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  1. Is this something you are going to save? Or just a picture of something you found?
  2. I’m worried about parts for spring, and next fall, that really could be interesting!!
  3. 32,000?!?! What??? Black top or red top 8010?
  4. Ok, I have cartridges showing up today for the one remote, it’s been fine since I posted this topic, now yesterday it popped once, today, no go. So are these cartridges easy to install? I’ve done the conversions on some 66’s, but these remote bodies are different, I’m assuming the cartridges come with instructions? J-Mech would be chewing me out about get a manual, I don’t have one, the experts here are my manual, that’s why I came here!!! Thanks guys!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  5. That sure stinks!! Was the package damaged? Or did the seller, sell it broken?
  6. 666 has a 5 speed transmission with a TA. If you look at it, pictures will help us help you!!
  7. Another?!?! Your having good luck!!
  8. Talked to a dealer down there this morning, they actually said a 1 ton is plenty, they pull 15 shanks all over down there with 1 tons. So maybe I can get it.
  9. That does sound expensive!!! I might have one on the hook?! Dirtboyz might have one for me?!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  10. Bought a piece of tillage equipment, and a 1 ton pickup is not enough to pull it, anyone near Redwood Falls, that can help me out? You will be compensated, this wouldn’t be done for nothing!
  11. The rod journal was ground .020 under already, the machine shop checked that right away, and then noticed the thrust area.
  12. Yes, not what I wanted to hear!! I’ll call them, I keep forgetting about them up there!! Does anyone know if they make a wider thrust bearing? The machine shop said he could clean up the thrust if I could find a wider bearing.
  13. As of 9-20-21, the 1256 is in need of a crankshaft! Pulled it, to get it ground, and got a phone call yesterday, the thrust journal is non repairable?
  14. Earliest ever in east central MN! Started corn on 9-18-21, a solid month, month and a half early!!! 18-22% moisture, 80-110 bpa, and 2 years ago these fields did 230 bpa!! We were dry this summer, and hot!!
  15. Thanks for sharing Nate!! I really wish I could have made it there!! Looks like that rivaled red power!!
  16. Glad he waited and got what he wanted!! Tell him I’ll give him $600 for the seat in it!!😬🤣
  17. That’s a good looking 1466!! Your buddy must be all smiles?!
  18. I have done 2 exhaust manifolds now, from cracking under the turbo, 7250, and 9230, both needed multiple bolts drilled out of the head, and holes tapped. Broke a lot of bolts getting the manifolds off. And I went to a Caterpillar store, I believe you can get exhaust gaskets for a 3176 cat engine, way better gasket that the tin foil gasket CaseIH uses. Have to open the port hole up a little bit, but seals 100 times better!
  19. I tried last weekend when we started harvesting corn a month and a half earlier than normal, and poof!!! But there’s a topic about freshly mown hay that stuck around for a week or better?! Go figure? Harvest is harvest, weather hay or grain in my book?!?! So yes, 🤐 is your best bet!!!!
  20. Wow! That’s pretty cool, I never knew those existed!
  21. Simple as that? That’s good to hear! But why with just the grain cart?
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