’t remember what it was like in my neck of the woods going into 2012, but 12 was good here. For us 2013 was dry, and 2014 we had a lot of prevent plant we were so wet. Well 2023 was dry, so far just enough snow for the ground to look whitish, so will spring of 2024 turn into our winter moisture and spring moisture at the same time and keep us wet? Time will tell. Seems up here we are on a 7-10 year cycle with weather patterns.
  13. He is lucky to be with us yet! Unbelievable!! Prayers sent from MN!! That car is why I will never drive a car! Pickups aren’t built like they used to be, but I feel safer in something bigger!
  14. In my 20 years of working on these IH’s, I’ve never seen the pressure switch not work properly, engine, or hydraulic . I had one on an mcv on the shelf, switched them around, and the tele light lit up. New one on me!
  15. What are you stocking/selling? Is it what you’re using already?
  16. That’s where my mind went right away, too!! 😬🤣
  17. I’ll have to check that out in the morning, thanks guys!
  18. I have power at the air cleaner gauge, where the tele light pulls power from, I have power at both prongs on the back of the tele light, so power is going in and out of the tele light, I have power in the socket where the bulb goes, I have power at the sender, and that’s probing on the senders threads that hold the spade on for the wire to connect. But the bulb will not light, it did when I got the tractor running after an overhaul, then it quit working. After putting the new tele light in, and still no light, I’m confused!! Unless I’m lucky enough to own a bunch of bad bulbs right out of the box?
  19. What am I missing? I have power everywhere, both prongs on the tele light, I have power inside where the bulb goes, I have power at the sender, but it won’t light the bulb? I even put a new tele light assembly in, and power everywhere, but won’t light the bulb?! And yes I’ve tried new bulbs too, no luck? I’m working with just the key on, tractor not running, so the bulb should be lit or blinking. Is the sender the problem?
  20. My grandma used to make something similar to cheese and green olives. If I remember correctly she used rye bread, but I can remember what the cheese was? Im positive it came in a plastic container, spreadable cheese, a cheddar maybe? Then top with green olives. It was delicious!!
  21. Waste gate opens at a certain boost pressure. My Kenworth with a C15 will start to open at roughly 32 psi on the gauge in the truck. As far as I know, it’s there to prevent damage.
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